October 24, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10277

Qatari Writer Offers Suggestions On Promoting Islam To Visitors During FIFA 2022 World Cup

October 24, 2022
Qatar | Special Dispatch No. 10277

On October 6, 2022, writer Salwa Al-Mulla published an article in the Qatari-daily Al-Sharq in which she offered suggestions for Qatari authorities to consider on how to promote Islam to soccer fans who will be visiting the country to attend FIFA 2022 World Cup in Doha, Qatar scheduled to start next month. In the article, titled "The Pros of Qatar 2022 World Cup," the writer stressed that it is "important" that visitors hear the Islamic call to prayer five times a day from the mosques that are near the stadiums, shopping centers, and gathering locations. Other tips offered by the writer include providing simultaneous interpretation of sermons, translated booklets into multiple languages, and lectures and platforms that "promote religious values."

The following are translated excerpts from her article[1]:

"What and how are we prepared as an Islamic, Arab, and Gulf nation?... It is important that we focus on [broadcasting] the sound of the call for prayers in the mosques near the stadiums, areas and shopping centers and gathering locations. [Broadcasting] the call to prayer five times [is] a call and an introduction to our Islamic religion. We should focus on broadcasting the second call for prayer and the loudly recited prayers to promote our Islam. We should ensure that prayer mats are set outside and that the sermon of the Friday prayer is broadcasted by loudspeakers with simultaneous interpretation, as is the case in Al-Manaratain mosque in [Qatar's] Education City to promote Islam."

"We should be prepared with booklets and translated [books] in multiple languages such as Spanish, English, French, and others. [We should be prepared] by designating attractive locations near the stadiums and designated walking areas to sincerely promote Islam, even if with one verse – it would be fruitful later on."

"Designating social media platforms with multiple languages and covering the event [reflecting] the beauty of Islam and its noble and supreme message and promoting the concept of guarding the five necessities, the soul, the offspring, wealth, religion, and honor will empower the status of human rights, the respect of human dignity and safety and addressing minds on the rules of jurisprudence and the priorities."

"Designating lectures and platforms that promote the value of the religion and its teachings, which have called for and preceded sustainable development goals and include wonderful stories about saving the environment and its components that surround human beings as well as stories highlighting respect for human dignity, children, and women."

"[Women should] make sure they are covered up and modest to reflect the true image of the dignity of the bodies of women and girls of various ages and deliver the message of clothing language to promote that."

"[Highlighting] the importance of movies that promote the principles of the religion on Qatar Airways, the official airline carrier of the competition, and translating them into the languages of the participating [teams] will achieve a noble and wonderful goal for Qatar Airways even during the competition by designing a special uniform for male and female flight attendants and those on the ground to reflect the culture of our country."

"Ensuring the showing of commercials that promote the culture and the religion of society on the giant screens in the city of Msheireb, Lusail, and other giant screens in the Corniche area."

"Designating spaces for those interested in art and in drawing to reflect the culture of our country, our Arab and Islamic community and its history with paintings that could be purchased, or with wall paintings."

"Most importantly, did you designate a distinguished museum that narrates the history of Islam and our prophet and his call on people to accept Islam? The Islamic museum has been opened and the flags of participating nations have been raised up. Was the museum focused on Da'wa [preaching, invitation] and was it designated to [highlight] the history and the reality of Islam and the Da'wa of its prophet and the stories of the companions? Did it include rare collections and a real call for the greatness of Islam and its message?"

"[In] the World Cup, with all the concerns and rumors that were associated with it, and the behaviors and issues that are against Islam, which we reject as we reject the negativities and the concerns, there are pros, positive and beautiful images that we can plant and harvest its fruits during the competition. Let us be optimistic and express our pride in our country's status on the world map as a status of excellence and presence of which we are proud. And let us leave an impact and a real legacy not only for the generations of Qatar but also a cultural, Islamic and Arabic legacy for the children and the generations of the world. Let us be optimistic, invest well, and take good advantage of the competition. "


[1], October 6, 2022.

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