July 31, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1224

Sheikh Nasrallah Boasts on Al-Manar TV: 'Throughout the Entire Arab-Israeli Conflict - When Were Two Million Israelis Forced to Become Displaced, or to Stay in Bomb Shelters for More Than 18 days?'; 'When the People of This Tyrannical State [Israel] Loses its Faith in its Mythical Army, This is the Beginning of the End of This Entity'

July 31, 2006
Lebanon | Special Dispatch No. 1224

The following are excerpts from a speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, which aired on Al-Manar TV on July 29, 2006:


Hassan Nasrallah: "In addition to its failures, the enemy is resorting to concealing its losses. It is not we who are concealing our losses. Our information from the field shows that the enemy's losses are much greater than the figure it declares, and which is circulated in the media.

"Why does the enemy still impose strict control over the media, and over all that is reported in the media? So that its people, and ours, will not see the extent of the losses - material, human and in terms of morale - inflicted upon this enemy.

"Even the public opinion polls it announces - our information from within [Israel] stresses that they are fabricated and bogus, and are a part of the psychological warfare. But there are some facts that the enemy cannot conceal from its people, from our people, and from the world. Brothers and sisters, throughout the entire Arab-Israeli conflict - when were two million Israelis forced to become displaced, or to stay in bomb shelters for more than 18 days? This figure will grow as we extend the phase of 'beyond Haifa' - because the bombing of Afula and its military base was [only] the beginning of this phase. There are many cities in the center [of Israel] which will be targeted in the phase of 'beyond Haifa,' if this barbaric aggression against our land, people, and villages continues.

"Can it conceal the enormity of the economic and financial damage inflicted upon the [Zionist] entity? I leave the explanations to the specialists in this field.

"But the more important losses are in the trust, the morale, and the way the people of this entity views its leadership, its 'invincible' army, its 'great' security agencies, and their ability to confront a people small in numbers, a country small in size and capabilities, and a popular resistance, which has limited material and human capabilities but is solid in its determination and faith."


"When the people of this tyrannical state loses its faith in its mythical army, it is the beginning of the end of this entity - because Israel is a country that was established for the sake of an army, and the army in Israel does not belong to the state. Once they sense that this army has become helpless, weak, defeated, humiliated, and a failure, the question will definitely become one of life or death."

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