July 28, 2020 Special Announcements No. 940

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July 28, 2020
Special Announcements No. 940

As we continue to face extraordinarily difficult circumstances, we at MEMRI would like to reach out to thank you, our readers, for your continued support. We continue to work harder than ever to bring you our research, including on the most current issues of the day. These include the impact of and reactions to the global coronavirus pandemic in the Middle East, Iran, South Asia, and Russia and speculation about the post-pandemic world (see our coronavirus page here), as well as reactions from these regions to the current protests across the U.S.

This content comes from our translations from their own media – print, broadcast, and online – as we publish new reports and clips every day and pursue our mission "bridge the language gap" between these regions and the West.

Every day, by email and on our websites, MEMRI brings you what is being said in Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, and Russian, including by jihadi groups and individuals. Additionally, we maintain constant contact with, and work together with, federal and state agencies, alerting them to threats and sharing our research and expertise on new trends and upsurges in domestic terrorist, white supremacist, antisemitic, and jihadi online activity. No one else is doing the work that we are doing.


In recent months, in addition to our work on what the Middle East is saying about the coronavirus pandemic and protests in the U.S., we have been focusing on the following:  

  • Turmoil in Iraq, as the new government works to neutralize and remove the decade-long Iranian presence, control, and exploitation of the country and as ISIS attacks spike due to the pandemic

  • Iran-U.S. relations – as Iran, one of the first countries to be hit by the pandemic, strives to recover and the U.S. sanctions bite even deeper

  • The MEMRI Lantos Archives on Antisemitism And Holocaust Denial – exposing antisemitism in media and in statements by officials, religious leaders, and others in the Arab and Muslim world

  • Reform activism across the region, particularly in light of the current unrest in the U.S.

  • The U.S.-Taliban deal, which has also been impacted by the pandemic

  • The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process, including statements from the region about the cause and about normalization with Israel

  • The Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor (DTTM) project – exposing white supremacists and neo-Nazis online and threats inside the U.S., on our newly launched dedicated DTTM website – including alerting authorities  

  • The Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) project – tracking jihadi threats emanating from organizations and individuals, in the Middle East and the West

  • The Cyber Jihad Lab (CJL) – cutting-edge research on terrorist use of cryptocurrency, chat about online security and hacking, jihadis' use of U.S.- and West-based platforms, and more

  • The Russian Media Studies Project (RMSP) – monitoring statements by Russian government and military officials, leading columnists and commentators, and think tanks

During this period, MEMRI is also assisting and providing its research and translations to academia in the U.S. and abroad – to professors, students, and others who are using it for their cutting-edge work.

We are sending out an average of two emails a day containing up to 10 reports and videos, seven days a week. To date in 2020, we have published the following:

  • Special Dispatch reports: 416

  • Inquiry and Analysis reports: 31

  • Daily Briefs: 21

  • Special Announcements: 82

  • Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor (DTTM) reports: 106

  • Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) reports: 650

  • Cyber Jihad Lab reports: 109

  • MEMRI TV Clips: 471

  • MEMRI clips released since January 1 have had a total of nearly 15.5 million views.


These are challenging days for us all, and we know that many are facing uncertainty – and MEMRI is no different. But if you can, and if you value our work, please consider making a donation to our 2020 Summer Campaign. If you have already donated recently, we would like to express our gratitude. Carrying out our research and translations, and especially MEMRI TV, are costly enterprises.  We need your help to continue doing what we do.  It will make a difference for us. Your generosity is what keeps us going.

We are grateful for your support during this difficult time.

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