December 9, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 4347

Saudi Prince Khaled Bin Talal: Bin Laden Is Alive and Being Held by the Americans; The Shiites in Saudi Arabia Are Loyal to Their Iranian Masters

December 9, 2011
Saudi Arabia, Iran | Special Dispatch No. 4347

Following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi Prince Khaled bin Talal, which aired on Al-Resalah TV and on Rotana Khalijiyya TV on December 2, 2011:

Prince Khaled bin Talal: "The Americans have no friends. All they care about is their interests. Their mode of operation was recently demonstrated in Pakistan, where they killed 24 people. Since they come in helicopters and airplanes, since they use advanced missiles, and since they wear fine clothes and use state-of-the-art technology – it is not considered terrorism. In their view, this is self-defense, and they do not apologize or send condolences. But when a Palestinian, wearing a kuffiya and patched pants, carries a sub-machine gun with a single magazine in order to defend himself in his own home, it is considered terrorism.

"This is the distinction they draw. They themselves are the terrorists. They are the ones who started terrorism. They fan the flames of terrorism worldwide, through assassinations and so on, more than Al-Qaeda and all the others. […]

"With regard to [the killing of] bin Laden – we are told that following all their research, and after they located him, they entered the place with their helicopters, and according to their account, they aimed at a woman… First they said that bin Laden was armed, then they said he wasn't – they contradict themselves – and eventually, they shrouded him according to Islamic custom, and threw him into the sea...

"With all due respect, in my humble view, bin Laden is alive and in prison, because when the U.S. has a chance to get its hands on such a man, who did the kind of things bin Laden did in the world - Al-Qaeda or no Al-Qaeda... When they have to choose between capturing him or killing him... They tell us about blood and DNA, and whatever..."

Interviewer: "But Al-Qaeda itself acknowledges his death..."

Prince Khaled bin Talal: "Brother, according to my analysis, something is missing, and the man is being held by them, because such a man has a huge amount of important information, which could be obtained from him. They have held others, why not him?! Moreover, there are suspicious things, like the burial at sea, the contradictions... That's my opinion. [...]

"[Saudi Shiites] came to swear allegiance [to the king], but you can never know. Their [religious] leaders believe in the principle of takiyya [i.e., religious dissimulation in order to avoid persecution]."

Interviewer: "Are you claiming that all the Shiite ulama are not patriotic or loyal to this country?"

Prince Khaled bin Talal: "I am saying that their most important leaders – their religious and political loyalty lies with their Iranian masters, who are behind all that is happening in Bahrain and Al-Qatif." [...]

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