January 26, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2134

Somali Jihadists Call on American and European Muslims to Join Jihad in Somalia And Warns the West: "We're Gonna Exterminate You All, Inshallah"

January 26, 2009
Africa, Somalia | Special Dispatch No. 2134

In a 30 minute video posted recently on Islamist websites, the Somali jihad group Shabab Al-Mujahideen called on Muslims living in the U.S. and Europe to come to Somalia and join the jihad there. The video is in Arabic, Somali and English.

Following are excerpts from the English part (quoted verbatim):

"To those people still sitting at home, relaxing, having good food, good sleep… what you see of Chichan [i.e., Chechnya], Iraq and Afghanistan and such likes… too much watching… with no action - it leads to nifaq [i.e., hypocrisy]… Jihad becomes something of talk. But jihad is real. There is no way you can tell the sweetness of jihad until you come to jihad... If you don't come to jihad, Allah… will ask you why you didn’t come to jihad...

"How can you sit at home when our brothers and sisters are being murdered in our land [Somalia]? How dare you sit at home, looking at the TV, seeing people being killed, Muslims getting killed?... Those who are in Europe and America: You should..."

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