October 6, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1311

Saudi Daily Al-Madina Series: Reality Confirms Authenticity of Protocols of the Elders of Zion

October 6, 2006
Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 1311

Between July and October 2005, the Saudi daily Al-Madina published a series of antisemitic articles by Saudi columnist Najah Al-Zahhar, titled The Serpent Around Our Necks. The articlesargue that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion must be authentic because the current situation in the world fully corresponds to what is described in them.

The following are excerpts from the articles which are part of MEMRI's Antisemitism Documentation Project archives:

Muslims Must Be Familiar With the Protocols in Order to Know How to Defend Themselves

In the first article of the series, published July 26, 2005, Al-Zahhar explains why she chose to write about the Protocols: "These articles will prove to you [Muslim readers] beyond a doubt that you are being targeted by world Zionism, which is trying to ensnare you at every moment and in every way... Will you surrender meekly and willingly? In the eyes [of the Zionists], you are goyim... i.e. inferior to the Jews. More than that - you are inferior [even] to animals.

"Judaism regards you with contempt, makes your killing licit, and makes it licit [to harm] your religion, your honor, and your values. It has been meticulously planning and carrying out its schemes for thousands of years, and now it is trying to reap the benefits. Read in these articles about the schemes of the Zionist serpent, compare them to reality as you experience it, and you will find that [the schemes] are realized in full...

"It would be naive and careless to disregard these plots and become inured to them. [If we do so,] we would be like a man whose home and family were targeted by a thief after the thief had warned him and given him all the details [of the planned attack]. But the man ignored the warning until he suddenly saw the thief pointing a gun at his chest. At that moment, he shook off his complacency, but by then it was too late, since the thief had already squeezed the trigger. There is no doubt that we would all consider this man a complete fool and even a lunatic - and we too will be [fools and lunatics] if we do not guard ourselves against the evil of world Zionism, immunize ourselves and our children against it, and take precautions [against it], now that we have learned of its plans and aims and have seen them carried out in practice. For the sake of our children, I explain these plans in concise and simple terms so that they can study them and become familiar with them..." [1]

"The Match Between the Protocols and Real Events is The Most Convincing Proof Of Their Authenticity"

In the second article, published August 9, 2005, Al-Zahhar relates the history of the Protocols: "The Protocols were first published in Russian in 1902, and they fell into the hands of [the priest Sergei] Nilus who printed several copies. The Jews made a big commotion and went berserk, to the point where their great leader Theodor Herzl, [who is called] 'the Father of Zionism,' began to lash out and screech because of this scandal. He posted notices announcing that valuable documents had been stolen from the 'holy of holies,' [and that these documents] must be concealed from all those who are not their owners, including prominent Jewish [leaders], since their premature publication would expose the Jews around the world to terrible catastrophes.

"The Jews all over [the world] hurried to declare that the Protocols had not been written by them, and that they were a forgery [created] with the intention of harming them. But their outcry was to no avail. Nobody believed them, since the match between the Protocols and real events is the most convincing proof of their authenticity...

"The Jews made every effort to defend themselves and their damaged reputation. In every city, they began to buy copies of the Protocols at any price, using their gold and their women, and [also using] threats and [exploiting] the influence of their organizations and leaders in the countries of Europe...

"Despite the tireless efforts of the Jews to conceal the Protocols, they became widespread in France, Italy and Poland after World War I, when it became evident that that [the Jews] had had a role in causing [the outbreak of the war]..." [2]

Zionism's Principles and Methods of Operation, According to the Protocols

In her August 30 article, Al-Zahhar wrote: "Through a survey of some of the mottos of Zionism as they appear in the Protocols, we can understand the Zionist way of thinking - its principles, aims, and means of taking over the world:

"1. Imposing the principle of force through violence and terrorism. The logic underlying this principle is [as following]:

"The best way to take over the world is by violence and terrorism, and not by means of scholarly discussions... Our motto should be 'any means of violence and deception.' Political victory is achieved through power alone, since only the strongest survive. The aim justifies the means: In formulating our plans, we must disregard what is good and moral and consider [only] what is necessary and useful... Politics are not compatible with morality. A ruler who is restricted by morality is not a capable politician.

