June 4, 2003 Special Dispatch No. 517

'President Bush is The Head of the Snake… America is Sinking Deeper and Deeper in a Putrid Swamp, and Will Extricate Itself from it Only as a Defeated, Stinking Loser'

June 4, 2003
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 517

In his column in the PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Palestinian Authority Deputy Foreign Minister 'Adli Sadeq strongly criticized U.S. President George W. Bush, describing him as "the head of the snake" of the invasion. [1] The following are excerpts from the article:

'The Arrival of the Head of the Snake'

"The Arab-American summit is convening today with the participation of the head of the snake of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and the head of the snake of the American oppression against both the Palestinians and the Arabs. It could be that the arrival of the head of the snake will become an additional opportunity for the [representatives] of the Arab regimes who are present [at the summit], to realize that appeasing the U.S. and acquiescing to it will not benefit them or their peoples…"

"This Bush is landing in Sharm El-Sheikh with demonstrated arrogance, as if he accomplished a 'victory of the brave' in Iraq. [But] logic and reason say that he is no hero and that he is not among the courageous victors in true battles between equals. On the other hand, the simple Iraqis waged battles in remote villages, at the gates of their cities and deserts, to defend their country, not heeding the oppression, the tyranny, and the suffering that they endured at the hands of a backward and repressive 'familial' regime [i.e. Saddam and his sons], as well as the lack of [the] balance of power [compared to the U.S.] and the amounts of ammunition fired on their cities and population centers."

'The U.S. Emerged Safely From Iraq Only Due to Iraqi Military Treachery'

"These Iraqis could have created a major crisis for Bush, his administration, and his military command… [They] emerged safely from such crisis only due to the treachery… of those Saddam had allowed to rule Iraq with an iron fist…"

"This Bush did not accomplish a notable and impressive victory. He was insincere in his promises of a democratic Iraq to be ruled by its own people. Furthermore, he was not a reliable and honorable man with his ploys about weapons of mass destruction. It is unlikely that W. Bush will hear clear and courageous opinions at Sharm El-Sheikh or that he will be told that the Arabs still have accounts to settle…, that they still have resistance [forces] hidden in the heart of Iraqi society whose aim is to expel the defeated invaders…"

'The Building of an American Empire, With Imperialistic Goals Disguised as a War on Terrorism'

"The paradox is that Bush will present himself at the Sharm El-Sheikh summit as one who has the ultimate goal of fighting terrorism, and all [the Arab representatives] will agree among themselves – one way or another – that their strategies had not been shaped to serve the building of an American empire, with imperialistic goals disguised as a war on terrorism… Bush will find no one to tell him openly that the American policy will lead to disaster and that it is the source of vengeance which led some young Arabs and Muslims to explode. As long as the Arab regimes obey Washington for no good reason, and as long as Washington endorses criminal acts and aggression against [other] nations' honor and resources – the terror will not cease and America will not be able to eradicate it…"

'We Envy Bush's Ability to Land Arrogantly on Any Arab Land'

"We envy Bush's ability to land arrogantly on any Arab land, while he is [the] head of the snake of the despicable invasion snake in Iraq… He triumphed only because of betrayal within Saddam's [military] command… and even that happened after two weeks of strong resistance from Iraqis who had only rusted weapons in their hands."

'America is Sinking Deeper… in a Putrid Swamp'

"We have no doubt that Bush will use intimidation tactics against the Arab regimes and that he will put his full weight in favor of repressive solutions to every problem. It would have been better and more rational for the Arab representatives in Sharm El-Sheikh to make an effort to convince him that he is the one who should fear, and that they are the ones who should frighten him. It is he who should fear the future, because his experience in Iraq is not bright and America is sinking deeper and deeper in a putrid swamp, and will extricate itself from it only as a defeated, stinking loser…"

[1] Al-Hayat Al-Jadida (Palestinian Authority), June 3, 2003.

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