July 28, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9471

Renowned Tunisian Philosopher And Former Diplomat Mezri Haddad: 'No Power In This World Will Prevent Tunisians From Finding Again Their Sovereignty And Dignity By Kicking Out The Muslim Brotherhood'

July 28, 2021
Tunisia, North Africa | Special Dispatch No. 9471

On July 25, 2021, Tunisian philosopher and former diplomat Mezri Haddad wrote a post on his Facebook page praising Tunisian President Kais Saied's dismissal of Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi and his suspension of parliamentary activity. The parliament is headed by Rached Ghannouchi, chairman of the Ennahda Party, which is the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) party in the country.

Haddad, who lives in exile, wrote that the West should not believe Ennahda leader Ghannouchi, who said that what happened is a "coup." Haddad said: "Western countries should take heed of this and not fall into this trap." He further stressed that "no power in this world will prevent Tunisians from finding again their Sovereignty and dignity by kicking out the Muslim Brotherhood."

Below is the text of Haddad's post:[1]

"I Call On Kais Saied To Show Resistance And Firmness"

"Since a very likely and extremely violent reaction on the part of the Islamists and their dormant networks is to be expected, I call on Kais Saied to show resistance and firmness. [I call on] responding to the illegal terrorist violence with the legitimate force of the state, and to use the force of law to pre-empt and neutralize any attempts of sedition, terrorist activities, or coup d'état.

"Despite their pseudo-legalistic discourse, Ennahda's Islamists and mercenaries will do whatever it takes to start a civil war in order to preserve the deadly status quo (10 years), which Kais Saied just ended by using the most legal, legitimate, and constitutional way (Article 80).

"With their masters abroad, in particular Turkey, Qatar, and certain Western countries, these criminals [i.e., Ennahda members], who are masters in the art of deceitfulness, will play the role of victims and cry out [complaining that] a 'coup' [took place] and that 'dictatorship' is coming back.

"The head of the Islamist sect, Rached Ghannouchi, who is serving as 'the President of the Parliament,' has already stated that 'this is a coup against democracy and the revolution.' Western countries should take heed of this and not fall into this trap. Wherever [the West's] sympathy or support leans, no power in this world will prevent Tunisians from finding again their Sovereignty and dignity by kicking out the Muslim Brotherhood and their henchmen from power."

"Tunisians Are Offered The Final And Definitive Chance To Save Their Country From Islamist Criminality"

"The time has come for patriotic resistance around President Kais Saied, whom I call on to declare the state of emergency as soon as the first shot is fired by the Islamists. As of this evening, I call on him to neutralize all those who have infiltrated our Army and the security forces in the Ministry of the Interior over the last ten years. [I call on] placing them under good surveillance, while waiting to be tried in court. I call on the few Members of Parliament who have integrity, particularly [President of the Free Destourian Party and Tunisian MP] Abir Moussi and her group, as well as the political parties, the Tunisian General Labor Union and all the national organizations to unconditionally support the patriotic action that Kais Saied has just started, better late than never.

"I call on all the national media to show responsibility and patriotism by supporting the President. Tonight and in the coming days, which will be decisive for the future of the country, we will sort out those who are the true patriots from the traitors of the nation.

"On this symbolic and memorable day of July 25, Tunisians are offered the final and definitive chance to save their country from Islamist criminality, from traitors and mercenaries, who have destroyed, in ten years, 65 years of hard work. May all of my compatriots be present at this great rendezvous with History.

"[My compatriots should] not be dragged by killers and the Islamo-terrorists, in the same way as they were anesthetized by these same criminals in 2011. This time, the army and the police forces have to be on the right side of history. With the patriotic surge that I have been waiting for during my ten years in exile, Carthage could reborn from the ashes."


[1], July 25, 2021.

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