March 29, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 3714

Renowned Pakistani Columnist Nusrat Mirza Accuses U.S. Of Artificially Causing Japanese Earthquake: 'The U.S. has Carried Out a Second Nuclear Attack on Japan'

March 29, 2011
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 3714

In a recent article, renowned Pakistani columnist Nusrat Mirza accused the U.S. of artificially causing the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, calling the radiation leaks resulting from damage to nuclear plants the U.S.'s "second nuclear attack" on the Japanese nation. He argued that the March earthquake was artificially caused by the U.S. X-37B spaceplane just six days after it was launched.

Nusrat Mirza is a senior journalist and columnist for the Urdu-language newspaper Roznama Jang, the mass-circulation Urdu-language newspaper of Pakistan. He has over 25 years of experience in journalism in Pakistan and has also advised the governments of Pakistan and of Sindh province.

In his column, titled "The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami – Natural or Artificial?" Nusrat Mirza argued that the world will have to decide that the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, the 2010 Pakistani floods, the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, and the 2011 Japanese earthquake-cum-tsunami were all artificially caused by the U.S., possibly through the use of HAARP technology at a scientific research center in Alaska.

Following are some excerpts from the column:[1]

"Whenever the U.S. Spaceplane X-37B is Sent Into Space – A Natural Disaster Occurs Somewhere in the World"

"Whenever the U.S. space plane X-37B is sent into space, a natural disaster occurs somewhere in the world. Last year, on April 22, this shuttle was launched into space to spy on Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Korean waters, and if needed, to attack anywhere. Also, this spaceplane can make use of HARRP technology [out of Alaska], and natural disasters can be artificially brought about.

"After the plane's launch into space, Pakistan was hit by an unusual monsoon on July 26, 2010, which brought extraordinary destruction... During that monsoon, Pakistan suffered a loss of $43 billion; 2,000 people died, and around one-fifth of the country was submerged in floods. However, it was fortunate that the country's nuclear weapons program remained safe during that disaster, and had also been safe during the 2005 earthquake, by Allah's grace.

"Although the earthquake struck the country's mountainous region [in Pakistani Kashmir], some people say that it was an artificial one, and that HARRP technology was used to cause this earthquake. According to some people, certain powers believed that Pakistan's nuclear assets were in this mountainous region; the Khushab nuclear assets [in Pakistan's Punjab province] would have probably been the target of the flooding. This is believed because it is being said that the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan also were artificial, because this tragedy occurred just six days after the U.S. X-37B spaceplane was launched into space on March 5, 2011."

"The U.S. Objectives Are to Continue Its Domination Of the World – And Not To Let Another Power or Group of Powers Challenge Its Domination"

"Three Japanese nuclear reactors have been affected due to this, and radiation has started [leaking] from these reactors. It can be seen that fingers are being pointed only at the U.S. for the Japanese disaster; this is because Japan was, in collaboration with some other countries, trying to replace the U.S. dollar with a new currency for international trading. The Japanese emperor has met three times with the Chinese president in this regard.

"As per a Nibira TV report, former Japanese finance minister Heizo Takaneka was warned to hand over the Japanese financial system to the U.S. or else his country could be attacked with an earthquake. This news could be viewed on YouTube. If this news is true, then it means that the U.S. objectives are to continue its domination of the world – and not to let another power or group of powers challenge its domination. For this purpose, it has challenged the entire world and is engaged in the loot and plunders across the globe.

"For now, its targets are only Muslim countries because they are weak and rich and [their rulers are] serving sentences of old age. It gave birth to a wave of change in the Islamic nations. Only Libya resisted the U.S.-sponsored change. In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak quit but the army took over, which is more beneficial to the U.S. Most intellectuals of the world say that this behavior by the U.S. is motivated by political objectives, not by religious zeal."

"The World Wll Have to Decide Whether Pakistan's 2005 Earthquake and 2010 Floods... and Now Japan's Tsunami... Were Natural or Artificial Disasters"

"The world will have to decide whether Pakistan's 2005 earthquake and 2010 floods, the [2004] Indonesian tsunami, and now Japan's tsunami in March 2011 were natural or artificial disasters.

"The point is if these were natural disasters, then why do the Americans say that such changes can be introduced in weather, which can bring rains or can cause earthquakes or can melt the engine of a plane from a distance of 250 kilometers with a small ray? [They also claim] that a wall of beams like the Great Wall of China can be erected around a specific country, area or region. But prominent U.S. scientists have not let the theory be widely circulated, fearing that if this viewpoint of theirs were accepted it could lead to the breakup of the Panet Earth.

"However, the U.S. government tasked the Pentagon with leading this theory to its logical conclusion. The Pentagon established an extremely powerful transmitter on a 123-acre plot of land, some 200 miles from Alaska, and fixed 72-meter-tall antennas on 180 towers, through which 3 billion watts of electromagnetic waves could be transmitted at a frequency of 2.5-10 megahertz."

"Today, 'Rulers' Are Coming to the Forefront and, Using Science, Are Causing Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Weather Alterations, Changes in Airplanes' Routes, Plane Crashes, and Floods"

"In addition to this, the American Star Wars, and to cause changes in weather, the U.S. could introduce changes from this station in Alaska in the earth's low but decided level of atmosphere wherever such seasonal changes are needed. This can bring about climatic reforms within a range of several hundred miles.

"Every invention in the U.S. needs to be patented, and when doing so the invention's functioning must be defined. The HARRP's patent number is 4,686,605. The critics of the HARRP have named it 'a burning flame gun.' According to this patent, this technology is a tool that could introduce changes in the weather anywhere in the world and can stop or change routes of missiles and can interfere in the satellite system of a party or impose its own system on that party.

"Through this technology, the intelligence signals of others could be controlled and missiles or aircraft could be destroyed, or their routes diverted; it could bring aircraft to heights or lower them again. The method set out in the patent says that this technology makes a single or many particles, places them in blocks... of the upper earth, which could introduce change in the weather. According to this patent, making weather more or less extreme or… creating artificial warmth would be possible, as would be changing the upper part of the earth, or changing the absorption pattern of sunlight for throwing extreme sunlight or increasing its warmth on a part of the world. (An article of mine on this issue was published in Roznama Jang on August 28, 2010).

"Why in 1970 did [U.S. official Zbigniew] Brzezinski say that they had moved the gravity of power to the U.S. and would not let it shift again to Eurasia? He had also said that due to the U.S. technological advancement, a society would emerge which would remain under control and would follow instructions, and that society or people on the surface of the world would live by the orders of those who would have knowledge of science.

"Today, 'rulers' are coming to the forefront and, using science, are causing earthquakes, tsunamis, weather alterations, changes in airplanes' routes, plane crashes, and floods. Therefore, it can be said that the U.S. has carried out a second nuclear attack on Japan. The Nibiru [sic] TV anchor asked the U.S. Air Force to destroy the station in Alaska that causes earthquakes and tsunamis, as 500,000 people have been killed so far due to this."


[1] Roznama Jang (Pakistan), March 23, 2011

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