October 26, 2004 Special Dispatch No. 805

Saudi Government Newspaper Editorial: 'Bush the Nazi'

October 26, 2004
Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 805

The Saudi government daily Al-Riyadh recently published an editorial titled "Bush the Nazi," referring to allegations that President George W. Bush's family had ties with the Nazis. The following are excerpts from the editorial: [1]

Did President Bush's Grandfather Collaborate with the Nazis?

"[The British newspaper] The Guardian published what it contends are documents incriminating the president's grandfather of collaboration with the Nazis and bringing [Adolf] Hitler to power, and that his wealth was an outcome of agreements with the Nazis, and this wealth was passed on to [his] children and grandchildren in America.

"This issue fits in with the confusion [surrounding] the elections, as each candidate attempts to earn support by revealing suppressed facts [about his opponent], even in secret archives, and thus it is not impossible to verify or refute these [allegations].

"Verification [of these allegations] stems from [the fact that] business is not founded on ethical aims, and one deals with the devil if it will bring material gains…

"[On the other hand] we may refute [these allegations] if we take into consideration that it is the Israelis, of all stripes, both influential ones and those of a lesser order, that follow more than anyone else Nazi history and track down Nazis."

Either the Israelis Used the Documents to Blackmail Bush, or Else They are Using Them to Elect Kerry

"Therefore, either these documents were archived during the terms of [Bush] the father and [George W. Bush] so they could be used as a means of blackmailing the two presidents into continuing to serve Israel, or the time has now come to publicize these facts, if they are indeed true. That is to say, perhaps Bush Jr. has played all his cards and he has no choice left but to leave the White House, with [John] Kerry as his successor, about whom it has been said that he has Jewish roots, like [Madeleine] Albright, the former Secretary of State who didn't make public her religious identity until several years after [assuming office].

"The delicate question is whether Israel cooperated with the ruling Bush family while knowing these secrets, according to the principle of whoever does you excellent service is your ally, even if in the past he had [ties] with the Nazis? Or perhaps this information is inaccurate or fictitious, and its publication has come at a time when the investigators don't have time to conduct a thorough investigation and to defend Bush, since the elections are fast approaching. If we assume that the accusation is true, it is probable that elements in the service of Israel and [acting] in conjunction with it felt which way the wind was blowing in anticipation of the elections, and [concluded] that Kerry was better suited to the Israeli positions."

'In Any Event, it is Israel That Has Gained the Most'

"America's secrets are very strange, and at times their disgrace is revealed in a gradual manner. For instance, the hawks in the White House and in Congress agreed that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that there was no cooperation between Saddam and Al-Qa'ida. However, news of this only surfaced following the post-war celebrations…

"This is what leads us to try to verify or to refute what the British newspaper published, since verification of the accusation against the Bush family is similar to the accusations against Saddam… In any event, it is Israel that has gained the most from this."

[1] Al-Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), October 6, 2004.

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