October 24, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8329

Senior Iranian National Security Official Mojtaba Zonnour: Our Drones Are Tracking, Ready To Strike American Bases Throughout The Region; We Can Destroy Israel In Less Than 30 Minutes

October 24, 2019
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 8329

Mojtaba Zonnour, the Chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy Committee in Iran's Majlis, said in an October 11, 2019 interview on Channel 5 (Iran) that Iran employs a strategy of deterrence and asymmetric warfare that renders its enemies' strengths ineffective by exploiting their weaknesses. He said that Israel would be destroyed within 30 minutes if America or Israel make a "mistake" and that Iranian drones are tracking activity in American military bases as far as Diego Garcia Island. Zonnour said that the Iranians "have registration fire" on most of the American bases in the area and threatened that they will be struck if Iran is attacked. In addition, Zonnour said that adhering to a "culture of resistance" will guarantee Iran's security.

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"If Israel Or America Make A Mistake, Israel Won't Live For Longer Than 20 Or 30 Minutes"

Mojtaba Zonnour: "We have employed a strategy of asymmetrical warfare. What does this mean? It means making our enemy's strengths ineffective or less effective – taking advantage of their weaknesses. We have focused and worked on these things. The regime has created deterrence.

"If Israel or America make a mistake, Israel won't live for longer than 20 or 30 minutes. We have thought about all these things. America has 36 bases in the region. The closest one is in Bahrain, and the farthest is in Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean."

"Our Drones Are Online And Are Tracking Every Change In The Forces In America's Military Bases"

"America has 36 bases in the region. The closest one is in Bahrain, and the farthest is in Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean. Our drones are online and are tracking every change in the forces in America's military bases. We have registration fire on the majority of enemy forces in the region. If they shoot, they will be hit. When the Leader [Khamenei] says that the days of hit-and-run are over, he is not speaking out of emotion or excitement. His words are backed up by what has already been done.


"Even after the story of their drone, they told us: 'Our hegemony will be ruined. Evacuate this or that area so that we can attack there.' They wanted to repair [the damage done to them]. We said that this is like capturing hostages. If you have to pay money to be released, what guarantee do you have that they won't do it again? This is why the Islamic Republic resisted, and they did not attack. If we adhere to the culture of resistance, this will guarantee the country's security."

"Our President Travels Honorably Throughout The World... Thanks To... Those Missiles That Have 'Death To Israel' Written On Them"

Interviewer: "There were reports that [Foreign Minister] Zarif is writing a memoir in a question-and-answer format. Do you confirm that? Apparently, he said that the JCPOA failed because... One of the reasons he mentioned [for the failure of the JCPOA] is a missile that had 'Israel must be destroyed' written on it. Have you heard about this?"

Mojtaba Zonnour: "I have also heard this, but even if this is true, we have dozens of answers for it. The fact that we exist today and that we have a position and make demands about why the JCPOA is not being implemented, and our president travels honorably throughout the world... This is all thanks to our defensive deterrence and those missiles that have 'Death to Israel' written on them."

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