February 9, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6298

Relative Of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Curses Him In Open Letter: You Are A Traitor; May Allah Kill You

February 9, 2016
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 6298

Majd Jadaan - the sister-in-law of Maher Al-Assad, the brother of Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad - is currently a refugee in Jordan and is known as a fierce opponent of Bashar and supporter of the Syrian revolution. On December 1, 2015, she published on the Syrian oppositionist website an article rife with invective towards Bashar, in which she called him a traitor, an enemy of humanity, a devil, a murderer and a terrorist. She accused him of destroying Syria and massacring its people, and expressed a belief that he would be end up "in history's filthiest garbage heap" and that the Syrian revolution would triumph.

Jadaan waving a Syrian revolutionary flag (image:

The following are excerpts from the article:

"O, Bashar Al-Assad - you will be written about in the annals of history... It will be written that you were the son of the devil, that you murdered children, the elderly, and youths; that you destroyed [mosque] minarets, bombed churches, and burned the [Muslim] crescent and [Christian] cross. It will be written that you betrayed, stole, and hawked, and that you enlisted the assistance of the enemies against [Syria's] residents. They will say that you were a pathetic soldier who behaved towards people like a wild animal. It will be written in history that Homs asked Allah to rescue it from you, that Aleppo sought refuge from you and from the devil, that Douma became a sea of blood without beaches, and that, in the age of your betrayal, Syrians were left without homes, schools, or bakeries; without hospitals and without a homeland. It will all be written - but what will never be written is what you and your family falsely claim [about yourselves]. History has already removed the mask from your [face] and theirs Allah's curse be upon you until the Day of Judgement, Allah's curse be upon you until the Day of Judgement. Allah's curse be upon you.

"I believed that the world would support you to maintain the ideological balance of power in the world. [But] it took me a while to grasp the ugly truth about you, to understand that you are nothing but a lowly, despicable, traitorous soldier, [and] that the entire world toyed with you in order to realize interests that it would have never dreamed of achieving had you and your family not been the lowliest and most savage [creatures] created by Allah Allah's curse be upon you and those by your side until the Day of Judgement. No woman has ever birthed a lowly traitor like you.

ÔÇ£You boast of the support you receive from those who are even lowlier than you. [But it is] we who will boast when they throw you into history's filthiest garbage heap once they have realized their interests by using the cruelty and despicable [nature] of you and those by your side. Allah's curse be upon you and upon them. Despite your and their [actions], Syria is free and will remain free."

"True, nations have invaded us - but who opened the door to them, allowing them to invade? Only [you], my greatest enemy and Syria's greatest enemy, the cursed devil, the lowly soldier, the evil murderer, the chief hit man, the savage terrorist, the enemy of Allah and of humanity. May Allah kill you, O murderer. Allah's curse be upon you until the Day of Judgment.

"Does your honor[1] see what he is doing? Are you pleased with the murder of the Syrian people, with the destruction of free Syria and with the opening of its doors to everyone and his brother? Who will continue considering you a leader when you have become a willing slave of ones who are stronger than you? History has not known a more despicable and disgraceful person than you...

"May Allah kill you, O you who have hurt the honorable and fed upon the interests of the despicable. May Allah kill you, O you who have expelled the most glorious nation and destroyed the most beautiful homeland...

"O Ghouta [a region near Damascus], forgive us and curse [Assad] and his supporters. O Homs, forgive us. O Aleppo, forgive us. O free Syria, forgive us, for their wickedness has exceeded all our predictions. [But our] strength and our will have exceeded all their predictions.

"It is we who will triumph, as well as truth and divide justice, no matter how long it takes. Syria will be free, free, free."




[1] The author deliberately misspells the word "your honor" in Arabic to express her contempt for Assad.

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