September 2, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9534

Saudi Journalist: Hizbullah And Hamas Leaders Are Terrorists Who Should Be Prosecuted And Executed

September 2, 2021
Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 9534

In a July 14, 2021 article in the Saudi daily Al-Watan, journalist Khalid Al-'Owijan slammed the organizations of the so-called "resistance axis," especially Hizbullah and Hamas. These organizations, he said, brandish the slogan of "liberating Jerusalem" and other empty slogans, but in practice they serve Iran and its agenda and only harm the Palestinian cause by detracting from its centrality in the Muslim world. He added that these terror organizations bring only catastrophes upon their countries, peoples and nation. In Lebanon, for example, Hizbullah caused a devastating war against Israel that cost thousands of lives, and in Palestine, Hamas adopted the method of suicide bombings, with utter contempt for human life, and entered a reckless and hopeless war against Israel.

'Owijan called to act without hesitation to prosecute and even execute the "terrorist" leaders of the  resistance axis, such as Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, Hamas leader Isma'il Haniya and Houthi leader 'Abd Al-Malik Al-Houthi. 

Khaled Al-Awijan (Source:

The following are translated excerpts from his article:[1]

"The leaders of the gang that calls itself 'the coalition for the liberation of Jerusalem' do not belong  in the glorious pages of history… [This gang] monopolized this slogan in order to strip the [Muslim] nation of its foremost cause, namely the Palestinian cause. It is difficult to accept the situation whereby [this gang] periodically provokes the immensely powerful Israel just in order to reinforce its fake slogan, which is espoused by sectarian political entities that enjoy the popular support of simple and ignorant people.

"For dozens of years, the resistance axis has taken part in many wars with the Israeli side and brought destruction upon countries like Lebanon, Palestine and Syria, as well as parts of Iraq… Hizbullah created an artificial crisis vis-à-vis the Israelis by abducting two Israeli soldiers, and [thus] caused the July 2006 war, which resulted in 1,000 Lebanese dead and in the destruction of infrastructures in some parts of Lebanon. This was an unjustified war that reflected the arrogance of the so-called 'resistance axis' and the terror that [Hizbullah leader] Hassan Nasrallah feeds on, and which he uses to position himself as a political leader who makes decisions not only in Lebanon. Things have come to the point  where Nasrallah's influence and control extend to the Gaza Strip, which is outside the control of the official Palestinian authorities [i.e., the PA]. 

"The Hamas movement is no less terrorist than Hizbullah. It is a fundamentalist movement that emerged from the womb of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, and which one day adopted the method of suicide bombings, ascribing not the slightest importance to human life. It is a movement that spews bombastic rhetoric about liberating its land from the occupier and which recently [in the May 2021 confrontation with Israel] acted recklessly, promoting its 'cardboard rockets' by means of a group of media outlets that feed on sectarian extremism, on sowing discord and on harming the pan-Arab fabric. Imported by Hamas from the Iranian republic, [these rockets] do not even meet the standards of a non-strategic war or conflict, or of a street [brawl] or [a quarrel] between children. 

"The recent war, which [Hamas] called 'Operation Sword of Jerusalem,' demonstrates the bankruptcy of [this movement], which reinforces and markets the Iranian plan while disregarding the fact that [this plan] seeks to isolate the defeated Palestinian people from its Arab surroundings… 

"What the leaders of these wretched, extremist and worthless factions have done requires reexamining their deep-seated inclinations, stopping all support for them, and, more importantly, advancing a plan to bring this gang to trial before the international courts, which are known for their fairness. For thousands of people have died due to their actions and their extremism, and there is historical evidence [to prove this]… 

"Genuinely humane [values] dictate that the guillotine of history and the gibbet be the final destination of these leaders, who for years have been feeding on the blood of innocent and unarmed people, causing injuries and death and producing orphans, based on fake slogans aimed chiefly at winning them popularity and [the support of] the masses… and on false promises that they can never fulfill.

"Reality proves that… Hassan Nasrallah in Lebanon, [Hamas leaders] Isma'il Haniya and Khaled Mash'al in the hijacked Gaza Strip, the rat ['Abd Al-Malik] Al-Houthi hiding in the mountains of Yemen, and various criminals in Iraq are not far less evil than Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, who strove to harm the world and was killed by a unit of U.S. marines… [The same goes for] Saddam Hussein, who regarded himself as the leader of the nation and was [eventually] located in a hole in the ground; [Mu'ammar] Qadhafi, who called himself the African king of kings and was discovered in a sewage pipe, and [Yemeni president] 'Ali 'Abdallah Saleh, who met a humiliating end in in the car of a cargo train, after describing himself as one who dances on the heads of snakes. Despite all their power, authority, influence, oppression and cruelty, God doomed all these people to be humiliated for their evil deeds… [The others] will surely meet the same fate, even if it is delayed for a while.

"Therefore, all those who regard themselves as honorable must act without hesitation to bring [these] terrorists to justice… They must stick to the path of justice for the sake of the blood of the innocent and bring these terrorists  to trial… [for] they are destined for the guillotine and the ash heaps of history."


[1], July 14, 2021.


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