July 16, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8172

S-400 Delivery To Turkey – AKP Mouthpiece Yeni Safak Columnist: We Must Avoid Rendering Turkey Dependent On Russia, Moscow Cannot Act Independently From The Jewish Forces And May Push Us Into A Trap

July 16, 2019
Russia, Turkey | Special Dispatch No. 8172

On July 12, 2019, deliveries of Russian S-400 missile defense systems to Turkey began. Turkish writer Yusuf Kaplan commented on the delivery in the Turkish daily newspaper Yeni Safak, known for its hardline support of the ruling AKP Party, that the acquisition of the S-400 systems represents an important step in Turkey’s fight for independence and its future.

Kaplan also added that Turkey must make strategic agreements with Russia and develop cooperation security projects to balance the "sinister" relations Turkey established with the U.S. and EU countries. However, Kaplan also warned the Turkish government to avoid taking steps that will render Turkey overly dependent on Russia.

According to Kaplan, Russia cannot act independently of Israel and the "Jewish forces" and following the directives of the "lords of the global system" that Turkey is challenging may ensnare Turkey at any moment.

Below is Kaplan's article:[1]

(Source: Turkish Defense Ministry)

Yusuf Kaplan (Source:

We Must Make Strategic Agreements With Russia To Balance The Sinister Relations We Established With The U.S. And EU Countries

"At a time when discussions such as, 'Has it arrived, is it going to come or not, pigs will fly if they do,' have escalated, the S-400s started to arrive following President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s firm and determined statement, 'I am not saying the S-400s will be bought, I am saying they have already been purchased.'

"May it be for the best. May God multiply our power and protect our country!

"This may be considered as an important step in Turkey’s fight for independence and the future.

"Had we been manufacturing such weapons, we could have more easily made this statement, and said these weapons are an extremely important step, a milestone in Turkey’s fight for independence.

"The manufacture of the weapons not being ours will still certainly not decrease the importance of this powerful defense system.

"Hopefully we too will have such defense systems and we can produce them in the near future.

"Because we need to see that Turkey has made a revolution in the defense industry in the last decade. As I discussed this often in my previous articles, I am not touching on the matter in as much detail this time round.

"The timing of the arrival of the S-400s coinciding with the anniversary of July 15 is an extremely important message to the West and its satellite states.

"The location being determined as Akıncı Air Base, one of the headquarters of the July 15, 2016 coup and invasion attempt is similarly a very strong message both to the West, their treacherous satellites, and Russia.

"Why do I say it is a message to the Russians?

"Because the Russians have settled in the region, in our south. We must make such strategic agreements with Russians and develop cooperation projects for our security – to balance the sinister, challenging relations we established with the U.S. and EU countries, which are a threat to Turkey’s independence.

"However, Russia must also pay attention to always establishing careful relations, and we must take care to avoid taking steps that will render Turkey dependent on Russia this time.

Jewish Forces Are Paving The Path For Russia


"Even if it doesn’t owe us its presence in the region, Russia – in a way – owes the legitimacy of its existence to us.

"So, to whom does Russia owe its presence in the region?

"To Israel and the Jewish forces in the U.S.

"Russia cannot and will not take an inch of a step independently from Israel and the Jewish forces.

"Those paving the path for Russia are the Jewish forces in Israel and the U.S.

"You need to know this very well. And I tell our country’s administrations to never overlook the 'secret hand' of the Israeli and Jewish forces in our relations with Russia.

"It might seem paranoiac, but we have no other choice: Turkey challenged the global system twice as of the 'one minute' incident in Davos.[2]

"They are seeking ways to exact vengeance against Turkey and Erdoğan.

"To achieve this, they want a Turkey without Erdoğan, or a Turkey in which the AK Party is divided[3] and hence an uncertain Turkey whose ropes are in their hands and can be easily controlled.

"During this process, we must be careful and think that Turkey could be pushed into a trap any moment by Russia, through the directives of the lords of the global system.

"The S-400s are important, but this is no less important than the S-400s.

"Could Turkey face a strategic – or even military – attack by NATO or an American embargo?

"U.S. President Donald Trump’s statements on this subject are not binding. We need to carefully follow the Congress, Pentagon, the Jewish force, and hence the U.S. deep state, and take our measures accordingly and be prepared for everything.

"In a nutshell, the S-400s are going to have a deterrent function in terms of thwarting attacks aimed at our country. But this situation should not lead us to be dependent on Russia again. Turkey has been applying the strategy I call active balance strategy for three years. The active balance policy and the multiple choice foreign policy strategy will save us from being dependent on this or that power."


[1], July 14, 2019.

[2] At the 2009 Davos Summit, Erdogan was responding to Israel's former president Shimon Peres, who blamed the recent fighting in Gaza on Hamas. A moderator cut him off, saying the debate had run over its allotted time. Erdogan patted the moderator on the arm until he was granted one more minute to respond., January 30, 2009.

[3] Erdogan's former economics czar, Ali Babacan, has announced his intention to form a new party and is supported by former president Abdullah Gul., July 11, 2019.

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