January 21, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 9731

Russian Legislator Fedorov Recommends Nuking Nevada To Convince U.S. That Russia Is Serious

January 21, 2022
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 9731

Dr. Yevgeny Fedorov, a member of the Duma's Economic committee, from the ruling United Russia Party, recommended dropping a nuclear weapon on an American base in Nevada to show the US that Russia was serious. He made this suggestion on the "National Agenda" Youtube channel.

Fedorov made the following comments on the channel:

"They [the West] proceed from the fact that Putin has no trump cards in his hand (due to oligarchs and etc.), that's why he makes tough statements, but has no means to realize them."

"So, until there will be a physical demonstration of [Moscow's] determination, they will perceive the positions of Russia and its president as [a mere] bluff... Thus they need a demonstration. The most convincing demonstration is when America's Defense Department facilities are physically destroyed. I'm talking about such facilities, for which international law grants us right to destroy them. For instance, these could be the very same laboratories that produce COVID-19, or we could demonstratively strike the test range in Nevada with a ballistic missile."

"Naturally there will be no way back after firing such a missile."

"In this war we shouldn't threaten strikes or an offensive on Ukraine but damage to the US territory."

"If we create risks for the US territory, say, a risk of 10,000 casualties from a strike by even some weak missile, then the US will perceive this as a threat [that could inflict]f 10 million casualties." [1]

Fedorov qualified his suggestion by adding that he was talking about a strike on a test range located in the US state of Nevada, where there are no civilians. Additionally, the military personnel at the test range could be warned several days in advance, so that the demonstration of force wouldn't cause any casualties.

Yevgeny Fedorov (Source: Rbc.rj)

Some of his fellow legislators pushed back on Fedorov's comments.

The Deputy Chairman of the Duma Defense Committee, Yury Shvytkin urged his fellow [United Russia] party deputy to refrain from making statements about a pre-emptive nuclear attack on the US. Interviewed by Shvytkin claimed that Russia possesses more effective means of influencing the US and other NATO member-states.

"I believe one should refrain from making such statements. Especially at this stage, when we haven't yet received legally-verified written response to our proposals, to our demands. Another thing is that today nuclear strikes are not our way of doing things, regardless of whether it will be targeted at test range or somewhere else. I'm sure that we possess military-technical responses of different nature to the [NATO] position, (or, to be more accurate), the lack of a sound position from the alliance member-states. These responses will be more painful and more long-lasting [than a nuclear strike]," said the deputy.

Vladimir Dzhabarov, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs, claimed that Federov's suggestion was inconsequential as  only President Vladimir Putin could make the decision to launch a nuclear strike.

"I never comment on deputies or fellow senators. It seems unethical to me. I just want to state that only one person can pass such decisions, i.e. the Supreme Commander-in-Chief," [2]

Not everybody was willing to let the matter drop. The independent news portal Vyesma claimed that it was not the only person talking fast and loose about a resort to nuclear weapons. This had become standard fare on prime-time television:

"In Russia today, many are talking calmly and freely about the possibility of a nuclear war between our country and the United States. The [Vladimir] Solovyovs, [Olga] Skabeyevas, [Dmitry] Kiselyovs and their invited guests discuss this on the leading propaganda shows on federal channels, alarmist statements are heard in the State Duma, where Deputy Fedorov has already proposed a nuclear strike on the United States.

"And many of those who watch TV and are not inclined to reflection and analysis really support these statements.

“Why not actually throw a nuclear bomb at America?”, - the whole group of media personalities calling for war, leads to the idea....

"In the meantime, politicians and TV presenters of domestic TV channels are proposing to unleash a nuclear war over the issue of NATO expansion, let's say a few words about what will happen to people who do not have bunkers and doomsday planes where they can hide from bombing and radiation sickness."[3]

Nikolai Rybakov the chairman of the Yabloko party that is not represented in the Duma, approached the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, with a demand to verify Fedorov's statement and then open a criminal case against Yevgeny Fedorov for unleashing war under Article 354 part 2 of the of the Russian Federation.. Fedorov rejected the Yabloko action as political "hype" and explained that his suggestion was designed to contain the war against Russia.[4]



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