April 6, 2023 Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1685

'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' – In Urdu

April 6, 2023 | By Tufail Ahmad*
Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1685

This report is the second in a series about the 19th-century antisemitic libel The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and its dissemination, circulation, and use, in Urdu, Turkish, Farsi, and Arabic.


In South Asia, there are two Urdu translations of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: one published in Pakistan and the other in India.

In Pakistan, the Protocols were translated into Urdu by a translator with the pen name Ibn Hasan. His translation is titled Saihuniyat Ke Dana Buzrugon Ki Dastawezaat – Taskheer-e-Alam Ka Alami Yehudi Mansooba ("The Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zionism – The Jewish Global Plan For World Domination"). It is published by Muslim World Data Processing, Pakistan, which appears to be a digital publication house for Islamist books. The book's cover page features a subtitle that reads: "International Zionism and Freemason Organization."

The introductory chapter of Ibn Hasan's translation, about Freemason Lodges, argues that it is possible that there are no Jewish members of the Freemasons, but that the organization is "organized in such a way that ultimately serves the objectives of international Zionism." A second introductory chapter notes that the Protocols mention establishing a "super government" and that that the United Nations is under the "control of Jews," as attested to by the fact that 73 Jews occupy important positions in 10 United Nations institutions.

In India, the Protocols were translated into Urdu by a translator named Muhammad Yahya Khan. This Urdu translation is based on Victor E. Marsden's translation of the Protocols into English from Russian. The Urdu rendition is titled Yehudi Protocols – Greater Israel Ke Aalami Saihooni Mansoobey Ki Khufiya Dastatwezaat Ka Pehla Angrezi, Urdu Tarjuma ("The Jewish Protocols – The First English-Urdu Translation of the Secret Documents of the International Zionist Plan for Greater Israel"). It is published by Milli Publications, a publishing house based in the Abul Fazl Enclave area of New Delhi. Abul Fazl Enclave is an area of New Delhi known to be home to several Islamist groups, and is the headquarters of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (See MEMRI Daily Brief No. 77, New Delhi's Abul Fazl Enclave Emerging As India's Biggest Publication Center For Jihadi Literature – And Antisemitic Literature, Including Book On 'Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion', February 5, 2016).

Muhammad Yahya Khan's translation comprises 10 parts, each containing several short chapters before the 24 protocols. These 10 chapters focus on a range of historical themes. One discusses India's 1998 nuclear tests, which were soon followed by a Pakistani counter-test, allegedly despite Israeli monitoring of Pakistan's airspace on behalf on India.

The introductory part presents "Israel's enmity against Pakistan" and addresses history in order "to understand the Jewish mind" – thereby accusing the Jews of enmity against Christians and Muslims. The translator also discusses how the Hebrew term "Israel" means "to wrestle against God."

Urdu Translation Of The Protocols Published In Pakistan

Saihuniyat Ke Dana Buzrugon Ki Dastawezaat – Taskheer-e-Alam Ka Alami Yehudi Mansooba ("The Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zionism – The Jewish Global Plan For World Domination")

The book's cover page

This 119-page book is translated by Ibn Hasan and published by Muslim World Data Processing, Pakistan. The subtitle on the book's cover page below the translator's name reads: Bain-ul-Aqwami Saihuniyat Aur Freemason Tanzeem ("International Zionism and Freemason Organization"). The following are the chapters in the book:

International Zionism And the Organization of Freemasons

International Zionism And the United Nations

Introduction to the Protocols of the Wise Zionist Elders

First Protocol: The Basic Principle – Force is Right (Politics Versus Ethics, Ends Justify Means, "Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood" – The New Elite)

Second Protocol: Economic Wars (Constitutional Governments, Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzscheism, Press-influence Mindset).

