January 8, 2002 Special Dispatch No. 328

Saudi Government Daily on the Culture of Hatred'

January 8, 2002
Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 328

Following are excerpts from an article in the Saudi daily 'Al-Riyadh' by Abdallah Al-Ka'id, titled "The Culture of Hatred":

"When a particular culture is characterized by negative traits such as aggression, piracy, racism, or any other repulsive term, it must be hated by the other societies, except for those societies that share those very traits. This is a natural reaction…"

"On the other hand, when the hatred takes root in a particular society towards another society or nation [i.e. Western 'hatred' for the Nation of Islam] for its beliefs, for its way of life, or because it cannot come to terms with particular traditions and customs – this cannot be accepted!!!"

"For example, one cannot be amazed by the hatred of most of the nations of the world for the 'Zionist entity,' because of its history, replete not with human achievements but with barbaric massacres, deceit, and evil conscience. Hatred towards them is on the rise among the Arabs in particular, because of what they suffer from the occupation of the Arab state of Palestine, the catastrophes, the cruelty, and the injustice that are known to all."

'Hatred of the Zionist Enemy Sucked with Mothers' Milk'
"For this reason, Arab infants – before they reach the age of self-humiliation and submission – suckled hatred of the Zionist enemy with their mothers' milk, and this hatred cannot be uprooted despite all the talk about false peace agreements."

"However warm the kisses, and however firm the handshakes, their hearts are full of hatred, their souls are full of rage, and their eyes glance away with loathing at the sight of the flag of the Zionist entity flying in the heart of [some] Arab capitals."

"Men of honor want to rip up the flag, to dirty it on the ground. They want to expel these foreigners who came to our land, so that our Palestinian brothers will live on their land in peace and security, as do the other peoples. Don't they have the right???"'

Our Hatred is Rooted in Our Souls'
"I am in no way preaching hatred or praising it as a way of human behavior. But the hated individual or society must examine itself so as to understand why it is this way, since no society or individual can be hated in such a way for no reason…"

"I will give a good example of how hatred for the Zionist entity takes root in the souls of the Arabs… I once attended an international conference on road accidents in the military, held in Paris. With me was my colleague, one of the enthusiastic young officers, whose mood changed when he was informed that a man who had stood next to us in a side conversation between meetings was a transportation officer in the detested Zionist entity."

"My colleague raged, swearing that he would not stand next to this criminal, talk with him, or enter the hall in which he was sitting… He didn't calm down until I swore to him that I hadn't known what citizenship that man held, because he was in the company of officers from all over the world, and that I myself was incapable of standing next to someone whose hands were dripping with the blood of innocent Arabs."

"These are our enemies, and our hatred towards them is rooted in our souls, and the only thing that can remove it is their departure from our lands and the purification of their defilement of our holy places!!!" [1]

[1] Al-Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), November 22, 2001.

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