November 18, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10326

Pro-Taliban Urdu-Language Daily Reveals Qatar's Plans To Invite FIFA World Cup Attendees To Islam: 'Training Of 2,000 Volunteers For Invitation Of The Religion At The Mega Event Has Been Completed Who Will Deliver The Message Of Truth To The Spectators'

November 18, 2022
Qatar | Special Dispatch No. 10326

In a recent article, the Pakistan-based Urdu-language pro-Taliban daily Roznama Ummat examined the Qatari government's preparations for da'wa ("preaching," "invitation to Islam") at the FIFA World Cup beginning on November 20, 2022. Da'wa is an important part of Islam whereby Muslims are expected to invite non-Muslims to embrace the religion.

The article, titled "FIFA World Cup And Da'wa Of The Religion," and written by Islamic religious scholar Zia Chitrali, explains various media activities and events planned to explain Islam to non-Muslim spectators and to try to persuade them to convert.

As part of these events planned by Qatari officials, thousands of volunteers will engage in da'wa and free books and pamphlets highlighting Islamic teachings will be distributed among the spectators.

A screenshot of the article under review.

Following is the text of the Urdu article from Roznama Ummat.

"Taking Advantage Of This Golden Occasion, Qatari Officials Have Made Full Preparations For Inviting The Spectators To Islam"; "While The Spectators Will Enjoy The Games At FIFA Qatar, They Will Also Listen To The Call Of Islam"

"Next week [on November 20], the FIFA World Cup is beginning in Qatar. This biggest event in the world started in 1930 in Uruguay and has so far been organized 22 times at four-year intervals – though it was not organized during the World War. Qatar is hosting the 23rd World Cup. This is the first FIFA World Cup being organized in any Muslim or Arab country. The preparations for this mega event have been completed.

"Taking advantage of this golden occasion, Qatari officials have fully prepared to invite the spectators to Islam, while excellent arrangements have also been made to promote Arab culture. In the proximity of airports, hotels, highways, and stadiums, such boards have been put up that are filled with short but compact hadiths [sayings and traditions] of Prophet Muhammad.

"The training of 2,000 volunteers for da'wa of the religion at the mega event has been completed who will deliver the message of haq [truth] to the spectators coming from all over the world via different means. Ten vehicles will be deployed for the da'wa work and ten special camps will be installed [for da'wa-related goals].

"Under the aegis of Markaz Zayyuf Qatar Lil Da'wa Elal-Islam [referring to Markaz Duyouf Qatar lil-Ta'rif Bil-Islam, Qatar's Guest Center for Calling People to Islam], pamphlets, invitations, and Da'wa-related booklets that will be distributed among the spectators are also ready. Qatar has issued directives to uphold Muslim culture and civilization [at the games]. In this context, an open warning has been issued to gays that if they become guilty of any heinous act, including waving their flag, they will be dealt with in accordance with Qatari law.

"Along with it, Arab culture has also been prominently displayed. The matter is not limited to children running dressed in white clothes. For hosting the FIFA World Cup, an attempt has been made to prominently display the local, regional, Arab, and Islamic culture fully in the spectacular eight stadiums that Qatar has constructed. While the spectators enjoy the games at FIFA Qatar, they will also listen to the call of Islam."

"Considering The Mega Event Of The World Cup As A Golden Occasion For The Call To Islam, Qatari Officials Have Prepared A Team Of Da'wa Preachers Belonging To Every Color, Race, And Language; Imbibing Modern Media Techniques And Pragmatism And Foresight, They Will Enter The Field Of Da'wa"

"Qatar has prepared for the most expensive hosting of the FIFA [World Cup] in history. The Western powers are angry with Doha... The German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, while shedding crocodile tears over human rights, said that it is not appropriate to organize FIFA World Cup and for the free world to gather in a country [Qatar] where the earth is limited for gays. In response, Qatar summoned the German ambassador posted in Doha and registered its strong protest.

"Then the Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani, in an interview with German media, asked them to abandon double standards and antipathy: When you purchase gas and oil from us, then you do not remember human rights and when you see the World Cup event happening here, then you feel for human rights; this double standard is not sustainable; 12 years ago we accepted to host the World Cup and since then we have been then victims of continuous propaganda; no country hosting this [event] has been treated this way.

"Anyway, considering the mega event of the World Cup as a golden occasion for the call to Islam, Qatari officials have prepared a team of Da'wa preachers belonging to every color, race, and language. Imbibing modern media techniques and pragmatism and foresight, they will enter the field of Da'wa [at the games]. Qatar's ministry of Awqaf [i.e., endowments] has established a full-fledged institution for da'wa, which will enter the field of da'wa with wisdom and foresight.

"Additionally, Markaz Ibn Zayd Aal Mahmoud Al-Saqafi Al-Islami [referring to the Sheikh Abdulla Bin Zaid Al Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Center] has also completed its preparations. A book has been prepared based on a compact introduction of Islam which has been published, in addition to Arabic, in English, French, Italian, Russia, Portuguese, and German languages. It has been prepared by the top-ranking thinkers and Islamic scholars of the world. Its name is: Fahm-ul-Islam [Understanding Of Islam]. It will be distributed free of charge among all the spectators.

"This book has many chapters. The first chapter is titled What Is Islam. In this context, Islamic teachings, morality, and characteristic of true Muslims have been discussed. Every point is written with complete and authentic reference. The second chapter comprises two parts: The first part has an explication in concise and simple language of the creation of universe, the status of man, life after death, etc. This book has been designed keeping in view the pure non-Muslim mindset [of the intended audience]."

"The Second Part Discusses The Oneness [Of Allah], The Names Of Allah, And The Characteristics Of Allah, Along With The Requirements Of Islam"; "It Sheds Light On The Miracles Of The Koran, Mecca, Medina, And Al-Aqsa Mosque"

"The second part discusses the oneness [of Allah], the names of Allah, and the characteristics of Allah, along with the requirements of Islam. One section is about the importance and necessity of the prophets [sent by Allah before Muhammad]. Along with it, it sheds light on the miracles of the Koran, Mecca, Medina, and Al-Aqsa Mosque. Another section is based on the Koran's scientific, numerical, and linguistic miracles.

"In addition to this, light has been shed on Islamic architecture, Islamic directives concerning the environment, and Islamic teachings about hygiene and cleanliness, which can be effective in showing a non-Muslim the path to truth. Besides, pamphlets and brochures based on concise and short hadiths have been prepared on a large scale. Also, large billboards with hadiths have been put up.

"Ustad Sumama Stadium is Qatar's sixth stadium constructed for the FIFA World Cup, which is situated at a distance of 12 kilometers from the Qatari capital of Doha. Its inauguration took place on October 22, 2021. At the inauguration ceremony, the emir of Qatar and the FIFA president were also present. On this occasion, a match of the Qatar emir cup tournament was played between two local clubs, Al-Sad and Al-Ryan.

"However, the important point was that the recitation of the Chapter Al-Rahman [of the Koran] by children took place at the inaugural function. This stadium is a wonder of the architecture designed by Qatari architect Ibrahim Jaidah. It has been constructed in the form of the sumama, a traditional round cap or headcloth worn by local men and children, which is where the stadium gets its name.

"The Qatari government has built eight stadiums for the World Cup in which areas for Islamic prayer and for ablution have also been constructed. These are the best stadiums in the world equipped with these facilities..."

Source: Roznama Ummat (Pakistan), November 16, 2022.

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