May 10, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 9956

Russian Populist Columnist Popov: In Demolishing Monuments To Soviet War Dead, Ukraine Is Siding With 'Sanitized' Fascism Of 'Credit Slavery,' 'LGBT Ideas'

May 10, 2022
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 9956

Moskovskiy Komsomolets columnist Dmitry Popov, an ardent supporter of the war, claims that Ukraine's decision to demolish the monuments commemorating the Soviet soldiers who died in order to defeat Nazism in World War II proves that Ukraine has sided with the new Nazism. This is no longer the Nazism of the Hitlerite variety. There are no concentration and slave labor camps ringed with barbed wire and patrolled by snarling dogs. The new fascism is repackaged and sanitized but is no less an unadulterated evil, even though it relies on credit slavery and inculcating LGBT ideas. It wants to ensure that the West and its "golden billion" continue to live a life of luxury at the expense of the Russian and other peoples. Just as the Russian soldier blocked the path of the old Nazism, he will know have to stand in the way of the new Nazism.

Popov's op.ed. follows below:[1]

Demolishing monument to Soviet Soldiers in Ukraine (Source:

"Ukraine is demolishing monuments to Soviet soldiers. This is not simple vandalism. There is a sacred meaning behind these acts of destruction. It’s a choice, a marking of one’s side in a global conflict, whose hot phase is underway on our soil.

"It may prove difficult, but one can detect a logic (however sick and erroneous it may be) to the demolition by Ukrainian nationalists of anything related to Russian history and culture. Residents of the periphery are seeing what is fashionable today in Parisian operas and on Broadway. And there it’s fashionable to avoid everything Russian, to expunge things that are Russian from the cultural code of humanity.

"And that means [think the Ukrainians] that we are not worse than them [the Russians], we have our own history and culture, such as the digging up of the Black Sea by the ancient Ukrainians.” That is why the Pushkin and Gorky monuments are falling apart, while streets named after Leo Tolstoy and Pyotr Tchaikovsky are disappearing. Simulacrum is emerging in their place. After all, Ukraine has no history and culture of its own, but only one in common with Russia. And the attempt at separation is a difficulty of puberty in the artificial body called 'Ukrainianism.'

"What is the logic behind the demolition of monuments to Soviet soldiers, you ask? It might seem that it’s just that they don’t want have anything to do with the communist regime. But that is not the case.

"Was World War II a war between capitalism and communism? Was France communist or was England Soviet? It was a war against unconditionally unadulterated evil, for universal human values: freedom, equality, and yes, for life itself. Soviet soldiers were on the side of that struggle. They brought to the world freedom, equality and life itself, sometimes at the cost of their own lives. They defended the right of man to be human, not a bonded animal, serving “supermen” [ubermenschen].

"Now, what they didn’t dare to disguise before (i.e. bald fascism, racial theory), they wrapped up in a beautiful package. But the essence remains the same. No one builds concentration camps, equipped with barbed wire, German shepherds and machine guns; no one is forcing people to slave labor. No one conducts open experiments to sterilize unwanted ethnic groups. Simply speaking the idea of the 'golden billion'[2] is brought to life on a new level: credit slavery, digital GULAG, man's degeneration by inculcating him with LGBT-ideas. The very same unadulterated evil has been repackaged, and now calls itself either a “progressive liberal idea” or the “civilized world.” And once again the Russian soldier has to stand in its way.

"Thus, the demolition of the monument to the Soviet liberator is not simply a betrayal of the ancestors, or a lack of gratitude towards them. It signifies a choice of sides in the conflict, which is actually a spiritual one it is a conflict of values."

Dmitry Popov (Source:


[1], May 5, 2022.

[2] A term popular in the Russian world that is based on the Malthusian idea that the earth's resources cannot afford a high standard of living for everyone and therefore comfort is limited to the Western "golden billion", while the rest – Russia included are kept down. The idea has spread to people such as Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of Russia's security council. See MEMRI SD No 9952,. Putin Alter Ego Patrushev: West's 'Empire Of Lies' Aims To Destroy Russia, May 9, 2022.

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