October 27, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8990

Russian China Expert Tavrovsky Finds Xi's Speech On Korean War 'Unprecedently Harsh' Towards America, Is Upset That Xi Glossed Over Soviet Assistance To China During Korean War

October 27, 2020
Russia, China | Special Dispatch No. 8990

On October 23, 2020, Chinese President Xi Jin Ping delivered an address commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Korean War. In his speech he warned " Seventy years ago, the imperialist invaders fired upon the doorstep of a new China. The Chinese people understood that you must use the language that invaders can understand – to fight war with war and to stop an invasion with force, earning peace and respect through victory."[1]" Professor Yuri Tvarovsky, Chairman of the Expert Council of the Russian-Chinese Committee for Friendship, Peace and Development had already anticipated this speech after witnessing the attention that the official Chinese media was lavishing on the Korean War, following a long period when the war appeared to have been forgotten.[2] Tvarovsky again explained that China is alarmed by signs of US encouragement for Taiwan and fears a diversionary US action in the Taiwan Straits, as a result of tensions arising before and after the U.S. presidential elections.

Xi's account of the war omitted the help that the Soviet Union rendered China during the fighting including the dispatch of Soviet planes and pilots camouflaged as North Korean. Although Russia is still contributing to China militarily the Chinese were now acting as if they could handle the U.S. on its own.'s interview with Professor Tvarovsky follows below:[3]

Russian pilots in Korean War (Source:

“I believe Xi Jinping, of course, is addressing the Americans. He is warning them about the danger of some sudden actions in the coming weeks (before and after the American elections).” – stated the expert. “There is an opinion: if, after the elections in America, disputes about the winner begin, some kind of distraction will be needed, and then a conflict may arise in the region of the Taiwan Strait.

"It may be that both American ships and aircraft might enter the Chinese [air and maritime] space, and the Taiwanese authorities, who may be encouraged by the United States to declare sovereignty, and thereby provoke the outbreak of war between the continent and the island.

"In recent weeks, the Americans have actively encouraged the Taiwanese to take rash steps: the deliveries of new missiles, which can reach targets not only in the Taiwan Strait, but also hit targets inside Chinese territory, has already been announced.

"In fact, Xi Jinping is warning his nation and potential adversaries of the danger. Back in May, the Chinese leader called on the military to prepare for the worst-case scenario. A week ago, he contacted the Marines in Shenzhen City. The Marines are new units created for the war with Taiwan. He told them clearly: 'Prepare for war'.

"On Friday, Xi Jinping made his “crushing blow” statement. Timing is very important here: on the one hand, this was said on the eve of the American elections, on the other hand, on the eve of the plenum of the CPC Central Committee, which begins on Monday, October 26th. This is a very important event that takes place once a year. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Xi Jinping said, that one should not be allowed to break apart the party, to split the nation ... Obviously, there are some problems in this regard.

"It is also very important that he says this in connection with the Korean War. He also declared the Chinese victory in this war. Over whom did the Chinese achieve the victory? - Over the Americans. Although in 1950 the forces of China and the United States were disproportionate [in strength], the Chinese were not afraid to send their troops to Korea and to lose more than 200 thousand people. And, as the Chinese themselves believe, they won. Western historians argue about this statement. This question is really debatable, because for the first time in history the Americans did not accept surrender, but signed an armistice. By the way, this truce is still in effect.

"The Chinese draw parallels – back then Mao Zedong ruled a weak country. The PRC was only just proclaimed in October 1949, and already in 1950 it was at war with America. Nevertheless, then China decided to undertake this step. And now China is stating: 'We are not afraid to take this step [once again].' And although America, most likely, even now surpasses the PRC in terms of militarily power, Beijing is not afraid, because 'the Chinese cannot be defeated.'

"Xi Jinping's statement is unprecedentedly harsh. In addition, the fact that the Chinese are now celebrating the anniversary of the Korean War is important. Not long ago, it [the Korean war] was simply expunged from history, and all those museums where meetings are now being held were closed because America was a friend and strategic partner. And now it's the other way around.

"It is revealing, what Xi Jinping did not mention in his speech. There was no mention of the Soviet Union’s participation, and this is very upsetting. The USSR did not officially participate in the war, but the Chinese fought with Soviet weapons and with Soviet money. Stalin sent weapons, specialists, and commanders. In addition, all aviation at that time was ours [Soviet], the Chinese and Koreans had no aviation, and the United States already had jet aircrafts. Many of our people died there [in Korea] and in China, there are monuments to Soviet volunteer pilots, but now, unfortunately, they do not remember this."

Memorial to Russian pilots in North Korea (Source:

"Thus, the Chinese sever potential parallels between that war and the current situation. That is, they do not invite us to confront America. Our relationship has not deteriorated; they are just saying: 'We can handle this ourselves.' There is no indication that Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are consulting with each other, although that would be logical. The Cold War is going on now against both China and Russia, and our countries are very closely coordinating their actions.

"A year ago, we gave the Chinese a missile attack warning system. It is one of the most important components of a nuclear shield. In the same year, our strategic bombers, together with the Chinese ones, flew in single formation towards the American bases in South Korea and Japan. In other words, real coordination is underway, but there is nothing in words.

"So far, there are no signs of preparation for big events from our side. And the Chinese, apparently, have different information, and they decided to warn the Americans. The main point of Xi Jinping’s speech is: 'Whatever the odds, we will fight to the end, as we did during the Korean War.'

"To be honest, his statement sounded very harsh. This is an unprecedentedly harsh statement directed at the Americans.”

Yuri Tavrovsky (Source:


[1], October 23, 2020.

[3], October 24, 2020.

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