December 13, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 11016

Rancho Cucamonga, California Islamic Scholar Dr. Khaled Bahajri: We Should Learn To Call Our Friends And Neighbors To Islam By Treating Them The Way Hamas Treats Its Prisoners

December 13, 2023
Palestinians, United States | Special Dispatch No. 11016

California Islamic scholar Dr. Khaled Bahajri of the Islamic Center of Inland Empire – Rancho Masjid said in a Friday sermon streamed live on the mosque's YouTube channel that the people of Gaza prepared for October 7 by building their faith, in addition to logistical and technical preparations. He added: "We feed from the faith of the people of Gaza." Bahajri added that Muslims should learn how to call their friends, neighbors, and colleagues to Islam (perform Da'wah) from the way Hamas treated its prisoners in Gaza.

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Hamas Performed "Da'wah On The Ground" In Their Treatment Of Israeli Hostages: "When Prisoners Of War... Are Hugging Those That Imprisoned Them... That Is Sending The Real Message Of Islam"

Dr. Khaled Bahajri: "One of the things we learned from the people of Gaza, during these years they prepared themselves [for October 7]. They prepared themselves primarily... They took all means to prepare themselves logistically and technically – put that aside – but they have prepare themselves with faith.


"By Allah, these people have been built with faith, my dear brothers and sisters. We feed from their faith. Today, we are here, and we feed from their faith.


"What we are witnessing from the acts of the people of Gaza is that withstanding all of this is a victory in itself.


"Even a puppy was cared for among the prisoners... A puppy was cared for, glory to Allah. Look at the manners of Muslims. You talk about da'wah, that is da'wah on the ground, my dear brothers and sisters. That is how you call for Islam. When prisoners of war leave when they are hugging those that imprisoned them, that is da'wah, that is sending the real message of Islam.

"Gaza Taught Us How To Do Da'wah"; "Oh Allah, Annihilate The Zionists... Seize Them With A Crushing Grip"

"Gaza taught us how to do da'wah, we can reinvent how we do our da'wah, and be kind to our neighbors, friends, colleagues, and everything.


"Oh Allah, annihilate the Zionists. Oh Allah, annihilate the Zionists. Oh Allah, from this blessed gathering we pray to You to annihilate the Zionists. Oh Allah, seize them with a crushing grip. Oh Allah, seize them with a crushing grip."

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