February 14, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4497

Senior Al-Azhar Scholar: The Jews Are 'A Source of Evil and Harm in All Human Societies'

February 14, 2012
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 4497

Dr. Isma'il 'Ali Muhammad, head of the Department of Islamic Preaching and Culture at Al-Azhar University, published a series of six articles on the website of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood describing "the Jewish character" and explaining the role of the Bible and Talmud in shaping it. Stating that cruelty, dishonesty and bloodlust are inherent to the Jewish character because they are part of the Jews' culture and scriptures, he supports his argument with quotations from Jewish sources, some of them distorted. He also repeats the well-known libel that the Jews use the blood of non-Jews to prepare Passover matzah, refers to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and quotes from the virulently antisemitic book Jewish Society by Coptic Egyptian writer Zaki Shenouda.

The following are translated excerpts from the articles:

The Jews' Behavior Is Deviant and Criminal

In the first article, published October 20, 2011, Muhammad describes the "Jewish character": "A prominent [fact] is that the Jewish personality, wherever it is found, is never free of deviancy and corruption, and is always striving to perpetrate corruption upon the earth. It is a personality that is unable to coexist in peace and equality with others or to form good relations with them. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that this personality is always a source of evil and harm in all human societies... and is completely unable to live in harmony in any human society.

"History, past and present, attests to the deviancy that is inherent to the Jewish character. In the early Islamic period, there were Jews who lived under the rule of the best of men, the Prophet Muhammad. They were treated well, yet despite this their deviant character immediately became apparent. Breaching their treaties with the Muslims and betraying them, they lead the infidel front [against them], strayed from the path of Allah and His Messenger, and harmed the Muslims. The punishment of being expelled from Medina by the Muslims was warranted by their [acts of] deceit and betrayal.

"In the modern age, the Jews have exploited their financial, media and organizational influence wherever they could, in order to corrode the foundations of virtue and spread destruction and corruption throughout the world – namely licentiousness, usury, wars, etc. Their latest [act of depravity] was usurping Palestine, expelling its people, destroying their villages to the extent that most of them have been wiped [off the map], and killing many of the people, including women and children. This [was done] with the help of the West, which wished to be rid of the Jewish presence in Europe.

"What the Jewish gangs did in the Arab villages of Palestine before the founding of the Jewish state, and what was later done by the army that was formed [by combining] these gangs, from the establishment of the state until today, is an obvious [act of] massacre that cannot be ignored. Books and publications present thousand of disgraceful and irrefutable documents attesting to the criminal and deviant behavior of the Jews. The world has become accustomed to seeing such acts on television and on the other media, sometimes even [broadcast] live.

"The Jews [never] honored the agreements they made with the Arabs who strayed from the correct path [by] recognizing them and entering into negotiations with them... Jews do not honor agreements. In fact, they do not ascribe any importance to them, unless they consider it advantageous to do so.

"Moreover, the Jews boast about their deviant behavior – [characterized by] depravity, corruption, hypocrisy and racism – in a constant [display of] baseless pride and foolish arrogance... [They exploit] their material power, which is fed by the support of the West and the feebleness of the Muslims and Arabs."

The Jews' Corruption Is Neither Incidental Nor Temporary

Muhammad stresses that the Jewish character is shaped by the Jewish heritage and scriptures, including the Bible and the Talmud, and therefore cannot be expected to change:

"This begs the question: Why is the Jewish personality so deviant and so different from [the personality] of other people? Psychologists know that the religious faith and cultural and ideological heritage upon which an individual is raised play a major role in shaping his personality and behavior – especially if this ideology or culture is revered and sanctified by the individual's society. A person's behavior and actions reflect what is in his mind and soul, namely [his] thoughts, perceptions and beliefs. A person's actions and behavior cannot be considered separately from his perceptions and culture.

"The deviancy and corruption that have permeated the Jewish personality throughout the ages are rooted mainly in the ideological, cultural and religious [value-]system that has been handed down from one Jewish generation to another and which has shaped [the Jews' character]. The Jews hold these [values] sacred. They obey the dictates of their sacred cultural and religious heritage, and their rabbis instill [these values] in them...

"The deviancy and corruption inherent to the Jewish personality are neither incidental nor temporary, and are not confined to [specific] situations, individuals or circumstances. They stem from the ideological roots of the Jewish essence, mind and spirit, and are based on a powerful conceptual system that permeates the Jewish soul like blood flowing through veins. This system is undoubtedly the main factor that shapes the [Jew's] personality and justifies his behavior over the years and in changing circumstances.

"The Bible and the Talmud are the main holy sources of Jewish philosophy. All Jews rely on them for their values, laws and moral [code], and they consider them to be of divine origin. Anyone who examines the conduct of the Jews throughout the world discovers that it fully reflects this ideological, cultural and religious heritage...

"The Jewish religious and cultural heritage includes beliefs and instructions [pertaining] exclusively to Jews, which aim to establish [their status] as people who are not equal to others in terms of their relationship with God, with the messengers and with the rest of humanity. This ideological background is meant to instill a tendency to perpetual evil and deviancy in the hearts of the Jews – and unfortunately, this is indeed what happens. [This ideological background provides] dangerous fuel [for their] domineering evil. We must not expect the Jews to mend their ways as long as this ideological heritage is their [source of] authority and inspiration, which has the last word in all their affairs, and as long as they attempt to shape the character of future generations according to the misguided and corrupt contents and concepts [of this heritage].

