March 17, 2004 No.

Saudi Columnist: 'The Creed that Sanctions Blowing Up Worshippers in Mosques … Should Be Declared the Public Enemy of Humanity'

Numerous articles in the Arab press have criticized the U.S. and world Zionism for every misfortune that befalls the Middle East. The following article, written in the Saudi English-language Arab News by columnist Muhammad Al-Rasheed, criticized Arabs for blaming the U.S. for the terror attacks in Karbala and Baghdad. The following is the article : [1]

Terrorists in Iraq Are More Barbarous Than Saddam

"Just when we seem to have moved a step forward, something happens to make us take ten steps back. Sacrificial blood in Karbala and Baghdad is nothing new but the latest atrocity on the most sacred day for the Shia was a criminal act of monstrous proportions. The carnage and the spectacle were on a scale not seen since the last sacking of Karbala over a century ago.

"The perpetrators have an agenda more vicious than anything Saddam could have dreamed up. Saddam killed and maimed to maintain his rule by brute force. These people kill and maim to turn people against each other and to satisfy a bloodlust based on elitism in theological terms. In other words, they want to win in this world and go to heaven in the next. I don't think Saddam was that optimistic; otherwise, the Americans would not have found him alive in a hole."

'Arabs Blame Others and Shun the Facts'

"What is overwhelming, however, is the reaction while the blood is still hot and streaming down the streets of Iraq. A few Shia clerics, including prominent ones in Lebanon, have declared that America is to blame for this atrocity. How so, pray tell? 'It did not provide security,' is the answer. Mind you, this America is the one the same the Shia are now talking to so they can finally govern themselves for the first time in 1400 years. If I were a Shia and from Iraq, I'd pray to the Almighty that America remained in Iraq until the country was stable and on its feet again. Otherwise, the Karbala massacre will be just a trailer for the full version of an unbelievable horror show."

'Shia and Sunni Know Perfectly Well Who the Perpetrators [of the Karbala Massacres] Are'

"My point, however, is not America's role. It is something I have written about many times: the Arab tendency to blame others and shun the facts. Shia and Sunni know perfectly well who the perpetrators are. There might be 'foreign fighters' responsible for this, but foreign and Iraqi members of this group come under the heading of 'Arab.' They also come under the sub-title of 'theological elitism' – my own euphemism for what cannot be spelled out in print.

"Shouldn't the Shia clerics name names and point fingers in the right direction? We are sick and tired of this kind of behavior. We honestly have had enough of it and cannot blame the world for looking at us and wondering if we retain any shred of humanity. The creed that sanctions blowing up worshipers in mosques (or any other religious venue for that matter, including office buildings since Islam says that work is worship) should be declared the public enemy of humanity. The UN should vote on that publicly and let us count the votes and identify those who vote against the motion."

[1] Arab News (Saudi Arabia), March 11, 2004.