September 22, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10224

Russian State Duma Member Andrey Gurulev: We Shouldn't Nuke Ukraine Because We Still Need To Live There, But We Can Nuke Berlin And Turn Britain Into A Martian Wasteland In Just Three Minutes

September 22, 2022
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 10224

Russian State Duma member Andrey Gurulev said in a September 18, 2022 interview on the state-run Russia-1 TV that Russia shouldn't launch a nuclear attack against Ukraine because "we still have to live there". Instead, he said that Russia should strike Germany and Britain with nuclear weapons. He also said that it would be useless for NATO to invoke Article 5, as U.S. President Biden has suggested, if Russia turns the British Isles into a "Martian wasteland" in three minutes. In addition, he said that Russia should not be worried about NATO retaliation and that only an offensive attack can grant Russian victory. It is noteworthy this interview was also posted on the neo-Nazi "Misanthropic Division 2.0" Telegram channel, which referred to Gurulev with the word "kartaviy", which is a derogatory term for Jews.

To view the clip Russian Duma member Andrey Gurulev click here or below:

We Can Target "Decision-Making Centers" Like Berlin, The British Isles

Andrey Gurulev: "The analysts [in the U.S.] are not bad, right? Essentially, what are they saying? That we will use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Well, we may use them, but not in Ukraine. We still have to live there. And we must talk about this today, so that the satisfied, well-fed German Bürger, whose ass is already starting to freeze, in this coming winter...

"[They] must clearly understand that if the decision-making centers are hit... And what is this decision-making center? Berlin? Correct? Isn't that the main one? This will not only cause his house to freeze, but will bring total chaos and disorganization throughout the entire country, essentially causing its demise.

"When Biden says there will be a reaction, 'We have Article 5...' Well, if the British Isles can be turned into a Martian wasteland in three minutes with tactical operational weapons that don't have engaging strategic capabilities, then, of course, you can deploy Article 5, but for whom? For a non-existent state that has been turned into Martian desert? They won't retaliate with anything. And there is no need to be afraid of that.

"Only An Offensive On The Battlefield Can Grant Us Victory"

"If we compare the [combat] potential of Russia and NATO — NATO's military potential is three times higher. With this potential, we can confidently defend ourselves. But we cannot attack. Only an offensive on the battlefield can grant us victory.

"And in case, God forbid, if the NATO troops get there... We must talk about this. God forbid they'll get there. Then this option should be considered. We shouldn't be afraid and ashamed, [NATO] should know about it. They should learn this well, sit with their tail between their legs, and keep yapping."

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