November 13, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7759

Russia's Reactions To The US Midterm Elections: Russia's Interest Is To Prolong The Confrontation Between Nationalists And Globalists For Many Years

November 13, 2018
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 7759

Russian commentators noted that the outcome of the US midterm elections is an optimal development for the Russia. Mikhail Remizov, president of the Institute of National Strategy, emphasized that an exacerbation of the internal conflict between Republicans and Democrats is in Russia's interest, since it diminishes the capacity of the Trump administration to act. In a similar spirit, Boris Mezhuev, a columnist for the Crimean press outlet noted that Russia is interested in a prolonged confrontation between 'Nationalists' (Trump) and the "globalists" (represented by the Democrats and the "trans-Atlantic elites"). Mezhuev believes that an institutional confrontation will provide Russia with a much needed breathing space that Russia can hofepully exploit.

Below is an overview of reactions to the US midterm elections:

(, November 7, 2018)

Russian Expert Remizov: The Results Of The Midterm Election Are The Optimal Development For Russia

Mikhail Remizov, president of the Institute of National Strategy, stated:

"The results of the midterm election are the optimal development for Russia, taking into account a scenario where various parts of the American political elites will block each other and will be primarily occupied with the internal issues. Thus what [we can expect] is an exacerbation of an internal conflict and a diminished capacity for action by the current administration."

(, November 7, 2018)

Crimean Columnist Mezhuev Comments On The Fight Between Nationalists And Globalists

Boris Mezhuev, a columnist for Crimean press outlet, commented on the American midterm elections from the perspective of Russia's interests:

"Our interest, on a global scale, does not consist of a victory of 'nationalism' [Trump] over 'globalism' [trans-Atlantic elites] in the worlds scene, just as it does not consist of a victory for the 'globalists' over the 'nationalists', our [real] interest is that this confrontation should stretch out for many long years, while stifling our foreign partners' resolve and blunting their ability to act confidently, shamelessly and aggressively…

"When the Alien fights the Predator, the normal people's goal is that there should be no clear-cut winner in this struggle… Possibly, [a] recurring institutional confrontation will give Russia a breathing space that Russia at last can exploit."

(, November 5, 2018)

Russian Academic Domrin: Nothing Good Will Come For Russia

Aleksandr Domrin, professor at the Higher School of Economics, commented:

"The Democrats and the Republicans were and will remain Russophobes. If any bipartisan consensus exists in the US it is anti-Russian, anti-Chinese and anti-Iranian. So nothing good will come of it for Russia. Democrats treat Russia even worse than the Republicans".

(, November 7, 2018)

Russian Expert Suslov: The Democrats Will Seek To Hinder The Provision Of Funds For A New Arms Race

The Deputy Director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies at Russia's Higher School of Economics Dmitry Suslov stated: "The only possible change in the foreign policy is that the Democrats will take advantage of their majority in the House of Representatives seeking to hinder the provision of funds for a new arms race."

(, November 7, 2018)

Senator Kosachev: There Was No Sensation

Konstantin Kosachev, the chair of the Russian Federation Council's Foreign Affairs Committee, opined:

"There was no sensation. The outcome of the elections is in line with the main forecasts. Naturally, both [parties] will try to present the outcome as their victory. But I'm afraid that the US political system will be among the losers, becoming even more misbalanced and unpredictable, up to attempts to launch the impeachment procedure."

(, November 7, 2018)

Kremlin Spokesperson Peskov: Russia Has Never Interfered In Electoral Processes In Any Country

Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov reiterated that Russia has never meddled in electoral processes in any country. Peskov stated: "Despite all the phobias affecting the US, Russia has never interfered in electoral processes in any country, including the United States, and has no intention to do it in the future."

(, November 7, 2018)

Russian MFA Spokesperson Zakharova Mocks The US For Accusing Russia To Meddle In Other Countries' Elections

Russian MFA Spokesperson Maria Zakharova wrote on her personal FB account:

"… Democrats have guaranteed themselves the lower house, while the Republicans have kept the upper one. It's interesting how the latest voting results will be interpreted by the US politicians.

Possible variants:

  1. "It's all because of Russian hackers, because otherwise both houses would have been ours (appropriate for representatives of both parties).
  2. "The elections were held without any Russian hackers interference (Republicans will explain: 'It's because we asked them not to meddle', while the Democrats will add: 'that is because we pressured the Republicans').

"Is it possible that this time the Russian hackers have not 'bluntly meddled' but 'played it out with finesse'?"


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