March 24, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8653

Russian Political Strategist And Former Deputy Governor Oleg Matveychev Calls For Exterminating Quarantine Evaders And 'Liberal Bastards' On The Model Of Stalin's Great Terror

March 24, 2020
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 8653

Oleg Matveychev, a lecturer at Russia's Higher School of Economics, was incensed that some travelers returning to Russia refused to comply with regulations necessitated by the coronavirus. However, in a Facebook post, since deleted, he recommended dealing with these people and with "liberal bastards" in general, including activists such as Alexei Navalny, in Stalinist fashion. He would improve upon the Stalinist method of executing opponents by shooting by sending the dissidents to uranium mines where they would presumably perish from exposure to radiation. While the Higher School of Economics immediately disassociated itself from his "impermissible" statement, some opinion leaders expressed understanding for his views or his right to advocate such a solution.

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Political strategist Oleg Matveychev, a lecturer at the National Research University Higher School of Economics posted on his Facebook page a call for the eradication of all liberals in Russia.

According to “Bloknot” media, Matveychev described a situation that he witnessed at one of the airports. He observed "a liberal couple" who were asked by Rospotrebnadzor[1] to fill out a questionnaire intended for arrivals from countries in a problematic epidemiological situation. They initially refused to follow this procedure, saying that they had not "arrived in the Soviet Union[2]" and were not going to sign anything, but after being warned that if they did not comply they could be taken to the hospital for infectious diseases in Kommunarka, the couple filled out all the necessary documents.

In reaction, Matveychev wrote that "we need another 1937"[3] “It is these bastards who infect others. It is precisely because of these liberal bastards that our loved ones die. They are not only dangerous in the information war as a 5th column, they are really killing us. And therefore they must be eradicated surgically. There is no need for the execution by shooting. [They should be sent to work] in uranium mines. [They should be sent to work] at the construction of the Northern Sea Route ports. But they must be eradicated. The operation to deport the entire gang to the northern regions may take a week. And [then] it will become easier to breathe.” - wrote Matveychev.

Matveychev included on his purge list, all supporters of [Alexei] Navalny[4], as well as all the readers of opposition pages on social networks and all the participants at the rallies organized by the "liberal bastards". According to Matveychev, the authorities have all the necessary addresses and passwords to carry out such an operation.

This is not the first time that Matveychev has achieved notoriety. When serving as vice-governor of the Vologda region he voiced his desire to crush opponents of the government under tank tracks. That scandal led to his dismissal.[5]


The Higher School of Economics, where Matveychev lectures, promised to take up the matter at a meeting of the Scientific Council's Ethics Committee. [6] It also issued the following statement: “The statements that he made are unacceptable, they violate the internal rules for HSE staff, as they contain motivation for hatred and enmity. At the moment, the post has been deleted."[7]

Alexei Navalny, an intended target of the purge, tweeted: If you follow me (or were at a protest rally), then I have bad news for you. Higher School of Economics Professor… Oleg Matveychev believes that you need to be destroyed. For example, sent to the uranium mines.[8]

Even nationalists took their distance from Matveychev. The right wing leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky posted: "Matveychev again makes statements that are probably more characteristic of a shoemaker than a political scientist. Once again, we approach the leadership of the HSE: we need to dismiss this person, who cannot be either a political scientist or a lecturer."[9]

Understanding For Matveychev

Political scientist Armen Gasparyan expressed understanding for Matveychev's outburst"How is it possible to talk with these cretins? The epidemic is not in its first week, it has been going on for several months. No, they felt their lives should proceed on schedule. They wanted it so they went to another country where the epidemic threshold is higher. They are returning and do not want to be here in quarantine. And even if there was only one such person. The problem is that they infect dozens of people in this way. This is serious. It’s impossible to get through [to them], it is criminally insane. Maybe stiffen criminal liability. And then perhaps there will be a different result. Do you want to destroy things Okay. Get ready to go for five years to a Mordovian penal colony, "said Gasparyan.[10]

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The presenter Vladimir Solovyov criticized the Higher School of Economic for its haste in disciplining Matveychuk: “We thought that freedom of speech is a value for everyone. But it turned out that freedom of speech is a value only for liberal freedom of speech. And everyone else needs to march in line and carefully ask permission on what and when to say.”[11]

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[1] The Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing

[2] In original the author uses the word "Sovok" – a derogatory name of the Soviet Union.

[3] Author refers to the Great Purge of 1937 – 1938.

[4] Russian anti-corruption fighter and political activist, who sought to run against Putin in the 2018 presidential elections..

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