November 10, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3364

Prominent Saudi Preacher: Europe Will Become an Islamic Continent

November 10, 2010
Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 3364

In a recent interview posted on, prominent Saudi preacher Dr. Aidh Al-Qarni said that 9/11, though a horrific event, was no more horrific than scores of other massacres that take place around the world every year, for instance in Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The only difference, he explained, is that 9/11 has been exploited to promote "the so-called War on Terror." He therefore recommended using incidents of what he termed Islamophobia – such as the Swiss minaret ban and the French ban on the veil – to promote Islam in the West. He also assessed that Europe is on its way to becoming an Islamic continent.

Following are excerpts from the article:[1]

"Looking at the Events [of 9/11] Objectively, [We Realize that] Humanity Witnesses Scores of Such Grim Events Every Year"

"Looking at the events [of 9/11] objectively, [we realize that] humanity witnesses scores of such grim events every year, for instance in the African Great Lakes region, where millions have been killed in the last decade; in Iraq, where millions have been killed [as well]; and in Afghanistan, where similar things occurred during the Soviet invasion and now under the American occupation, to name but a few examples...

"But 9/11 took place in America, and when America is stung, it is considered a disaster for mankind at large. We do not mean to make light of this matter, with all its ramifications and effects, or to accept or justify it. Not at all! We are saying that this event was exploited to serve an agenda that was waiting for a pretext and a justification. Thus, the whole world was driven into crises and difficulties under [the slogan of] the so-called 'War on Terror'...

"These movements of political Islam have played a major role in defeating colonialism and in liberating many Islamic countries that were occupied... Even now we find that [while] many Arab governments and secular movements have abandoned the Palestinian cause and sold it cheaply, it is the Islamists [in Gaza] that defend [this cause] and protect its sanctities despite the international siege...

"In this context, we must make a distinction between jihadi liberation movements that are judicious and follow the right path, such as Hamas in Palestine, and violent movements that are based on takfir [accusing other Muslims of heresy]. The latter [movements] use their weapons against Muslims and against countries that, though not Muslim, should not be attacked..."

"Handled Correctly, Examples of Islamophobia... [Can] Have the Opposite Results of What Their Pro-Zionist Perpetrators Intended"

"Handled correctly, examples of Islamophobia – such as the [Swiss] ban on minarets, the banning of the veil [in France], and the burning of the Koran – [can] have the opposite results of what their pro-Zionist perpetrators intended. Today, Westerners are confused people who have unlimited freedom of thought. When people of this kind – who are confused on the one hand and have unlimited freedom of thought on the other – encounter the truths of Islam, which addresses their natural inclinations, [these truths] enter their minds [almost] without their being aware of it. Hence, it is possible to take advantage of those events in order to introduce Islam to people and make them aware of it."

Dr. Aidh Al-Qarni concluded his interview with the following: "I expect, like many perceptive people living in Europe, that, Allah willing, the European continent will become an Islamic continent."


[1], October 31, 2010.

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