October 18, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8321

Russia Today Reporter In An Evacuated U.S. Base In Northern Syria: Everything Remains Intact

October 18, 2019
Russia, Syria | Special Dispatch No. 8321

RT reporter Wafa Shabrouney entered an evacuated U.S. military base southeast of Manbij in northern Syria. According to her report, the U.S. soldiers left at midnight with their weapons and their armored vehicles and left the entire base intact. The report aired on October 15.

To view the clip of RT reporter Wafa Shabrouney on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"We Are Here In One Of The U.S. Bases From Which The American Forces Withdrew, At Midnight, Between Monday And Tuesday, As We Were Told By The Locals"

Wafa Shabrouney: "We are here in one of the U.S. bases from which the American forces withdrew, at midnight, between Monday and Tuesday, as we were told by the locals. This is southwest of the city of Manbij. This American base takes up all this area. It is located approximately seven kilometers southwest of the city.

"This base housed the American officers and soldiers in the region. As we can see, everything in this base remained intact. The soldiers only took their armored personnel carriers when they left."

"More Than 15 APCs Left This Base Loaded With Soldiers And Weapons, Everything Else Remained Intact"

"More than 15 APCs left this base loaded with soldiers and weapons. Everything else remained intact. We can see the rooms where the U.S. soldiers used to live – the food, the kitchens, the living rooms, in addition to electrical transformers. Everything was provided to this U.S. base, which was built after the area was liberated from ISIS.

"That’s when the U.S. forces came in and built this base. That was three years ago.

"We can see here where the American soldiers used to live. The food, the clothes – everything remained in this place. Naturally, the Kurdish forces came in and took over this base. The Kurdish units have deployed in this base."

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