December 2, 2002 Special Dispatch No. 446

Saudi Minister of Interior, Prince Nayef Ibn Abd-Al-Aziz: 'Who Committed the Events of September 11... I Think They [the Zionists] are Behind these Events... [Arab] Mass Media Should Condemn Terrorism, Warn Arab Nationals of it, and Let Our Voice be Heard by the World...

December 2, 2002
Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 446

On November 29, 'Ain-Al-Yaqeen, a weekly news magazine published online by the Saudi royal family, released an English translation of an interview with Saudi Minister of Interior Prince Nayef Ibn Abd Al-Aziz; the interview originally appeared in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Siyasa. The following are excerpts from the translation[1] as it appeared in the Saudi weekly:

The Department of Virtue Propagation and Vice Prevention
"The Department of Virtue Propagation and Vice Prevention is not a department of hegemony and is a governmental agency that is governed by the government's law and does not operate outside it. Commenting on his visit to the Department of Virtue Propagation and Vice Prevention, he [Prince Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz] added that the department needs to hire well qualified people and not people of limited qualifications who act recklessly. Prince Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz said workers of the department should gently deal with the people and avoid harshness, especially with young people. Prince Naif said an institute to train the workers of the department would be established. Prince Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz explained the institute would train them on how to propagate virtue and prevent vice. He added that this will improve matters and address all the shortcomings which were discussed during his visit to the department..."

Western Interference in Arab Education and Islamic Law Increased Hatred
"Prince Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz said the hostile attitude shown by the U.S. media and some European media, especially in Britain, does not scare the kingdom but it is annoying because it is unwarranted and does not serve their interests. Prince Naif stated that the position of some in the West toward the Arab world and the Palestinian cause led to the hatred shown by the Arab peoples, and he urged the West to change their image fast. Prince Naif added that painting Saudi citizens with the brush of terrorism and talk about interference in education and even the Islamic law increased hatred of the people toward the U.S. although the U.S. people are innocent and good in general."

"Who Committed the Events of September 11… I Think They [the Zionists] are Behind these Events"
"Prince Naif stressed that relations between the Saudi and U.S. governments are strong despite the Zionist-controlled media that manipulated the events of September 11 and turned the U.S. public opinion against Arabs and Islam. Prince Naif said, 'we put big question marks and ask who committed the events of September 11 and who benefited from them. Who benefited from events of 11/9? I think they [the Zionists] are behind these events.'"

Prince Greatly Suspects September 11 Terrorist Organization "Topped by Israeli Intelligence"
"Mass media should address terrorism, warn Arab nationals of it, and let our voice be heard by the world that our countries are against terrorism… Prince Naif stressed that mass media should condemn terrorism. Media staff should think of ways to protect their countries and youths from terrorist operations. They should protect their religion from being attributed to terrorism by suspected people. Prince Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz said that he greatly suspected that these terrorist organizations have relation with foreign intelligence that worked against Arab and Muslims topped by Israeli intelligence. They wanted to attack us at our bases and tenets, notably our religion and the Palestinian issue."

"It is Impossible that 19 Youths, Including 17 Saudis, Carried Out the Operation of September 11"
"He noted that it is impossible that 19 youths, including 17 Saudis, carried out the operation of September 11, or that bin Laden or [the] Al-Qa'ida organization did that alone. We can say that these people are either agents or ignorant since their action was against Islam and Muslims. By this action the world became against Islam, Muslims and Arabs."

The U.S. Did Not Request Change in Saudi Curricula
"Prince Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz denied that the privacy of Saudi Arabia annoys their allies. He gave evidence of Saudi Arabia's excellent, diversified and deep-rooted relations with others. He also denied that U.S. officials have requested their Saudi counterparts to embark on changing educational curricula. Prince Naif defended the Saudi educational system as intact but subject to developing by Saudi experts."

Saudi Arabia Was for Years the Refuge for Muslim Brotherhood Activists
"He lashed out at the Muslim Brotherhood organization which he said gave birth to a multinational spectrum of Islamic politicians who turned their backs to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and forgot its favors to them. He cited that many of the organization's members were living in the Kingdom and receiving refuge and humanitarian assistance [from] its people and officials… Interior Minister Prince Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz has stated that the Muslim Brotherhood organization was the cause of most problems in the Arab world. 'The Brotherhood has done great damage to Saudi Arabia,' he said. Prince Naif accused the foremost Islamist group in the Arab world of harming the interests of Muslims. 'All our problems come from the Muslim Brotherhood. We have given too much support to this group..."

"The Muslim Brotherhood has destroyed the Arab world,' he said. 'Whenever they got into difficulty or found their freedom restricted in their own countries, Brotherhood activists found refuge in the Kingdom which protected their lives... But they later turned against the Kingdom…' The Muslim Brotherhood has links to groups across the Arab world, including Jordan's main parliamentary opposition, the 'Islamic Action Front,' and the 'Palestinian resistance movement, 'Hamas.'' The Interior Minister's outburst against the Brotherhood came amid mounting criticism in the United States of Saudi Arabia's longstanding support for Islamist groups around the world…"

"I Cannot Still Believe that 19 Youths, Including 15 Saudis, Carried Out the September 11 Attacks with the Support of Bin Laden and His Al-Qa'ida organization. It's Impossible"
"The Interior Minister hinted that foreign powers might have provided support to terrorists who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks. 'I cannot still believe that 19 youths, including 15 Saudis, carried out the September 11 attacks with the support of bin Laden and his Al-Qa'ida organization. It's impossible. I will not believe that these people have the power to do so horrendous an attack.' However, Prince Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz reiterated the Kingdom's condemnation of the attack that destroyed the World Trade Center in New York and damaged the Pentagon outside Washington. He said the September 11 attacks had turned the world against Islam, Muslims and Arabs."

"The Kingdom's Imams [More than 50,000] Follow the Official Line of Thinking"
"He said there are more than 50,000 imams at the Kingdom's mosques who follow the official line of thinking. 'If they deviate from this line and persist doing so, they will have to find other jobs.' Referring to his meeting with officials of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Prince Naif said the meeting was fruitful. He said the commission must employ efficient and learned people to carry out their mission. 'During the meeting the grand mufti gave a speech on the commission's responsibilities, and urged its officials to shed rigidity and avoid mistakes,' he added."

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