March 21, 2014 Special Dispatch No. 5688

Rayat Al-Tawheed – British Jihadi Group In Syria Active On Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram

March 21, 2014
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 5688

Recent reports in British media have noted the existence of a group of British jihadis in Syria known as Rayat Al-Tawheed. The media reports state that the group is comprised of jihadis from London (based on the accent of speakers in their videos) and that their social media accounts are run by two men - Umar Siddiq and Mujahid Sayyad. The group is mainly active on Facebook and Twitter, where they post propaganda material urging youths to join the jihad in Syria. They also have a YouTube page, with one video featuring a jihadi in Syria speaking with a British accent about jihad: "You don't just come here and put on a tactical vest and grab a Kalashnikov and get a big beard, and that's it. This is not just a thing you can put on Instagram or Facebook."

The group appears to function mainly as a graphic design team, creating images that are meant to be shared via social media. Many of the images are anti-Western and include threats to the West such as images of a gunman near a British bus and a gunman facing the White House. The White House image no longer appears on the group's social media accounts, but is featured in several news article about it and has been shared on various blogs and message boards.


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