September 22, 2000 Special Dispatch No. 129

A Pro-Western Egyptian Editor on America's Israel 'Addiction'

September 22, 2000
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 129

In his latest editorial, Muhammad 'Abd Al-Mun'im, the pro-Western Chief Editor of the weekly, Roz Al-Yussef, discussed the special relation between Israel and the US and the Arab failure to similarly connect with the American public.

"Similar to alcoholic beverages, drugs, and smoking," 'Abd Al-Mun'im writes, "there now seem to be cases of diplomatic or political addiction... One such case is the strange relationship between the US and Israel. This is a case of political addiction that burdens the Arab side... violates all of its rights regardless of the legitimacy of these rights... How did this happen? To answer that would require many volumes, each page of which reflecting laborious efforts by Israel and great neglect by the Arabs."

"The Israelis managed to create the notion in the American mind that they are like the first Americans; they immigrated from Europe to a new land, the Promised Land, the Land of the Dream. Thus, they connected themselves with the roots of the Americans, although there is a huge difference between discovering a new continent and taking control of an existing state on whose land there has been a people for thousands of years!"

"The first Americans expanded westward by invading new lands until they reached the Pacific Ocean, and contemporary Americans picture Israel's expansions and invasions to the East, the West, the North, and the South in the same framework. They perceive it in the context of 'the spirit of pioneering the horizon' which is a basic foundation of American heritage!"

"What is even stranger is that the first Americans built 'settlements' in the new lands. This was only natural in such vast, unknown, and also hostile areas, due to the nature of its indigenous people. However, the Israelis came in the twentieth century and built settlements in lands that are inhabited by people that were recognized for thousands of years. What kind of settlements are these? How can anyone see them as legitimate and swallow their strange existence? Nobody can, except for the Americans who have a historic and human connection to the phenomenon of expansion and to the word 'settlements' which began life in the new continent that was discovered by Christopher Columbus at a time when Palestine was an existing fact within the framework of a great Arab empire that could only be defeated from the inside and by its own people!"

"While the Israeli propaganda machine - which is indeed very effective and imaginative - worked to create the connection [between Zionism and] the roots of the American people; the Arab response was limited to hostility towards all that is American - as though Arab information and diplomacy worked diligently to carry out the Israeli scheme..."

"This is why the improvement in American-Arab relations, and especially American-Egyptian relations since Egypt is the strongest and largest Arab state, is disturbing to Israel. This is the source of the distorted theory that Israel is like an American airforce base whose purpose is to guard American interests in the Middle East, regardless of the exceptional relations between the US and the Arab states and regardless of the fact that when the US was forced to militarily intervene in the region in the Gulf War, the Arab states, and first and foremost Egypt, stood with the allies. Furthermore, it reached the point where the US used all kinds of military and economic incentives to convince Israel to refrain from joining the Desert Storm operations. What kind of an American air force base is this, then? What kind of military assistance will Tel Aviv supply Washington when a war that endangers American interests erupts in the region? Nobody knows. Nobody understands or hears what should be understood and heard…"

"The logical question is: what should be done? The logical answer is... that there is a golden opportunity now to change the balance completely... This opportunity results basically from the Zionist activity within America. This activity has transgressed all acceptable limits. It infiltrated different aspects of American life and took the form of 'enslavement,' rather than assistance, cooperation, or even strategic alliance."

"Many Americans have begun to feel the brutality of the Zionist influence on the large American newspapers and media; many Americans have began to feel the brutality of the Jewish votes that determine the fate of the American elections... they have begun to feel the same thing in regard to the economic and financial circles. The greatest success of the Jewish influence in the US was achieved by invading the film industry and its capital Hollywood which has great influence on public opinion not only in America. It got to the point that we cannot watch a single American movie that does not include dialogue commending the Jews and their beliefs. Even in the film Independence Day, the man who rescued America and the world from the extraterrestrial invasion was a Jewish electronics expert."

"They have transgressed their limits and reached the point of saying that they are superman-creatures and the best to be born on this planet in all of history. They have transformed from the character of the 'victim' and 'persecuted,' characters that led American society to sympathize with them... they have began to pressure everybody and many are becoming annoyed by this brutality which doesn't stop at its supposed limit. All we have to do is point out this new phenomenon and get rid of the feelings of defeat that explode from time to time into ineffective anger and hysteric hostile attacks [on the US] that are not beneficial to us... I am sure the day will come and the American mind will wake up and cure its addiction. When this happens, the American mind will know that 'alcohol' annihilates… the intestines and what is in them and all the aspects of life.'[1]

[1] Roz Al-Yussef (Egypt), September 9, 2000.

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