January 11, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11076

Russian Media Outlet Celebrates Visit Of Indian Minister of External Affairs To Russia: 'Modi Wants To See Putin, U.S. Fails To Steal India Away From Russia'

January 11, 2024
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 11076

On January 8, 2024, the website of the Russian TV channel Tsargrad published an article titled "Modi Wants To See Putin. U.S. Fails To Steal India Away From Russia" discussing the recent five-day visit of Indian Minister of External Affairs Subrahmanyam Jaishankar to Russia, in which he visited both Moscow and St. Petersburg, from December 25-29, 2023.[1] During the visit, Jaishankar reportedly met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Denis Manturov.

The top-level officials discussed many aspects of the relations between the two countries, including Russian help in the development of a nuclear power plant in India, the manufacture of Russian military and technological products in India, increasing trade generally, and the development of various trade routes, including the North-South international transport corridor, the Northern Sea Route, and the Chennai-Vladivostok Route. The article hailed the visit: "The visit of Jaishankar was marked by this. He removed all questions and doubts actively fueled by the West that India is ready to turn away from Russia and go with the United States."
Negotiations between Indian Minister of External Affairs Jaishankar and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. (photo: Russian Foreign Ministry)

Following is a translation of the article:

Indian Prime Minister Narendra "Modi Is 'Very Keen' To Visit Russia In 2024... Relations Between The Two Countries Have Grown Rapidly And Steadily"

"Russia and India have shown to the world that the West's vigorous attempts to drive a wedge between Moscow and New Delhi under the pretext of the Ukrainian war failed utterly in 2023.

"This was clearly demonstrated by the five-day (!) visit of Indian Minister of External Affairs Subrahmanyam Jaishankar to Russia (at the very end of last year). During this political marathon, Jaishankar held talks with Denis Manturov, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and Minister of Industry and Trade, in the format of a meeting of the co-chairmen of the India-Russia Inter-Governmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific, Technological and Cultural Cooperation. He met Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov with whom he discussed current 'bilateral, multilateral and international issues' in a spirit of full mutual understanding.

"The Indian minister was received by Russian President Vladimir Putin, to whom he conveyed 'best wishes' from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his personal message. According to India's Minister of External Affairs, Modi is 'very keen' to visit Russia in 2024.

"'I am sure we will find a suitable date that will be convenient for both sides in terms of their political calendar. Of course, he is looking forward to interacting with you,' Jaishankar told Putin.

"Mentioning the continued growth in trade turnover, which surpassed a record $50 billion in 2023, Jaishankar cited nuclear cooperation as an important aspect of India-Russia cooperation. He mentioned, in particular, the agreements signed during the visit, 'which will help further develop the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant project.'

"We are talking about the newest and already functioning nuclear power plant in the south of India, which Russia is upgrading by increasing the number of power plant blocks. The nuclear power plant is scheduled to reach full capacity in 2027.

"'We will be happy to see our friend, Mr. Prime Minister Modi, in Russia,' Putin said in response to the Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs. The President asked Jaishankar to convey to Modi 'the best wishes' and an invitation to come to Russia.

"'We will be able to discuss all current issues, talk about the prospects for the development of Russian-Indian relations. We have a very large amount of work,' he noted."

"The Visit Of Jaishankar Was Marked By This: He Removed All Questions And Doubts Actively Fueled By The West That India Is Ready To Turn Away From Russia And Go With The United States"

"During his stay in Russia, the Indian minister visited St. Petersburg in addition to Moscow, met with representatives of the Indian diaspora, as well as political analysts. Ahead of the visit, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs pointed out in a statement: 'The time-honored partnership between India and Russia remains stable and sustainable and continues to be characterized by the spirit of a distinctive and privileged strategic partnership.'

"The visit of Jaishankar was marked by this. He removed all questions and doubts actively fueled by the West that India is ready to turn away from Russia and go with the United States. Tsargrad TV has always exposed this Western propaganda rubbish, which was happily picked up by our fifth column, trying to create an impression of Russia's isolation in the eyes of the public, to embarrass the Kremlin and force it to bow to the West, to surrender. The reality is now obvious to anyone who uses his head for more than just eating.

"Jaishankar's visit clearly showed that despite the fact that Putin and Modi did not meet face-to-face in 2023, relations between the two countries have grown rapidly and steadily. At the same time, India was and is being intimidated by Western sanctions. Plus, vicious propaganda campaigns in the West to intimidate the Indian prime minister have not subsided.

"To this end, Modi was and is accused of corruption, harassment of Muslims and even assassinations of political opponents abroad (the fact that they were terrorists does not confuse the Westerners — they love and breed 'good', 'right' terrorists). And he has also been seduced by the prospects of technological and military cooperation with the United States, hoping to tear India away from Russia, to pit it against China with its ally and India's existential enemy Pakistan."

Putin: "Our Trade Turnover Is Growing For The Second Year In A Row And At A Steady Pace... In The First Nine Months Of This Year, We Exceeded The Entire Volume Of Last Year's Growth"

"As a longtime Indologist (since 1976, when I joined the Institute of Asian and African Studies and lived in India for about five years), I personally have never doubted that the West would not succeed in destroying Russian-Indian relations. And here are fresh examples.

"'Our trade turnover is growing for the second year in a row and at a steady pace. This year it is growing even faster than last year,' Putin stated during his meeting with Jaishankar. And he gave a particular example: 'In the first nine months of this year, we exceeded the entire volume of last year's growth. This is, of course, due to energy carriers, primarily oil, petroleum products, and coal. But not only that, we are also working in high-tech areas.'