Third Protocol: Method for Domination (Customary Snake, Rights of People, Genocide of Non-Jews, World's Autocratic Ruler, International Economic Crisis, They Cannot Touch Us – Freemason's Secret Agents)

Fourth Protocol: Materialism Replaces Religion (Different Stages of Public Government, Non-Jewish Freemasonry as a Veil, International Speculation in Trade, Rule of Money Worship)

Fifth Protocol: Autocracy And Modern Progress (Centrality of Government, Gulf between Nations, Use of Verbose for Smoothening Public Opinion, Organizational Structure of Super Government)

Sixth Protocol: Method of Inheritance (Abundance of Wealth, End of Non-Jewish Elite, Unending Series of Rises In Price)

Seventh Protocol: International Wars (Encouraging the Race for Arms, International Wars to Eliminate Opposition of Non-Jews, Military Power of America, China, and Japan)

Eighth Protocol: Interim Emergency Government (Legal Justification for Openness, Higher Education and Training, Keeping Bankers, Traders, and Investors Under Control)

Ninth Protocol: Education After Education (Meaning of State Enmity, Source of Comprehensive Terrorism, Development and Progress of Fake Allegations)

Tenth Protocol: Preparedness for Power (Heart of Matter of Political Liberty, Public Voting, Beginning of Democracies, Oppression and Despotism of Freemasons, Declaration by Autocratic Ruler, Vaccine for Diseases)

Eleventh Protocol: Total Autocratic Government (New Constitution, Suspension of Human Rights, "Show" of the Regiment of Freemason Lodges)

Twelfth Protocol: Bringing the Press Under Control (Freemason, "Freedom", Control Over Means of Publication And Broadcast, Vishnu – God of the Press)

Thirteenth Protocol: Distracting Attention (Dinner Bread, Centers of Entertainment, Plan Above Suspicion)

Fourteenth Protocol: Attack on Religion (Enforcement of Moses's Shari'a Through Destruction of Current Religions, New Era of Slavery, Encouragement of Obscenity in Development Countries)

Fifteenth Protocol: Obliteration (Simultaneous International Revolution, Freemason's Objective and Direction – Chosen Ummah, Right of Unaccountable Power, King of Israel)

Sixteenth Protocol: Intellectual Purity (Cleansing the Schools, End of Freedom of Education)

Seventeenth Protocol: Illegitimate Use of Powers (Lack of Interest in Justice, Abolition of Christian Religion, Jewish Chief – the Entire World's Pope the Great, Recruitment of Informers in Secret Police)

Eighteenth Protocol: Arrest of Political Opponents (Secret Security Steps, Weakening the Authority)

Nineteenth Protocol: Rulers and Public (Use of People's Appeals, Defamation of Heroes, Martyrdom of Rebels)

Twentieth Protocol: Economic Strategy (System of Progressive Taxes, Frozen Investment, Destructing Standard of Gold)

Twenty-First Protocol: Giving and Taking Loans (Bankruptcy, End of Money Market)

Twenty-Second Protocol: Power of Gold

Twenty-Third Protocol: Creating Sentiments of Obedience in Hearts (Shortage of Goods of Comfort, Superior Ruler in Place of Current Rulers)

Twenty-Fourth Protocol: Characteristics of the Ruler (Selection of an Individual from Family of David and His Training)

Urdu Translation Of The Protocols Published in India

Yehudi Protocols – Greater Israel Ke Alami Saihuni Mansoobe Ki Khufiya Dastawezaat Ka Pehla Angrezi-Urdu Tarjuma ("Jewish Protocols – The First English-Urdu Translation of the Secret Documents of the International Zionist Plan of Greater Israel")

Left to right: The book's first and last pages

This is a 230-page book published in India, translated by Muhammad Yahya Khan and published by Milli Publications, which is based in Abul Fazl Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi. It contains following chapters:

First Part: Introduction

Second Part:

  • The Origins of Jewism and Cause of Naming

  • Migration of Israel from Egypt

  • Punishment on Ungratefulness and Disobedience

  • Victory of Palestine

  • Warning By Hazrat Moses Peace Be Upon Him

  • Last Warning of Hazrat Joshua

  • After the Victory of Palestine

  • Israel's First Era of Conflict

  • Last Opportunity from God

  • Greek Occupation and Local Movement

  • Last Opportunity Too Lost

  • Altering the Torah

Third Part: Jews' Treatment of Hazrat Jesus

  • Arrival of Jesus in Solomon's Temple

  • Criticism of Jewish Religious Scholars and Mystics

  • Conspiracy

Fourth Part: Jews' Treatment of Muslims

  • Sabotage Operations

  • How did Jews' Influence Spread among Muslims?

