December 1, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10993

Senior Hamas Official Osama Hamdan: I Promise That A War Of Liberation Is Coming Soon – Not Just Another October 7

December 1, 2023
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 10993

Osama Hamdan of the Hamas Political Bureau promised in a November 29, 2023 show on Bel Moubashar Online (Lebanon) that a "war of liberation is coming," not just another October 7, and that he doesn't think that it would be far off. When asked by the interviewer if he has any regrets over the October 7 attacks, he replied: "Regret for shattering an entire division of the occupation army?"

To view the clip of Senior Hamas Official Osama Hamdan, click here or below:

We Have No Regrets Regarding October 7th

Interviewer: "If you could go back in time to October 6, would you still do what you did on October 7?"

Osama Hamdan: "Why would some people assume that we would go back on our acts of resistance?"

Interviewer: "So you have no regrets?"

Hamdan: "Regret for shattering an entire division of the occupation army?"

A War Of Liberation Is Not Far Off

Interviewer: "You said that if the Israelis would make new arrests, after all the prisoners are released from [Israeli] prisons, you would carry out another operation. So can you promise another October 7?"

Hamdan: "I can promise that a war of liberation is coming, not just another October 7."

Interviewer: "In the foreseeable future?"

Hamdan: "I do not think it is far off."

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