"2. Spreading divisive [views] in society: In order to ensure its control of public opinion, [Zionism] spread divisive views... in order to generate confusion and uncertainty among the public...

"3. Acquaintance with the nation's characteristics and tendencies: World Zionism does not undertake any random action. It conducts meticulous studies, investing funds and efforts, in order to ensure that its plans are compatible to the time, place, and environment in which they would be implemented...

"4. Contempt for the mentality of [other] peoples: World Zionism has contempt for the mentality of [other] peoples. In its opinion, all people have a bestial mentality, whereas [the Zionists] alone are rational, which is why it is essential that they rule the world..." [3]

Zionism Strives to Destroy All Faiths and Religions Except for Judaism

In her September 29 article, Al-Zahhar declared that one of the Zionist plans is to "corrupt the faiths, fight them, undermine them and cause people to doubt [their religious beliefs]. [The Zionists achieve this] by supporting any scientific and philosophical principle, doctrine or school of thought and exploiting them to promote their own interests. The Jew will adopt any principle, religion or citizenship if it benefits the Jews...

"Zionism seeks to destroy all religious beliefs so that only Judaism will remain... [It] believes that religions have a great impact on nations [since] they call for genuine love and peace, causing everyone to live in harmony and security. But this is contrary to [the Zionists'] plans, and they consequently regard it as essential to banish religion from people's hearts and immerse them in material life...

"One of the ways to undermine religion is to undermine the status of the religious clerics in all other countries - so that the public will disdain them and their influence will diminish - and to restrict the role [of the clerics] to narrow and marginal areas in [people's] lives..." [4]

During the Month of Ramadan, Zionist Activity to Corrupt Nations Intensifies

In her October 4 article, Al-Zahhar wrote: "During the month of Ramadan, the forces of evil come together to produce temptations and amusements in the form of plays, TV [series] and music festivals in order to extinguish the light of Allah in the hearts [of the believers]...

"The [Zionist] serpent has understood that the best way to paralyze the nations and rob them of their senses is to drown them in a sea of [worldly] pleasures, which render them oblivious to what goes on around them. It has spread sexual [licentiousness] by various means of temptation, such as... licentious [TV] programs and series, lewd stories and obscene songs, spreading of prostitution... drugs, alcoholism and other things that debilitate the brain - all with the aim of taking over the world...

"During [Ramadan], world Zionism allows the Jewish women to seduce young men. Moreover, it regards this [behavior] as a help and a service to Judaism. The Jewish women do this to satisfy their own lust, but also as soldiers serving in the Zionist ranks...

"[However,] vile world Zionism did not wish its future state, of which it dreamed, to be based on this corruption, since it was aware of the dangers [that this would pose]. Therefore [the Protocols state that] it will be forbidden in the [Zionist] state [for women] to reveal their face and be immodest..." [5]

Zionism Corrupts Society Through Education

In her October 19 article, Al-Zahhar wrote: "World Zionism is well aware of the power of education institutions to instill cultured and enlightened views and to shape ideas and beliefs. Consequently, it focuses on these institutions, and especially on universities, which [educate] young minds that are regarded as the pillars of society. If it succeeds in corrupting these young minds, it can control society [as a whole].

"The Zionist scheme of taking over the education [system] starts in preschools, but since it is implemented by university graduates, it addresses [universities] and focuses on [university] graduates. [The Zionists] decided to change the universities and the makeup [of their staff], and to implement secret plans to infiltrate all societies, to be carried out by university lecturers carefully handpicked [for this task]. [They also strive] to control the curricula, with the aim of alienating people from their past and their heritage...

"Zionism also feels the need to fill the curricula with new false theories and philosophies regarding all spheres of life... [It achieves this] by employing newfangled methods that tempt the mind and cause [people] to despise anything that is old...

"These Zionists statements force us to pause and consider every step we take in developing the education [system] and curricula..." [6]

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