October 8, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7701

Pro-ISIS Media Group Releases Animated Biography Of Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani

October 8, 2018
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 7701

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On September 13, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media group called Al-Abd Al-Faqir Media released an animated video on their Telegram channel titled "Story of a Mujahid: Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani." In the five-minute biographical video, the narrator described Al-Adnani as a scholarly man of faith who grew stronger despite torture at the hands of the "American criminals" during the Iraq War. The narrator said that after the "Crusaders" left, Al-Adnani tried to establish a Caliphate to unify Muslims, and he destroyed the border between Iraq and Syria, which was a "national idol that was worshipped by the apostates." The narrator said that Al-Adnani's words made the "hearts of the Muslim beat faster" and that his voice "still resonates in the souls of believers." Al-Adnani was killed in a U.S. airstrike in August 2016.

To view the animated clip about Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani on MEMRI TV, click here.

"The Speeches Of The Sheikh Were Full Of The Knowledge He Acquired And Fluency, Inciting The Muslims To Continue The Jihad Against Their Enemy"

Narrator: "Abu Muhammad was born in 1397 [on the Hijri calendar] in the city of Idlib, Banash near Sarakib, in the middle of simple family, where he grew up going to the mosques and religious courses. He was known for his passion for reading since childhood. He read all that he could acquire – Islamic jurisprudence, history, literature, and philosophy. The appearance of the righteous, which was a feature of the Sheikh, was a reason to be called repeatedly by the Nusairi regime. This was an incentive for him to persevere in the path of scholarship and hatred of the apostate ruler and whoever sides with him, so he used to meet secretly with a group of believers in his youth. The Sheikh continued in the path of learning until 1424 AH, when U.S. forces declared, with the blessing of the church, the invasion of Iraq and its capture. Our hero rushed with a stable heart towards the camps of Muslims in Iraq, with the aim of kicking away the brutal enemy.

"He was then a library of knowledge, so he received from Sheikh Abu Musab Al Zarqawi a lot of love that is known only by Allah. A courageous brave does not look behind him if the fighting raged.

"He fell in the captivity of the Crusaders in the year 1426 and he received the same bitterness of torture received by his brothers in the prisons of the American criminals. He stayed in captivity for nearly six years. He did not back down even with all the torture, so he became a stronger mujahid than he was. Allah opened on his hands and the hand of the people with him vast areas of Iraq, after the crusader enemy left Iraq humiliated, leaving behind armies of Shiites and those who had a help in the savage aggression. The speeches of the Sheikh were full of the knowledge he acquired and fluency, inciting the Muslims to continue the jihad against their enemy, rejecting to break their forces, and unify all of Iraq under the rule of Allah, while having the goal of the establishment of a Caliphate that gathers Muslims from all over the world."

"He Passed By The Borders Of Injustice Between Sham And Iraq, And He Became The First To Destroy This National Idol That Was Worshipped By The Apostates For Years"

"Oh, how generous are those hands and how pious are those hearts. Sheikh sent to his country on great stretches of the Muslim state in Iraq, to support the people of Sham against their enemy, Nusairi. So he passed by the borders of injustice between Sham and Iraq, and he became the first to destroy this national idol that was worshipped by the apostates for years. He did it with the help of the best of immigrants and Ansar. He refuted every heretic and traitor argument, so he became their greatest enemy, to every enemy of Allah and this ummah, and a clear danger. It is time to achieve the dream of a whole nation of Islam, declaration of the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate. His words made the hearts of the Muslim beat faster, and shook the thrones of the unbelievers, since it was threatening the tyrants and destabilizing their power.

"And so herd after herd were sent towards the homes of Muslims, in a barbaric campaign that was unheard of in history before, while our hero was moving between the mujahideen with a fierce voice, a small weapon, and a solid heart, and he has never ceased to perform his duty.

"Our sheikh grew up in a house of knowledge and lived in the field of jihad, and died as a martyr in a crusade criminal raid. He left behind a generation that follows his trail and footsteps. May Allah have mercy on Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani. His voice still resonates in the souls of believers."

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