June 13, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6470

Series Of Antisemitic Articles In Egyptian Paper 'Al-Ahram': Jews Sow Destruction As Part Of Plan For World Domination

June 13, 2016
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 6470

In a series of five flagrantly antisemitic articles published in the Egyptian government daily Al-Ahram on five consecutive weeks, between May 5 and June 2, 2016, journalist 'Ali Gad accused Israel and the Jews of a secret plot to take over the world and all its assets, based on the instructions of the Talmud. To this end, he said, the Jews instigate conflicts and wars in the world; they had a hand in instigating both world wars, and now they are behind the conflicts taking place in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere. In addition, they seek to dominate the world's economy and wealth and work to destroy nations by corrupting their religion and morals.

As evidence of his claims, Gad quoted from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and from other antisemitic texts, and added that the Jews are carrying out directives spelled out in Talmud.

In the third article in the series, Gad responded to reactions that the first two had sparked. He wrote: "I received reactions from readers about the previous two articles on this topic. Some were supportive, contending that a discussion of this issue is important at the present time, while others were critical, arguing that such discourse should not be directed at the Jews and describing it as incitement to hatred. But the critics forget that what appears in these articles is taken from information and plans that are set out in Jewish writings and in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and that the ones inciting hatred are the Jews themselves, by means of their ideas, beliefs and actions. The violation of all norms, laws and international conventions in Palestine is the best proof of this."[1]

The following are excerpts from Gad's articles:


Israel Exploits Situation In Syria, Iraq, And Lebanon To Carry Out Jewish Plot For World Domination

"Why do all the world's wars take place in the Middle East? Why do our societies consume more weapons than food? Why are we living in this absurd situation that weighs on our chests, and in this chaos [that dominates] our lives? Why are Arabs alone the lowliest, poorest, and least safe and advanced peoples?

"In an attempt to find a convincing answer to a few of these questions, I uncovered research that presents a Jewish plan for world domination. It states that the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, as well as Iran's and Russia's interference, have politically divided the area and that Israel exploits this to carry out a plot [for world domination], thus fulfilling the dictates of the Talmud. In these circumstances, [Israel] desires to shift the conflict from a political one to a sectarian one, because then the Arabs themselves would help carrying out the plans made for them. This is the secret behind the [Israeli] attempt to spark sectarian fitna between Sunnis and Shi'ites - in order to sap the strength of Muslims.

"The Talmud says as follows about the Jewish plans and their desire to enslave the world: 'The messiah of truth will come and deliver the desired victory... The Jewish nation will then be at its peak wealth and will attain all the world's assets'... According to their faith, at this time, rule will return to the Jews, all nations will worship this messiah, every Jew will have 2,300 slaves to serve him, and all this can only happen after eliminating the rule of peoples outside the religion of the sons of Israel."

"A Jew Is A Jew First, Regardless Of His Citizenship"; The Jews Invented Communism, Atheism To Destroy Religions 

"The purpose of the hidden Jewish plot is effective world domination. This, after completing their economic takeover of the world's countries and drowning them in debt, since the U.S. is bowing under the weight of $15 trillion in debt, and France is hundreds of millions [in debt], as are Britain, Italy, Spain, and other countries. The question is, who lent money to these countries?... In light of the aforementioned, how can we slander the Arabs [and accuse them] of extremism and terrorism while they are being held hostage by a powerful international fist that can set the region on fire - as it is doing now - and can also cause the entire world to live in peace?"[2]

"In the modern era, the Jewish plots have adopted the concept of soft warfare in order to fulfill the dictates of the Talmud and dominate the world... They believe that destroying religion and morality is the only way to remove a person from faith, intention, and purpose, until people become an empty vessel that can be reshaped, and a central factor in plans for destruction and ruin... They still claim that their religion is the only religion, and therefore work to destroy the religious values of [others] by distorting Christianity and Islam... As part of their war on religion, they invented communism and the evil forces of atheism. They have toyed with religions and cultures in favor of their own interests, since a Jew is a Jew first, regardless of his citizenship and the morals and principles he outwardly adopts to serve himself and his [Jewish] nation. It is quite possible that he would acquire a British, American, French or any other Arab or Western citizenship and would support [the country] where he is citizen so long as this serves the Jewish interests, but when there is a conflict of interests, he is solely a Jew that supports his Judaism and sacrifices his citizenship."[3]

The Jews Use Others To Further Their Plot

"The book The [Jewish-Zionist] Talmudic Plots[4] featured a paragraph that exposes the deviousness of the Jews in using [other] peoples and regimes to realize their plans: 'It is wrong to say that the Jews carry out all political, ideological, and economic moves [themselves], since some [of these moves] are carried out by their lackeys, and some are the fruits of the labors of others... but [the Jews guide these moves] like a skilled navigator that navigates his ship by benefiting from every current and breeze, no matter their direction, and exploits them for his interests...'

Cover of The Jewish-Zionist Talmudic Plots (image:

"The 23rd Protocol of the famous Protocols of the Elders of Zion... could explain this paragraph, since it states:[5] 'The king who will dismantle the current governments - which continue to live off a public that we ourselves have corrupted under the auspices of the fires of chaos - must put out this fire that spreads from every direction, in all directions. In order to achieve this, he must destroy all institutions that could be the source of this fire, even if this requires him to spill his own blood... He must fight staunchly and determinedly against any infection, meaning chaos, that could poison the body of the world government, and then we will be able to tell the nations: Pray to God and bow down before the king who carries the banner of the eternal fate of the world.'

