January 24, 2001 Special Dispatch No. 181

PLO Affiliated Weekly on Israeli Society and Military

January 24, 2001
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 181

In an op-ed on January 19, 2001 entitled "Great White Sharks," Chuck Alberts, a regular columnist in the PLO affiliated English-language weekly The Jerusalem Times[1], writes:

"On January 1, in Hebron, an Israeli soldier decided to play God and altered the course of Jdallah Jabari's life. As Israeli society rushes to condemn the executions of Palestinian collaborators by the PNA, these same people should do a little reflecting about the massacre of Jabari's lower-right leg."

"The Israeli hypocrites should try to imagine that leg as a tiny pink thing wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying softly and peacefully inside a stroller being pushed by his mother down a street some fifty years ago. They should hypothesize that his mother loved him very much."

"The Israeli racists who are silent about Israeli hit squads executing PNA officials should visualize Jadallah Jabari's younger right foot - today a stitched-up clump of mutilation - hiking along rocky hillsides as a boy, or pressing down joyously on the pedals of his first automobile. They should try to fill their brains with the image of Jabari's children leaning on that leg in the dark as he told them funny stories, or frightening stories about rampaging Hebron settlers."

"Israeli society should realize that a whole lifetime of experiences went into that right leg before that fateful day when an Israeli soldier saw a plump bald Palestinian walking up to another soldier, and arbitrarily decided to pull the trigger and change Jabari's destiny."

"The AP photographer who caught this incident on film should be applauded for disturbing us so. Every right-wing Israeli zealot calling for the Israeli army to go berserk in the West Bank and Gaza should have this photograph pinned to their faces until nightmares fill darkened bedrooms all across Israel."

"Every right-wing member of every god-fearing Israeli family should eat this photograph during their Sabbath meals; they should chop it up and sprinkle it into their meat and bread, and wash it down with some blood-red wine."

"Before Israelis rush to condemns the execution of Palestinians by the PNA, it should stare at Jadallah Jabari's face in the horrible photograph as he clutches his butchered right leg."

"The soldier who did this to Jabari, and to his children, should be picked up by his tongue and thrown into a pool of Great White Sharks."

[1] The Jerusalem Times, January 19, 2001.

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