May 31, 2003 Special Dispatch No. 513

Saudi Daily Accuses the U.S. of State Terrorism

May 31, 2003
Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 513

In an article published in the Saudi daily Okaz on May 27, 2003, Dr. Ayman Habid accused the United States of endorsing terrorism. The following are excerpts from the article: [1]

"Terrorism remains an American product. Were it not for the blood spilled as a direct result of terrorist acts committed by the United States all over the world, American blood as well as much innocent blood in many places would have been spared. In the flood of American accusations that do not spare countries, institutions, or individuals, it is our right to ask about crimes committed by various American and Western bodies, including armed extremist organizations that target Arabs and Muslims under various pretexts, one being upholding freedom."

"This has become part of the ceaseless war against those identified as Arab or Muslim. Jerry Falwell, as well as the organization he represents, is known for his anti-Arab and anti-Muslim diatribes and provocative actions…"

"Another anti-Arab and anti-Islamic terrorist, Pat Robertson, fully supports Israel's occupation of Arab lands. Such terrorist tendencies are part of Western absolute and unreserved support for the Zionist entity and its crimes in the occupied Palestinian lands. Western religious establishments continue to support and bless Israel's occupation of Jerusalem. Homegrown terrorism flourishes in the United States where crime rates are the highest in the world."

"Crime is common in American schools from elementary to university level. In one year, American schools reported 1,200 assaults with deadly weapons, not to mention cases involving rape and sexual harassment. A country with 230 million weapons has become a vast prison with over two million people behind bars. The cowboy culture is dominant and every day 125 people — including 20 children — are killed. American youth have committed 2,428 terrorist operations involving gangs and militia members who are active all over the country. To this are added 40 terrorist and extremist organizations." "Terrorism is terrorism, whether domestic or foreign, and terrorists are united by their animosity toward the other. The culture of violence is the result of policies of hegemony. This was evident from what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq."

[1] Okaz (Saudi Arabia), May 27, 2003; in Arab News.

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