April 4, 2018 No.

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MEMRI is constantly researching, monitoring, translating, and analyzing the following for you:

  • Recent attempts by Hamas to escalate tensions with Israel by orchestrating violent protests along the Gaza border and attempting to cross into Israel;

  • The significant, gradual reforms underway by Saudi Arabia’s new Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud that aim to transform the Kingdom internally, as well as its relations abroad;

  • Voices of reform and counter-radicalization in the Arab world and South Asia;

  • Russia’s involvement in and impact on the Syria crisis with Turkey and Iran;

  • Developments in Iran, and its adherence to the JCPOA which grants her the status of a nuclear state and protects guarantees the regime's survival;

  • Global jihadi organizations – particularly, ISIS and Al-Qaeda and its offshoots – and their supporters in the West and the threat that they pose to the U.S. – as well as the lone-wolf attacks that these groups inspire and for which they claim responsibility;

  • Antisemitism and Holocaust denial in the Arab and Muslim world, including continuing to expose imams who preach antisemitism, as well as incite to jihadi violence in Europe and North America;

  • The MEMRI Cyber and Jihad Lab (CJL) project exposes jihadi exploitation of the Internet, including encrypted communications, and reports of jihadi hacking attacks – information vital to U.S. and Western counter-terrorism efforts.

MEMRI Supports Western Counter-terrorism And Counter-messaging Efforts

Nearly every day, MEMRI shares threat reporting with U.S. and Western law enforcement, intelligence, and military entities, helping to thwart terrorist activity. Recently, MEMRI research on the activities of an ISIS supporter who surveilled potential attack targets in Washington, DC, was used by a regional threat analysis center and the FBI.

MEMRI Translations Assist Policymakers In Understanding Russia’s Activity And Intentions

As Russia seeks to expand its foothold in the Middle East and meddles in the affairs of countries as distant as the UK, the MEMRI Russian Media Studies Project provides Western governments and legislatures with a crucial window for understanding Russia’s political discourse, vision, and goals, and analyzes the ramifications of its constantly increasingly involvement in the Middle East and the challenges it poses to U.S. and Western national security.

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