"The book The Hidden World Government[6] states on pages 167-168: 'The Jewish teachings must be spread throughout the whole earth! No matter where fate should lead, and though scattered all over the earth, we [always] consider ourselves members of a chosen race. If we realize that the faith of our forefathers is our only patriotism - if we recognize that, notwithstanding the nationalities we have embraced, we always remain and everywhere for one and only nation - if we believe that Jewry only is [the] one and only religious and political truth - if you are convinced of this, you Jews of the world, then come and give ear to our appeal and prove your belief in it and consent to it.'"[7]

Cover of The Secret World Government or 'The Hidden Hand' (image:

The Jews Control The World Economy, Fan Flames Of War Around The World, And Profit From Them

"The Jews in the past and present have managed to take over the lion's share of the global economy and have amassed a tremendous fortune that enabled them to control the global economy, the capital and the most important world banks and other financial institutions that dominate the European and American economies. The Rothschilds are considered one of the world's richest families and have represented the monetary power of global Jewry for the past 300 years.

"The Jews believed that profit can only be made through global struggles, which do not come through errors by leaders and governors, but rather by conflict between them and by fanning the flames of war, while they [the Jews] reap the benefits. And indeed, they have played a substantial part in both the first and second world wars...

"Henry Ford, the famous American businessman, who was the first to develop the global car industry, said: 'I am certain that wars take place so that some party can profit from them, and the party that always profits is global Jewry. They start wars with propaganda aimed by one country at another, prior to the war they trade arms and ammunition and grow rich, during the war they grow rich by lending money to both hawkish sides, and after the war they take over the country's sources of wealth'... [8]

"Canadian Writer William Guy Carr wrote in his book Pawns in the Game :[9] 'The English revolution was wrought by Zionism. As for the Second World War, its plan was formulated so the results would spark the current conflict between political Zionism and the Islamic world, and according to the formulated plan, this war should lead to the destruction of the Arab homeland, and later, the Islamic World.' William [Carr] discusses those who benefited from the two [world] wars in his book, saying: 'After World War Two, the earth became a kind of chess board, on which a segment of people viewed themselves as leaders and generals of superpowers. The hidden hand incited Stalin and Churchill and Roosevelt until the war broke out, ending with the destruction of Nazism and the birth of Israel, which is when the terrible [arms] race began. The war did not end global struggles, but rather opened up other avenues of struggle, whose conclusion conceals the final move in the international chess game.'

"Had these statements been made by Arabs, people would have probably competed in accusing them of hatred and antisemitism, as is accepted in the world, despite the fact that the fundamental problem between the Arab and Jewish peoples is one of occupied Arab land, the murder of innocents, the destruction of homes and lands, the expulsion of an Arab people, and the uprooting of Palestinians from their land; not one of hostility, hatred, or persecution - even though the Jews and the West like to call it that, to the point that they coined the term antisemitism and made a special law about it."[10]

The Jews Lead Other Peoples To Chaos While Keeping Their Own Nation United, As The 'Protocols' Instruct Them To Do 

The Protocols [of The Elders] of Zion determined the foundations of the exclusive [Jewish] takeover of the world according to a secret plan that is occasionally modified by their wise men according to developments, in order to maintain its integrity. These plans are realized using several elements, including the drive to destroy the governments in all countries, and replace them with a tyrannical Jewish monarchical regime. This is done by all means, including inciting kings and rulers to oppress their peoples, while inciting the peoples to rebel against their rulers. To this end, [the Jews] spread the principles of liberty, equality, and such, while giving them a special interpretation that harms both sides, in order to preserve mutual hostility between the government and the people...

"One of the most important aspects of control according to The Protocols [of the Elders] of Zion is to sow seeds of schism and conflict in all countries by way of secret associations - in politics, religion, art, and sports - using Freemason circles and various clubs and groups. [This, in order] to lead countries from tolerance to religious and political extremism, and later to socialism, promiscuity, and chaos, thus making it impossible to implement the principles of equality. All this [happens] while preserving the unity of the Jewish nation, far from the harmful influence of the principles [it spreads] to harm others...

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion state: 'The gold, which we Jews have a monopoly over, is the strongest weapon in influencing public opinion, corrupting the youth, and eliminating conscience, religions, nationalism, and the family unit... We must base the global economy on the gold under the exclusive control of the Jews, and not on labor, production, and other resources. Additionally, we must cause global economic crises without end so that the world is never calm and needs the help of the Jews... and submissively and willingly accept global Jewish rule...'

The Protocols [of the Elders] of Zion contain many plans and plots. They have been translated into several languages, and yet the world did not consider them important. Even when this matter was brought up in Egypt during the broadcast of the show 'Horse Without a Rider,' which first aired during Ramadan in 2002, nobody noticed... [On the contrary,] the show caused many problems and caused fury in Jewish organizations, which accused it of antisemitism."[11]



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[4] A book by Egyptian author Anwar Al-Jundi (1917-2002) published in 1977 with a revised edition in 2015 that can be downloaded for free on the internet.

[5] The quotes presented here from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and from other non-Arabic texts reflect Gad's Arabic translation. A comparison with the English version of these texts indicates that the quotes are partly or wholly inaccurate.

[6]  This is a reference to The Secret World Government or 'The Hidden Hand,' by Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich (1858-1926), which discusses a global conspiracy by 300 Jewish families. Cherep-Spiridovich was a Russian count who fled to the U.S. following the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

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[8] The author does not mention the source of this quote.

[9] Pawns in the Game is a 1955 book by Canadian writer William Guy Carr (1895-1959), who was known for promoting convoluted conspiracy theories incorporating elements from Christian mythology and accusations against Jews, atheists, communists and Freemasons, among others.

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