October 22, 2015 Special Dispatch No. 6197

Social Media As A Platform For Incitement – Part III: Posting Pictures Of Small Children Wielding Knives As Praise, Encouragement For Terrorism

October 22, 2015
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 6197

On the backdrop of the wave of terror attacks sweeping Israel, there have been many expressions of sympathy and praise for the attacks on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As part of this, users have been posting photos of small children holding knives, with captions that glorify and encourage the ongoing stabbing attacks against Jews.[1]

The following are examples.

An account called "Stab" featured the photo below, with the caption, "Teach your children to love Palestine and take up knives, Oh people of Palestine. The next generation will be the generation of stabbings and slaughter."[2]

Another photo of a toddler with a knife was posted with the hashtag "Stab":[3]

The picture below was tweeted by an ISIS supporter under the hashtag "Slaughter the Jews." The text above says: "Look at this young boy holding the knife in a stabbing position, as though saying to the grown-ups: Do like me, pick up a knife at home or elsewhere."[4]

The following photo, of a child with a knife and a sword, was posted to Facebook under the hashtag "The Knife Intifada":[5]

The "Third Intidfada" hashtage featured the picture below, of a girl holding a bunch of flowers with a knife in its midst."[6]


The caption of the photo below, which was posted on Instagram and under various hashtags related to the current events, is headed "my little girl rebelling and rising up."[7]

The following photos, posted on the Instagram account "Yafamrwan," are headed, respectively, "Palestine shall not be defeated" and "The next generation is ready."[8]


Under the hashtag "Al-Quds Intifada," Jordanian Facebook user 'Abd Al-Halim Abu 'Aysha posted a video titled "Rahaf Threatens the Zionists with a Knife," in which his daughter Rahaf holds a knife and declares she wants to stab a Jew.[9]

After receiving positive responses to the video, 'Abd Al-Halim posted a photo of his son Sa'id. He commented, "My children practice with a meat knife. They have a deep hatred for Jews."[10]



[1] The photos were posted under hashtags such as "The Intifada Has Started," "The Third Intifada," "The Jerusalem Intifada," "The Knife Intifada," and "Slaughter the Jews." The last of these hashtags was launched by ISIS activists in response to the current terror wave in Israel.

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