April 24, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8714

Private Holocaust Denial Group On Facebook Created By Australian Government Employee Has Members From Around The World

April 24, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8714

A private Holocaust denial Facebook group with over 1,000 members from around the world is very active on Facebook. The group's administrator is an Australian man.

Many members who post Holocaust denial content within the group also do so on their personal Facebook accounts. The group features Holocaust revisionist articles and videos. Occasionally there will be a meme, or Anne Frank-related joke shared with members. Videos posted within the group usually come from BitChute. Much discussion is had over the number of deaths at various concentration camps. The members are united in their disbelief that 6,000,000 Jews could have died, and they refer to this as a "holohoax.

The moderator vets each post, and should he find anything questionable, he expresses this in the group, or removes anyone he believes violates his group's standards.

The following report will document the activity in this private group.

Private Group Activity:

Screenshot of group

Group administrator

In a recent post a member of the group asked if any other members were part of Facebook groups with survivors or grandchildren of survivors, and if they had challenged their claims about the Holocaust.

One individual answered that they are a member of a group for the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, but only for "surveillance purposes." The user said they cannot post in the group because they are a government employee.

A frequent group contributor wrote that he was blocked from one such page.

A Massachusetts man shared a BitChute video claiming that the Holocaust is a lie. He is a frequent contributor of the group.

A man from Rio de Janeiro posted that he was wondering why Nazis would tattoo numbers on the arms of Jews if they had intended to kill them. He added an image of three senior Holocaust survivors showing their concentration camp tattoos.

One member shared a link to videos of Hitler's speeches with English subtitles.

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