December 10, 2015 Special Dispatch No. 6237

Social Media As A Platform For Incitement - Part IV: Hashtag 'Stab' On Twitter, Facebook

December 10, 2015
Special Dispatch No. 6237

Social media are being used as a platform for spreading virulent incitement to carry out stabbing attacks in Israel. The messages are spread using various hashtags; especially prominent is the hashtag #stab in Arabic, which is used both on Twitter and Facebook.

The following are examples of its use, from both networks:

The 'Stab' Hashtag On Twitter

"Complete your revolution. #Run [them] over #Stab #Aim #The_Intifada_Continues" (, November 11, 2015)

"#Stab here, but it #doesn't_matter if you stab elsewhere. Read and share. #Third_Intifada" (, November 13, 2015)

"#Stab #Third_Palestinian_Intifada."
Image text: "To my brother rebelling in the West Bank and Jerusalem, the best way to stab Zionist soldiers or settlers is to plunge the blessed knife into the side of the neck, directly below the ear. If you stick your knife there and then remove it, no one will be able to save the person, even if an ambulance is present. The wounded person will die instantly." (, October 11, 2015)

Poster with tips "for a successful stabbing operation" with the tweet: "Gift for the brothers in Palestine and the areas controlled by the 'Alawi regime [in Syria] #Stab" (, October 26, 2015)

Video titled "Poison Your Knife and Then Stab. #Jerusalem_Intifada." The tweet states: "Good morning, O son of the West Bank. #Stab #Stab #Stab #Stab #Stab #Stab" (, October 20, 2015)

"#Stab. My advice to you: Use a poisoned knife or dagger so that the injured apes and pigs do not survive. I hope the poison is cyanide." (, October 10, 2015)

"Lace the knife or dagger with a highly effective poison so that the Zionist who doesn't die from the stabbing, dies from the poison. #Stab #West_Bank_Intifada" (, October 13, 2015)

"#Stab #Palestine"
Image text: "Share this post so it reaches Jerusalem residents, since this is a far more effective and lethal [method] than using a knife. Due to the placement of metal detectors in entry points to occupied Jerusalem to prevent use of knives in stabbing operations, here is an innovative and simple method: Use syringes filled with nitric acid, for example, gas, or any other toxic substance." (, October 9, 2015)

"Bless your right hand, O hero; bless the womb that birthed you. #Stab. From your two hands will come a torrent [of stabbings]. #Jerusalem_Intifada" (, October 13, 2015)

Poster: "The road is not hard. Go to the nearest kitchen and put your trust in Allah." (, October 12, 2015)

Image text: "#Bihimish[1] #Stab" (, November 8, 2015)

"O, monotheist of Jerusalem. Pull out your knife and use it to #Stab the #Jews, the enemies of Allah."
Image text: "My brother, monotheist of Jerusalem, pull out your knife and slaughter a Jew. With his blood, you will grow closer to Allah, join the procession of the martyrs, or live in honor." (, October 27, 2015)

"#Stab, O West Bank child. Overcome your enemy, and may the homeland grow mighty thanks to you." (, October 20, 2015)

"O son of the West Bank. #Stab #Stab #Stab #Stab #Stab #Stab #Stab #Stab #Stab #Stab #Stab
Image text: "Our knives will never have enough of [stabbing] the neck of the Zionist enemy" (, October 16, 2015)

"#Palestine_Uprising. #Stab through the heart. #Stab a Jew. #Stab every pig you see. #Stab a collaborator" (, October 15, 2015)

"#Stab. You are the only one who knows. #Stab. Heaven is your abode. #Stab. Victory has already begun. (, October 15, 2015)

Image text: "Stab" (, October 10, 2015)

Image text: "On the knife, O settler. #The_Intifada_Has_Begun" (, October 8, 2015)

"Muhammad said: 'The infidel and his killer will never meet in hell'... #Stab and Paradise awaits you. #The_Intifada_Has_Begun." (, October 7, 2015)

Image text: "Stab the oppressor and be awarded with Paradise" (, October 24, 2015)

'Stab' Hashtag On Facebook

"Stab them in the neck, O son of the West Bank" (, November 9, 2015)

Screenshot from computer animation demonstrating how to stab a soldier (, October 18, 2015)

Composite image showing a vehicular attack (, October 29, 2015)

"Share: Youths in the territories should use a notched knife in stabbing operations so air is introduced into the subject's body. This will lead to instant death, and will pull out [internal] organs and damage them when the knife is removed" (,October 20, 2015)

"Victory will come from your two hands" (, November 14, 2015)

(, November 1, 2015)

"Bihimish"; "Stab" (, , November 8, 2015)

Top text: "Three stabbing and vehicular attacks today [November 8, 2015. Injuring six]"
Bottom text: "Every Palestinian who sees a settler should run him over, stab him with a knife or screwdriver, or bash his head in with a hammer." (, November 8, 2015)

Arabic text:  "Zionists, feel your necks... they are already slaughtered." Hebrew text: "Death to Israel." (, October 18, 2015)

"Stab" (, October 10, 2015)

Hebrew text: "Blood = Blood. #Kill_Them"; Arabic text: "Death to the settlers." (, October 11, 2015)

Video praising and encouraging stabbing attacks (, November 13, 2015)

 "O settlers, [we will slaughter you] with the knife" (, October 15, 2015)

Top text: "Run over. Zionist ahead." Bottom text: "Stab" (, October 15, 2015)

Screenshot from video showing Rafah cleric during Friday sermon inciting Palestinians to stab Jews (, October 12, 2015)



[1] The word bihimish, which means "whatever" or "no matter" in colloquial Arabic, became the motto of the current Palestinian intifada after Ziad Halil, an old man from Hebron, used it in a video that went viral.





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