June 10, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11387

#QueersForPalestine – 'Axis Of Resistance' Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah: 'The U.S. Calls For Abnormal, Deviant, And Depraved Relations Between Two Men Or Two Women'

June 10, 2024
Lebanon, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 11387

Since the Hamas October 7 massacre, movements such as "Gays for Palestine" and "Queers for Palestine" have become an integral part of the pro-Hamas rallies in the West, supporting the genocidal slogan "From the River to the Sea."

Earlier this month, MEMRI published a collection of videos of prominent Palestinian Islamic, political, and cultural figures stating that Palestinian people "will not accept a single homosexual" on the land of Palestine, and that homosexuals "should be thrown head first from the rooftop of the tallest building."[1]

MEMRI has also published a collection of videos of prominent figures from Ansar Allah, aka the Houthis, making statements such as "one of the heinous moral crimes of the Israelites in our age is that... they are promoting homosexuality, in violation of human nature and the laws of Allah," and "the promiscuous, deformed, and homosexuals were all created by America." It is worth noting that the Iran-backed Houthis, part of the "axis of resistance," have been assisting Hamas throughout the current Gaza war by firing ballistic missiles at the Israeli city of Eilat. They have also blocked and targeted commercial shipping in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Bab el-Mandeb strait.[2]

The following is a collection of videos of prominent figures from Hizbullah, stating that homosexuality is "a real deviation from human nature" and "the promotion of homosexuality is a call to spread various types of social corruption." The Iran-backed Hizbullah has been the main ally of Hamas in the current war in Gaza, launching rockets and drones into northern Israel and inflicting significant damage.

It should be noted that prominent Hizbullah, Houthi, and Palestinian figures have accused Israel, where Gay Pride parades are openly held, of spreading homosexuality. Ironically, were members of movements such as "Gays for Palestine" and "Queers for Palestine" to live in Gaza or in any of the lands of the "axis of resistance," they would probably need to seek asylum in Israel.

In February 2024, amid the current Gaza war, an Israeli court decided that Palestinian LGBTQ+ individuals may do this. Tel Aviv District Court Judge Michal Agmon Gonen ruled that "Palestinians threatened due to their sexual orientation can apply for asylum."[3]

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: America Is Corrupting Humanity By Forcing Homosexuality On The World – August 4, 2022

"Who accepts this? This runs counter to human nature. It contradicts the nature of Mankind. This is a real deviation from human nature. But who is leading the call for homosexuality in the world? The United States of America."

(Source: MEMRI TV)

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Hizbullah Sec.-Gen. Nasrallah Warns against Legalization of Gay Marriage in Lebanon, Defends "Early Marriage" – March 17, 2017

"There are societies abroad that were ruined by homosexuality, and now they are exporting it to Lebanon and to the Arab and Islamic world. They want to legalize same-sex marriage in the parliament. Homosexual relations defy logic, human nature, and the human mind. These relations... Some people say: 'But this is about freedom of choice. What's the problem?' No, this is a big problem. A big problem. In Lebanon and elsewhere, everybody - the Muslims, the Christians, and the non-religious... Anyone who cares about his society and about the purity of humanity must take a stand against this kind of enterprise.


"[They] are trying to spread - even in our own society - a culture of opposition to early marriage. There was a time when early marriage was accepted. Now there are people who say that early marriage is wrong, that early marriage has negative ramifications... Do these people know better than Allah, who created Mankind, and demanded this, through His prophets, culminating with the Prophet Muhammad? Do they know better than the Creator of Man whether or not early marriage serves the interests of Mankind? They may argue that there are cases of divorce following early marriage. But I can present you with more cases of divorce, following marriage at the age of 20, 30, or 40. This cannot serve as proof. This cannot serve as proof. On the contrary, those who spread the culture of opposition to early marriage in our society are unknowingly serving Satan and the devils. They are also serving our enemy by causing the moral ruin of our society. The response should be the spreading of the culture of early marriage."

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Hizbullah Secretary-General Nasrallah On Quran-Burning Incident: Like Imam Khamenei Said, Sweden Has Gone Into 'Battle-Array For War' With The Islamic Nation; Swedish Government Should Consult With Shari'a Expert On What That Entails – July 22, 2023

"The United States has announced a clear and shameful project, which it embraced and is promoting day and night. It has to do with spreading homosexuality around the world. It calls for abnormal, deviant, and depraved relations between two men or two women."

(Source: MEMRI TV)

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Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek, Head Of Hizbullah's Shari'a Council: The Enemies Of Humanity Spread Homosexuality, In Keeping With The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion; The People Of Sodom Had AIDS, Were Stoned To Death – July 21, 2023

"The promotion of homosexuality is a call to spread various types of social corruption. Consequently, the [homosexuals] are known to be ridden with disease. That call to engage in abomination is one of the worst and most evil moral deviations"

(Source: MEMRI TV)

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Hizbullah-affiliated Al-Mayadeen TV – Lebanese TV Show Claims Jews, Israelis Control The Media: This Enemy Infiltrates Our Culture, Societies, And Systems Of Morality – February 19, 2022

"How can we protect our situation when the Western platforms that invade our cultural and artistic scene bankroll films… supporting homosexuality… and everything that goes against the general Arab and the Islamic traditions?"

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