"Reading the Bible and the Talmud, and the ideas and studies that are based on them, such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the religious rulings of the rabbis, and the writings of Jewish philosophers, one finds that they reflect obvious hostility towards humanity as a whole, and supply the Jewish personality with a justification for its deviant and distinctive behavior... [These writings] encourage [the Jews] to extremism and to baseless arrogance and haughtiness towards anyone who is not Jewish. These ideological sources, which they hold sacred, inspire them to hypocrisy, deviousness and treachery, and [teach them] to consider the lives, property and women of non-Jews as theirs for the taking..."[1]

The next article, published October 21, continues in a similar vein: "Relying on the Bible and Talmud, the Jews regard themselves as God's chosen... Based on this despicable racism and arrogance toward the rest of humanity, the Jews regard their religion as theirs alone. They do not attempt to spread it and are not interested in non-Jewish converts. They believe that Judaism is God's chosen religion, and nobody but them merits the honor of belonging to it. In the Jews' language, there is a special word for non-Jewish peoples – goy – whereas their word for themselves is 'am ["nation"]. Goy is a derogatory term. When a Jew calls someone a goy, he means [to imply] that this person is barbaric, savage, unclean and depraved..."[2]

The third article, from October 22, states: "...The Jews believe that nobody in the world but them has any rights, that everything in the world is their property, and that God has given them the right to use and own everything – including other people's property. They do not refrain from using even the most despicable and depraved means in order to commandeer other people's assets. They believe that their holy scriptures, and especially the Talmud, sanction and even encourage them to take the property of others, to cheat them, and to steal their money by fraudulent, oppressive and hostile means. The basic presumption is that they are on par with God, and that God created them superior to all other beings..."[3]

The Jews Use Blood to Make Passover Matzah

Muhammad's fourth article, from October 23, evokes the blood libel: "[The Jews'] heritage constantly encourages and incites them to kill anyone who is not Jewish, and to spread ruin and destruction in the non-Jewish world without mercy. According to the dictates of the Bible and the Talmud, only Jewish life is sacred. A Jew is neither punished nor reprimanded for killing or robbing a non-Jew. According to these dictates, nobody but the Jews is entitled to dignity and life.

"[Coptic Egyptian writer] Zaki Shenouda wrote [in his book Jewish Society]:[4] 'A horrific barbarity flows in the veins of the Jews and percolates to the very depth of their essence and soul. This barbarity has been one of their most prominent characteristics since they first appeared, and has been an inalienable part of them throughout their history and in all domains of life. They are always ruled by a violent and frightening tendency to insane cruelty, and by a demonic craving to kill, murder, hang, burn, stone, abuse and torture [people], to cut off their limbs and perpetrate genocide, to burn down cities and sow destruction in any place that is under their control. They know no mercy. No [human] feeling, religion, faith, or conscience dissuade them from doing these things. They are like ravening wolves, rabid dogs, or mad swine who sink their teeth and claws into any animal that crosses their path. Only blood, and the sight of dead bodies and remains strewn about them, can satisfy their lust [for killing]...'

"The Jews' rabbis allow them to kill or butcher certain people, distill their blood, and use it to make the matzah that is eaten on Passover and on other holidays. One of the most famous incidents of this sort was the murder of father Thomas and his servant Ibrahim 'Amara in Beirut [sic] in 1840.[5] Those involved in this incident, and especially the rabbis who ordered to butcher the two and distill their blood, admitted that it had been done out of religious motives, and that the blood had been used for making matzah... Here we again see the dangerous role played by the Jewish sources, which provide the foundations for their deviant behavior..."[6]

The Jews "Cannot Be Freed [of Their Faults] Except by Cutting Their Hearts Out"

The last two articles, from October 24 and 25, focus on the Jews' "treacherous" and "dishonest" nature: "According to the Jewish ideological and religious heritage, the Jew does not have to honor any alliance with, or commitment to, a non-Jew. Hence, we see that the Jewish personality rarely stops cheating and betraying the other in negotiations. When the Jew has an opportunity to evade his commitments to a non-Jew, he unfortunately does so immediately... These traits are rooted in their nature, flow like blood through their veins, and rule their hearts. They cannot be freed [of them] except by cutting their hearts out." [7]

"Zaki Shenouda says: 'Hypocrisy and deceitfulness are the most prominent characteristics of the Jews. They pretend to be loyal and honest in order to conceal their deceitful and treacherous [nature]... They draw close to the rulers with pale smiles in order to achieve their aims, and then scheme against [the rulers] and even against God [Himself]. They address Him obsequiously with complaints and moans, but once He grants them [their wishes], they rebel and blaspheme against Him, draw away from Him and worship other gods...'[8]

The Muslim's Plan for War against the Jews Must Be Based on Familiarity with Their Character

Muhammad concludes by stating that the Muslims must know their enemies, the Jews, in order to fight them effectively: "Until when will these facts continue to be hidden from the eyes of the world, [concealed] by the Jewish media's tools of deceit? The whole world must realize the truth about the Jewish personality, its despicable nature and its religious roots, in order to recognize its hostility towards mankind and take the necessary steps to defend against its evil [influence]. We Muslims are the most competent to undertake this [task]. Our plan for war and for struggle against the enemy must include, if not begin with, familiarizing ourselves with this enemy, with the components of his character and with the factors that shape it. It is time to devote more [efforts] to taking an interest in this matter, studying it and publicizing it, so that we can confront the Jewish enemy effectively, with the awareness and consciousness needed to ensure an outcome in our favor."[9]


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