June 6, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8109

Quds Day Rally In Dearborn, Michigan: Israel Is A Cancer, Will Crumble In Less Than 25 Years As Our Leader Khamenei Calculates; U.S. Government, Politicians Are Satanic Terrorists; Hamas, Hizbullah, IRGC Have Right To Resist; U.S. Hasn't Given Us Anything Allah Didn't Intend On Giving Us, That We Wouldn't Have Gotten In Our Homelands

June 6, 2019
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 8109

An International Quds Day Rally was held in Dearborn, Michigan on May 31, 2019, in front of the Henry Ford Centennial Library. A speaker whose identity is not known said that every U.S. President – not only the "idiot" Trump – was a criminal and a terrorist, and that it is only economic sanctions and "political arrogance" that is maintaining America's standing in the world. He cursed America and the world powers for "wishing for the masses to remain silent" and abandon Palestine, and he said: "Not only will we witness the liberation of Palestine, but Allah willing, we are going to play an active role in it with our own hands." He said that Palestine will only be liberated by Muslims, and not through American legislation or deals drawn up by "hypocrites" and "traitors."

The speaker also said that the "beloved Leader" Imam Khamenei said that Israel will crumble in less than 25 years and that the "cancer" of Israel can only be removed through resistance and reliance on Allah. Referring to American politicians and the U.S. government as satanic, he said that Hamas, Hizbullah, the IRGC, and anybody else fighting against Israel have a God-given right to resist. Sheikh Usama Abdul Ghani, a D.C.-born Shiite imam who studied at the Islamic Seminary in Qom, Iran, also spoke at the event, saying that Israel is the "head of the snake" behind all the oppression in the world. He also referred to Israel as a "system of cancerous oppression." The audience chanted: "Away with the humiliation!" The video was streamed live on Facebook by the Al-Quds Committee, which describes itself as "an effort to peacefully raise the voice against atrocities and human rights violations of Zionism."

To view the clip on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"We Don't Point Our Fingers At The Current Idiot In The White House, But At All Of The Criminals And Terrorists Who Held His Position Before Him"

Speaker: "Many people from across the community and across the Muslim world at large have been swept away by the tide of American patriotism. They are proud of America, its freedom, its democracy, free speech, freedom of religion... At the same time, they look down upon the Islamic countries from the high horse of American exceptionalism. How these countries are backwards, corrupt, unorganized, and you have heard more... For that I would like to call the attention of those individuals – however they might hear this – that the amenities and luxuries that they are enjoying in this country are attained at the expense of the rest of the world.

"American military campaigns, economic sanctions, and political arrogance are the only things that keep America where it is. it has been so since they first came to slaughter natives and enslave Africans.

"We don't point our fingers at the current idiot in the White House, but at all of the criminals and terrorists who held his position before him."



"America Has Not Given us anything that we would not have gotten in our homelands... Were Our Lands Not Invaded And Colonized"

"And I would like to make it clear to those individuals who like to sing the national anthem and claim that America has given us so much opportunity that America has not given us anything that Allah did not intend on giving us. Just as the Pharaoh did not do Moses a favor by raising him in his corrupt palace. Because the only reason Moses was there in the first place was because of Pharaoh's slaughtering and enslaving of Moses' people.

"Likewise, America has not given us anything that we would not have gotten in our homelands, in the company of our own people – were our lands not invaded and colonized and were our people not slaughtered and exploited.


"As the martyr Malcolm [X] put it: 'It is liberty or death, it is freedom for everybody or freedom for nobody.' And we see all too clearly that 'freedom for everybody' begins in Palestine. And we repeat that every land is Karbala, every day is Ashura.


"The world powers now wish for the masses to remain silent. They wish that the masses would simply abandon the issue of Palestine. To them we respond as Abu Al-Fadhl Al-Abbas responded: May God curse you and may God curse the security that you offer us.


"There is no doubt that not only will we witness the liberation of Palestine, but, Allah willing, we are going to play an active role in it with our own hands."


"From The Islamic Republic [Of Iran] – From The Islamic Revolution – To The Resistance Fighters Of The Believers In Lebanon [Hizbullah] – Resistance Was Always The Answer And Victory Was Always The Outcome"

"For us to experience this, we have to keep in mind what was said first by Musa Al-Sadr: 'The honor of Jerusalem refuses to be liberated except at the hands of the noble believers.' No one will liberate Palestine except for us. That is because we have stubbornly and uncompromisingly set our sights on returning every inch, every centimeter, every pebble of Palestine back to the people of Palestine.

"And this goal will not be reached through American legislation. This goal will not be reached through deals drawn up by hypocrites, enemies, traitors – not in this century and not in any century to come. Imam Ali has said that one usurped brick is enough to cause a building to crumble. Israel is crumbling – less than 25 years to go, according to the calculations of our beloved Leader Imam Khamenei.



"Until we fight, struggle, and resist against the enemy, indifferent to materialistic calculations, and until we stop relying upon America, Britain, Saudi Arabia, and whoever else to solve this problem... until we start relying upon Allah, this problem will not be solved – this cancer will not be removed, and Palestine will not be liberated.


"Everywhere the Muslims stood up and fought back, with faith and reliance upon Allah as the basis and foundation of their resistance, they found victory in the most impossible circumstances. From the Islamic Republic [of Iran] – from the Islamic Revolution – to the resistance fighters of the believers in Lebanon [Hizbullah]. Resistance was always the answer and victory was always the outcome. And in Palestine, too, resistance is the only answer in the face of an arrogant oppressive regime like the Zionist occupier.


"As the brothers and sisters have chanted before, it is true: There is only one solution – Intifada, revolution. Nothing else will bring about the liberation of Palestine. Nothing else will stop the oppression in Yemen. Nothing else will return all of Syria back to Syria.


"The same people bombing, exploiting, terrorizing, and colonizing our lands overseas are the same people oppressing, corrupting, brainwashing the people over here. Our quarrel is not with the people of America, but with the Satanic government and the Satanic politicians.


"Resistance is justified when people are occupied."

Crowd: "Resistance is justified when people are occupied."


"Hamas Has The Right To Resist, And The Revolutionary Guards Of Iran Have The Right To Resist – And Whoever Is Sensitive About It Or Not – Hizbullah Has The Right To Resist, And Everybody Who Fights Against Israel Has The Right To Resist"

Sheikh Usama Abdul Ghani: "We haven't forgotten any of those struggles all around the world. Brothers and sisters, I tell you this: None of those obvious forms of oppression make us neglect the head of the snake. The head of the snake is Israel. They don't get out of it.


"This is believers, Muslims, people of conscience all around the world, standing for divine values, and standing against a system of cancerous oppression."


Speaker 1: "We are here this year, and we will be here next year, Allah willing, and every year after that despite the fact that each successive year sees another resistance group on the terror list, another group that we are supposedly not allowed to talk about. We are going to be here to say that Hamas has the right to resist, and the Revolutionary Guards of Iran have the right to resist – and whoever is sensitive about it or not – Hizbullah has the right to resist.  And everybody who fights against Israel has the right to resist. And that right is from God fist and it's from God only, and we don't need it from anybody else, so we will express it every year."

Man In Crowd: "Away with the humiliation!"

Crowd: "Away with the humiliation!"

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