May 10, 2013 Special Dispatch No. 5298

Saudi Professor And IUMS Member Tareq Hawwas In Antisemitic Diatribe: 'If Only Hitler Had Finished Them Off'

May 10, 2013
Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 5298

In a religious program on Al-Quds TV that aired April 18, 2013, Saudi professor Tareq Hawwas made a string of antisemitic statements, stating about Jews, inter alia, "If only Hitler had finished them off, thus relieving humanity of them."

Hawwas, who is a professor at Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, as well as a well-known preacher, and a member of Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi's International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), is frequently seen on television shows discussing religious issues.

In January 2004, The Washington Post reported that the U.S. State Department had revoked the diplomatic visas of 16 people affiliated with the Institute for Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America, the Virginia-based satellite campus of Imam Muhammad ibn Saud University. The paper said that the State Department's move followed accusations that the Institute "was promoting a brand of Islam that critics say is intolerant of other strains of the religion as well as Christianity and Judaism." [1]

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"The Jews Are Among The True Enemies Of Islam"

Tareq Hawwas: "The Jews are among the true enemies of the Islamic nation. Their enmity began with the beginning of the call to Islam.


"It is well established among Islamic scholars that the Prophet Muhammad died as the result of eating poisoned meat, given to him by that Jewish woman in Khaybar. She invited him to a feast, and she gave him poisoned mutton. She knew that he was partial to the shank, so she filled it with poison. When he tasted it, he was informed [that he was poisoned]. Some say that the lamb itself spoke, while others say that he had a revelation. The Prophet Muhammad got up, but some traces of the poison remained.

"Thus, the scholars consider the Prophet Muhammad to be a martyr because he died from the poison given to him by the Jews. Before that, some of the Jewish tribes tried to throw a rock at him, and tried, more than once, to send people to kill him. These are not mere claims, but have been well established. These conspiracies began when the first light of Islam began to glow, and they surreptitiously try to conspire against Islam.


"The Jews are the enemies of this nation, and they spare no effort in preventing this nation from gaining power. They have their ways. But before I go into that, anybody who knows what the Jews are like knows that this type of conduct is not out of character."

"They Are The Slayers Of The Prophets"

"First of all, they are among the people most rejecting of Allah. None has attributed falsehoods to Allah more than the Jews. They said that Allah has a child, that He is poor, and that He is miserly. The Jews attributed to Allah all the negative traits that one should not even attribute to the most common of people. Thus, the Jews are among the people most rejecting of Allah.


"In addition, they are the slayers of Prophets. How many prophets they have slain! They butchered Yahya and Zakariya, and tried to kill the Prophet Muhammad. They are the ones who tried to kill Jesus. They are the slayers of the prophets.

"Moreover, they are cowards. Allah said: "They will not fight you all except within fortified cities." What is happening in Palestine proves the cowardice of the Jews, and proves that they are the most cowardly of Allah's creatures. If not for the remote-controlled weapons, which they hide behind... By Allah, they are too cowardly to engage in direct combat."

"They Are The Most Miserly Of All The Peoples"

"They are the most miserly of all the peoples. Wickedness, trickery, and deception are engrained within them. The Jews – with only few exceptions – have a natural disposition toward treachery. The Jews think nothing of violating treaties. They have no respect for them. What has happened in Palestine from the beginning and to this day shows us that the Jews have never respected, for a single day, any international agreement or treaty that they signed.

"The Islamic nation has suffered from the Jews' violation of treaties ever since the days of the Prophet Muhammad in Al-Madina. These traits are what makes them employ all means of trickery and deception. Therefore, they have ways and means to trick the Islamic nation, first and foremost, through the economy. They have a good understanding of finances, and therefore...

'If Only Hitler Had Finished Them off"

"When they were dispersed throughout the world in the days of Hitler... Incidentally, most of what is said about the massacre is exaggeration and lies. If only Hitler had finished them off, thus relieving humanity of them. But Hitler was more merciful than they are themselves. They exploited this minor incident in order to extort the world. In short, their dispersal worldwide, their sense of being ostracized, and their feeling that they could not achieve anything without money led them to contemplate the economy.

"They managed in the U.S. – and even beforehand, in Britain... The largest companies belonged to the Jews, so that back then, they would even lend money to Britain. They did the same thing in the U.S. Today, in the U.S., many of the largest corporations of all industries – such as the automobile, perfume, and airplane industries – belong to the Jews. They exploit the media. In short, their interest in the economy is clear and undisputed. They used the economy to buy loyalties and to achieve many of their goals."

"They Use Sex Against Their Opponents... [Tsipi] Livni Said, 'Yes I Used Sex To Achieve The Goals Of The Jewish State'"

"They use sex against their opponents. The Jews are behind the greatest distributors of sexual products, because they think that this preoccupies the people. Thus, they can achieve their goals. Sex is the best bargaining chip they have. They use it against their opponents. They send them women in order to frame them, using sex. That [Tsipi] Livni, who ran for the premiership of the so-called Jewish state, said: "Yes, I used sex to achieve the goals of the Jewish state." [...]


[1] The Washington Post, January 29, 2004.

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