  • Muslim Governments and the Attitude of Jews

  • Extreme Mischief

Fifth Part: Jews, Christians, and Muslims

  • Treatment of Germans

  • Entry into Poland

  • Arrival of Jews in Turkey

Sixth Part: Jewism And Modern Era

Seventh Part: Democracy, Socialism, And Jews

  • Jews in Russia

  • Revelation of Dangerous Plan

Eighth Part: Relation Between Communism and Jewism?

  • Public Hatred Against Jews

  • Centers of Obscenity and Nudity

  • Making Books Disappear

Ninth Part: Palestine

Tenth Part: Protocols – Dangerous Plan

  • Secret Documents

  • Revelation of Conspiracy

  • Mysterious Prophecy

  • Reality Not Fiction

  • Snake and Woman

  • Jewish Women

Protocol 1: Basic Idea

  • Power, Right, And Force

  • Political Freedom

  • Money Power

  • Oppression of Autocrat

  • Public Leadership

  • Moral Tenets

  • Privilege

  • Weakness of Public

  • Debauchery and Obscenity

  • Deceit

  • Means And Resources

  • Causes of Hatred

Protocol 2:

  • Jewish Experts

  • Power of the Press

Protocol 3:

  • Methods of Victory

  • Customary Snake and Its Importance

  • Constitutional Parameters

Protocol 4: Primacy of Matter of Religion

Protocol 5: Dictatorship and Modern Progress

  • Jewish Way of Governance
  • Secret Activities
  • First Secret
  • Second Secret


Protocol 6: Technique of Achieving Power

  • Industry and Betting


Protocol 7: International Wars


Protocol 8: Interim Government

  • Inappropriate Decisions and Heart-Charming Statements

  • Aiders of Freemasons

  • Jewish Economy

Protocol 9: Need for Re-Education

  • Massacres

  • Our Workers

Protocol 10: Preparation for Power

  • Preparation of Plans

  • Puppet President

Protocol 11: Universal Government

  • Freemasonry and Exhibitionary Collective Places

Protocol 12: Control on Press

  • Interpretation of Liberty

  • Role of the Press

  • Newspaper Militia

  • Ways of Organizing

  • Grieving Veins of Journalists

Protocol 13: Important Paths

Protocol 14: Wars Against Religions

  • Promotion of Vulgar Literature

Protocol 15: Authoritarian Pressure

  • Collective Places

  • Secret Organizations

  • Self-Deceit of Non-Jews

  • Farsightedness of Our Elders

  • New Laws

  • Conditions for Employment of Judges

  • Suppression of Government Employees

  • Right of Quashing Laws

  • State's Real Role

  • Sentiment of Obedience

  • Dream of Global Rule

  • Protocol 16: Brainwashing

  • Educational Plan


Protocol 17: Wrong Use of Authority

  • Non-Jewish Front

Protocol 18: Arrest of Opponents

Protocol 19: Ruler and the Ruled

  • Political Crimes

Protocol 20: Monetary Program

  • Importance of Taxes

  • Ruling Elite's Assets

  • Developmental Tax

  • Circulation of Money

  • Welcome Functions

  • Economic Crisis for Non-Jews

  • Demand for Money

  • Internal and External Loan

Protocol 21: Loans and Assets

  • Special Point

Protocol 22: Power of Money

Protocol 23: Readiness for Obedience

Protocol 24: Qualification of the Ruler

* Tufail Ahmad is Senior Fellow for the MEMRI Islamism and Counter-Radicalization Initiative.

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