"This has been achieved, according to the President, 'despite all the turbulence in the world.' The President made it clear: Moscow appreciates that with the help of India in the first place, Russia managed to change the structure of its oil exports with minimal costs under the conditions of Western sanctions.

"'I must say that in general we are doing well. Apparently, with your direct support,' said Putin, referring to Jaishankar. The president is absolutely right: the Indian Minister of External Affairs is a sincere and proven friend of Russia. There are always problems in relations between any countries, but with friends they can be solved to mutual benefit.

"Opening the talks with his Indian colleague and friend, Lavrov noted the similarity of the two countries' positions regarding the UN, respect for its charter in its entirety and interconnectedness, as well as the dialog of states in BRICS, SCO, G20.

"'The countries are interested in building an international political and economic system that is open and fair for all,' Lavrov added. He emphasized: 'We are reliable partners.'

"Jaishankar stated in response: 'Our relations have been very strong and stable (in the past year). I think we have met the status of a distinct and privileged strategic partnership.'

"The Indian Foreign Minister recalled the participation of Indian representatives in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and the Eastern Economic Forum, the negotiations of the India-Russia Inter-Governmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific, Technological and Cultural Cooperation. He also pointed to the resumption of negotiations between India and the Eurasian Economic Union on a free trade agreement in the first half of January 2024.

"'We are very happy to see continued progress. We look forward to broad Russian participation in the Vibrant Gujarat Summit in January, including governors from the Far East,' Jaishankar said. During his talks with Manturov, he discussed cooperation in trade, investment, finance and banking, transportation and logistics, energy and food security.

"Following the talks with Jaishankar, Lavrov said: 'We have agreed on a number of steps that will allow us to expand cooperation, including in the context of the upcoming launch of the North-South international transport corridor, the creation of the Chennai-Vladivostok route and cooperation in the development of the Northern Sea Route, this is a very promising area.'

"Lavrov reiterated Russia's support for India's accession to the UN Security Council and praised what he called 'the triumph of Indian diplomacy' at the G20 summit in New Delhi for refusing to bow to the West and reflecting the 'balance of interests' of all participants in the final document."

"Lavrov Said That Russia Is Ready To Manufacture Military And Technological Products Through The 'Make In India' Program"

"Touching upon the topic of military cooperation (most of India's weapons systems are Russian or Soviet-made), Lavrov said that Russia is ready to manufacture military and technological products through the 'Make in India' program. Moscow, he said, understands why such a program has emerged, supports it and is 'ready to interact in this matter.' Moreover, it 'respects India's diversification of ties' in this sphere.

"This calls for a certain clarification. Given its own military tasks and needs, Russia simply cannot satisfy all of India's requests in this area today. Therefore, if India sees something interesting for itself and buys some weapons it likes from other countries and establishes joint production with them, Russia does not mind, as it has never wanted to hold back India's development in any sphere or endanger its security for selfish reasons. New Delhi certainly appreciates this approach, which distinguishes us from the Americans and other Westerners: Russians are not a dog in the manger, we have always helped, not hindered India.

"Moreover, Lavrov noted, there are 'prospects for military and technological cooperation, including joint production of modern weapons,' and 'there is a definite movement forward here, too.' The Russian Foreign Minister emphasized that 'in this direction, our interaction... is of strategic nature, its deepening corresponds to the national interests of our states, to the interests of maintaining security on the Eurasian continent.'

"At a joint press conference with Lavrov following the talks, Jaishankar expressed confidence that a summit between India and Russia would be held in 2024, adding:

"'The tradition of annual bilateral meetings between our leaders is something we cherish very much. And as an eyewitness to such meetings over the last 10 years, I can attest to their immense value.'

"Jaishankar emphasized that the two countries have a strong relationship both at the level of leaders and between civil societies. 'We have a positive attitude towards each other and I think it is a rich source of strength for this relationship,' he said."

"India Helped Russia A Lot In 2023 And Intends To Develop Bilateral Relations In 2024, Especially If Modi And His BJP Party Win The General Parliamentary Elections"

"Among other interesting statements by the Indian minister, I would like to mention the following: Trade between the two countries is now 'more balanced, sustainable.' 'In energy, we have a sustainable relationship both in terms of Indian investments in Russian oil and gas, which we are looking to expand, and also in terms of the nuclear sector.' And there also were such noteworthy statements:

"1. The North-South corridor project 'is in line with both our interests and the interests of the entire global economy, it is among our top priorities.'

"2. 'We discussed issues related to civil aviation and tourism. We hope to see more Russian tourists in India.'

"Summing up, Jaishankar summarized: 'India-Russia relations remain robust and stable. They are based on strategic proximity, on geopolitical interest, and on the fact that they are mutually beneficial... The dialogue has been very good. Minister Lavrov and I have met regularly this year. This is a natural interaction between two countries that have such a long history of close cooperation.'

"Summarizing the development of relations between Russia and India in 2023, when the West was blackmailing Moscow's friends with Ukraine and the US was also tempting New Delhi economically and militarily, one comes to an unambiguous conclusion. India, after carefully considering everything, decided not to be seduced and not to betray its old friend.

"In fact, India helped Russia a lot in 2023 and intends to develop bilateral relations in 2024, especially if Modi and his BJP party win the general parliamentary elections. Putin has wished him success in this, and that is likely to happen. But the Russian president is also right in his hope that 'whatever the balance of political forces, the traditional friendly ties between our countries and peoples will be preserved.'"


[1], January 8, 2024.

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