February 27, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 7916

Saudi Writer Lists Reasons For The Jews' Successful Integration In The West, Versus The Arabs' Backwardness

February 27, 2019
Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 7916

In his November 14, 2018 column in the Al-Riyadh daily, Saudi writer 'Abdallah Bin Bakhit wrote sarcastically that whoever wants to understand "the Jewish conspiracy against the world" must acknowledge the reasons for the Jews' success in the West and the reasons for the Arabs' backwardness there. The Jews, he wrote, managed to become integrated in the Western society and culture, and to achieve leading roles in it and make significant achievements, while the Arabs failed to do so. One of the reasons for the gap between the Jews and Arabs, he added, is that the Jews have few children and give them the best possible education; but the main reason is that the Jews, unlike the Arabs, adapt their lifestyle to Western norms and do not try to impose their religious values on their surroundings. That is why "we now see them standing at the pinnacles of science, culture, art, literature and politics," he concluded.

The following are excerpts from his article:


'Abdallah Bin Bakhit (image:

"The difference between the Jews and Arabs is large. One of the many [differences] concerns their affiliation with Western culture. The Jews are part of Western culture. Their harmonic [relations] with it are organic, and their contribution to it is endless. Looking at cinema, literature or drama, one encounters too many Jewish names to ignore. Looking at people in the media and press, one finds that the most famous and prominent names [belong to] Jews. Everyone is aware of their presence in finance and business – their traditional arena of activity – and everyone knows that they are dominant among the lecturers in universities and centers of research and learning. Take any respectable profession, and you will find that the proportion of Jews in it is conspicuously large.

"The Jewish conspiracy against the world begins at home. It begins with one small point we have completely neglected: a Jewish family never has more than one or two children. Then it devotes all its money and resources to ensuring that these two children receive the best modern education available. In terms of their numbers Jews are a minority, but in terms of achievements and involvement they are a majority. That is the essence of the Jewish conspiracy against the world, and whoever wants to confront this conspiracy, must [first of all] confront himself.

"Another [aspect of the] Jewish conspiracies against the world is that a Jew is a Jew at home, but an integrated Westerner in society. If the [Jewish] religion forbids certain practices or opposes them, observant Jews will avoid these practices, but they will certainly not fight them or try to impose their truth on others, or regard those who engage in these practices as enemies as long as they are not hurting [the Jews].

"When you meet a Jew, you will never know he is a Jew unless his name indicates this or he tells you. They have established themselves as part of Western culture. In their homes Jews live as Jews, but outside they live as Western citizens. The difference between a Jew and an Arab when it comes to Western society is the difference between a native and a foreigner.

"One of the characteristics of Western societies is that they grant freedom of religion, of thought and of expression. Western societies and their governments do not care whether an individual is a Christian, a Muslim or an atheist. There are laws that transcend these individual differences and protect the freedoms. The Jews respect [these laws], support them, and enjoy the scope [of activity] they allow, whereas others have failed to do so... We now see them standing at the pinnacles of science, culture, art, literature and politics, leaving the pits of ignorance for those who want it."[1]


[1] Al-Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), November 14, 2018.

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