June 2, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 2998

Reactions in Iran to Gaza Flotilla – 'Kayhan': Ayatollah Khomeini's Logical, Humane, and Completely Practical Plan – To Remove the 'Cancerous Tumor' Israel, That Is, Eradicating It – Must Be Implemented

June 2, 2010
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 2998

Iran's leaders have stated that the Gaza flotilla events are a sign of Israel's end. They called on the Muslims of the world to act against the "cancerous tumor" Israel, and warned Israel's supporters worldwide to distance themselves from it lest they be harmed as well. The daily Kayhan, the regime mouthpiece, called on the Turks to avenge the blood of their comrades who were killed, and announced that Israelis are not safe anywhere in the world.

Following are the main reactions:

Kayhan: The Day of Judgment is Nigh; The Turks Must Avenge the Blood of the Killed; There Is a Logical, Humane, and Completely Practical Plan To Remove the "Cancerous Tumor" Israel – That Is, To Eradicate It

The Kayhan daily, which is close to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, stated in an editorial titled "The Day of Judgment is Nigh" that the Zionists had dug their own grave with their raid on the flotilla. It stated that the lives of Zionists are not safe anywhere in the world, and called on the Turks to avenge the shedding of the blood of their countrymen by Israel:

"[...] From the occupation of Palestine and the establishment of the cancerous tumor Israel in 1948 until now, dozens of plans and proposals have been prepared and presented with the aim of restoring peace and tranquility to the region and preventing the savage crimes of the Zionists... But none of them restrained the savage Zionists, and over the years the scope of the crimes of this corrupt germ [Israel] only grew. [These plans included] the shameful Camp David Accords ... the Oslo Accords, and the [peace] plan that disgraces the Saudi king, Abdallah, and so on.

"Several decades ago, the Imam [Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Revolution regime] discussed... a logical, humane, revolutionary, possible, and completely practical plan, the 'eradication of Israel from the political geography in the region.' [He] stressed that the excision of this cancerous tumor from the Islamic Middle East was easily attainable, [but said that any] delay in the execution of this plan would cause serious, tragic, and horrific damage...

"[...] The Zionists' surprise night attack on the freedom flotilla... attests that the Day of Judgment is nigh. Even the leaders of the Zionist regime are forced to admit it, or assess that this event is near...

"In the wake of last night's catastrophe, which happened at midnight, will the zealous Muslim people in Turkey agree to continue diplomatic relations with the Zionist regime? Will they not see the shedding of the blood of Zionists everywhere they can reach them as permissible and as fitting payback [for the deaths] of the martyrs of midnight Monday, as vengeance for the unjust shedding of the blood of their Muslim countrymen?... And will there remain for the Muslim nations the slightest doubt that the only breakthrough solution is the destruction of this false and blood-shedding regime and its total annihilation from the [map of] the political geography of the region?

"With this surprise cowardly and barbaric night attack, the Zionists have dug their grave with their own hands... Beyond a doubt, their lives are [now] not safe anywhere in the world. Without its knowledge, without wishing to, this germ of corruption [i.e. Israel] has helped to intensify the [likelihood] that the plan of Imam [Khomeini] to eradicate Israel from the political geography of the region will be implemented."[1]

Ahmadinejad: "I No Longer Say Israel Must Be Torn Down... [It] Is Already In the Process of Being Destroyed"

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the act of the "cancerous tumor," i.e. Israel, against the Gaza flotilla denotes the beginning of the end of the Israeli regime, and attests to its weakness. In a speech in the city of Ilam, in western Iran, he said that Israel had attacked the ship with a missile fired from an airplane, killing 20.

Ahmadinejad warned Israel's supporters in the region and its allies to stop their support for this "professional assassin" regime, because their support had made them collaborators in the Zionists' crimes. He said that Israel "should be aware that this [action] will lead to its end," and added, "Someone asked me why I no longer say Israel must be torn down... I said because there is no (longer a) need to say [this] – as this regime is already in the process of being destroyed."

Ahmadinejad added: "The absolute track of history is the elimination of oppression and arrogance. Accordingly, it is best that the supporters of the Zionist regime distance themselves from it. This is friendly advice. History shows that if they do not take this advice, the force of the nations will put them in their place."[2]

Leader Ali Khamenei: Zionism is Violent Fascism

An announcement by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on his website stated that the Gaza flotilla was the conscience of the world, not an Islamic or Arab issue, and that Zionism is a new and more violent form of Fascism.

Khamenei said: "[T]he symbolic and excellent operation of sending a flotilla to Gaza must be repeated numerous times in dozens of forms and styles."

He added: "[…] Th[is] savage attack substantiated the idea that Zionism is a newer and more violent face of Fascism, albeit this time sponsored by human rights 'advocates,' particularly the U.S.… America, Britain, France and other European countries which lend diplomatic, propaganda, military and financial support to the… criminal state should be seriously held accountable."[3]


[1] Kayhan (Iran), June 1, 2010.

[2] Fars (Iran), May 31, 2010. It should be noted that these statements were not published in English, only in Persian.

[3] Iranian Supreme Leader's website (Iran), June 1, 2010.

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