April 15, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6388

Saudi Daily Slams International Community For Failing To Act Against 'Arch-Butcher' Assad, 'Whose Like Has Not Been Seen' Since Adolf Hitler

April 15, 2016
Saudi Arabia, Syria | Special Dispatch No. 6388

With the Syrian war approaching its sixth year, the Saudi government daily Al-Iqtisadiyya published a scathing editorial against the Syrian regime, comparing Bashar Al-Assad to Adolf Hitler. The daily stated that Assad was in fact worse than Hitler, since the latter never butchered and deported his own people. It also slammed the international community, and especially the U.S., for failing to act against the Syrian regime even after it attacked its own citizens with chemical weapons. The editorial claimed that "President's Obama's passivity is outrageous" and that Assad has become a mark of shame upon the brow of the entire world.  

The following are excerpts:[1]

Bashar Al-Assad (Image:

"It is difficult to decide what punishment the arch-butcher of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad, should rightly receive for the crimes he has perpetrated against his people and against the international community. Some even hold the international community itself accountable for its horrible failure to act against this arch-butcher, whose like has not been seen since the fall of Nazi Germany under the rule of Adolf Hitler. This is not surprising, when the U.N. itself confirms that the number of fatalities in Assad's war against the Syrians, and that the number of refugees and displaced persons, is larger than anything that has been seen since the Second World War. It should be noted that [even] the criminal Hitler did not kill the Germans, deport them or turn them into displaced persons. On the contrary, he started his stupid war because he regarded the German people unique and noble.

"Assad has become a mark of shame [upon the brow] of the entire world since the very first day of the sweeping popular revolution against him. Why? Because the world, and particularly the superpowers, left the defenseless Syrian people to their fate in the face of a regime that scorns humaneness, [a regime that] has proved that it is willing to sign a pact with the devil in order to spend one more day clinging to the power that it does not deserve. The world deliberately disclaimed any ability to do anything to help what was left of the Syrian people.  Though in the course of the Syrian war, there were several opportunities to intervene and seal the fate of this murderous, sectarian and barbaric regime, [the world], and especially the U.S., rushed to miss [these opportunities], for instance when it was proved that [the regime] had used chemical weapons against civilians, women and children, in the Ghouta of Damascus [in August 2013].

"Assad found his path clear, especially thanks to the aid of every kind [that he has received] from the Iranian regime since the start of the events in Syria and to this day. [The Iranian regime] dreams of taking over yet another Arab country after it has managed to take over the national decision-making positions in Iraq and in Lebanon.[2] Later, Russia [also] joined [Assad's helpers], finding the arena open to it, empty of any [rival] international superpower. It took advantage of the outrageous passivity of American President Barack Obama on this issue. Nobody wants to become entangled in a war of any kind, but [in this case] there is no choice, because the crimes perpetrated by Assad and his allies obligate the international community to intervene, not only in order to defend the Syrian people but in order to defend humanity [at large]. Since the beginning, the issue was not [merely] a local one, and everyone knows this.

"There is not a single weapon that arch-butcher of Syria has not used against the Syrians, on land, in the sea and in the air. He has used chemical weapons, barrel bombs, starvation, siege, executions, torture, expulsion and ethnic cleansing. He has turned half the Syrian people into huge bands of refugees and displaced persons, and has killed, wounded and crippled a quarter of [the Syrian people]. He has caused hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of damage, not only in Syria but also in the neighboring countries, and in most European countries as well. Syrian refugees have reached even Malaysia, China and Sudan! In the face of these crimes, what punishment [does Assad deserve]? Execution, which he surely deserves, is not enough, in the opinion of any Syrian who was tortured, expelled, deported, starved, arrested or held under siege.

"Even so, the only solution left [for the Syrian crisis] is to end this barbaric sectarian Alawite regime, which is supported by the governments of heretic countries and by gangs of mercenaries..." 



[1] Al-Iqtisadiyya (Saudi Arabia), February 24, 2016.

[2] An allusion to the positions recently taken by Lebanon and Iraq in Arab forums, when they refused to join decisions supporting Saudi Arabia and condemning Iran - especially the decision to condemn Iran for the attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran and the decision of the Arab interior ministers to designate Hizbullah a terror organization. On this, see MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis  No.1232, Lebanon's Failure To Support Saudi Arabia In Struggle With Iran Sparks Crisis Between Lebanon And Saudi-Led Gulf, March 7, 2016.

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