March 30, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 9864

Palestinian Fatah Movement Glorifies Bnei Brak Terror Attack

March 30, 2022
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 9864

The March 29, 2022 shooting in the city of Bnei Brak in central Israel, which was perpetrated by Diaa Hamarsha (26), a Palestinian from the town of Ya'abad near Jenin in the West Bank, was met with celebrations and with expressions of praise in the Palestinian Authority, especially in the Jenin area. Although Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud 'Abbas condemned the attack,[1] in which five Israelis were killed, other elements in the Fatah movement, which 'Abbas heads, condoned the attack and its perpetrator.

When news of the attack and the identity of the attacker became known, celebrations broke out in the Jenin area and in particular in Ya'abad itself. Processions were held and locals handed out sweets, and a Fatah rally was held near the home of the shooter, who was apparently a member of this movement,[2] at which statements and slogans praising the attack were heard.

In addition, Fatah and its military branch, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, issued statements and posters glorifying the attack and the shooter. Fatah's local branch in Jenin province, for example, congratulated the "heroic martyr," and spokespeople for Fatah and its military wing promised that the intifada and the martyrdom operations would continue.

This report reviews the expressions of praise for the attack and its perpetrator.

Locals In Jenin Province Rejoice Over The Attack, Chant "Millions Of Martyrs Are Marching To Jerusalem"

After news of the Bnei Brak shooting broke and the identity of the attacker became known, locals in his town of Ya'abad and in the Jenin area took to the streets to celebrate. According to an Al-Quds reporter in Jenin, "large-scale processions were held in the city, in the refugee camp [adjacent to it] and in the town of Ya'abad to express pride in the martyr Diaa Hamarsha, who carried out the operation in Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv." The reporter also noted that "sweets were handed out during the processions to celebrate the operation."[3] 

Videos of the celebrations were posted on social media, including a video of a Fatah rally near the attacker's home, where the organization's secretary-general in Jenin, 'Atta Abu Rumeileh, praised the "hero" Hamarsha and participants chanted "with spirit and blood we shall redeem you, O Palestine."[4] Other videos showed people marching and handing out sweets, and calling out slogans in praise of armed resistance, such as "millions of martyrs are marching to Jerusalem."[5] 

Fatah's Jenin Branch: We Will Continue On The Path Of The Heroic Martyr

In a statement on its Facebook page, Fatah's branch office in Jenin stated that the movement was "accompanying the heroic martyr to his nuptials," reflecting the belief that a martyr weds 72 virgins in Paradise, and promised to continue in Hamarsha's footsteps: 

"In the name of Allah the Compassionate and the Merciful.

"And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision [Quran 3:169]…

"Fatah in Jenin province, its organizational frameworks… and the activists and institutions of our great Palestinian people in the Jenin province [all] accompany the martyred hero Diaa Ahmad Hassan Hamarsha to his nuptials [in Paradise]. He was killed by the bullets of the abhorrent Israeli occupation in the occupied Palestinian [city of] Tel Al-Rabi' [Tel Aviv] while courageously defending our people and its stolen rights, one day before the glorious Land Day. This is a clear Palestinian message to the world, that our Palestinian people insists on defending its land and cleaves to its historic rights, which will never expire and cannot be questioned. It is also a message to the oppressive occupation that the Palestinians will retaliate twice over for the crimes of the occupation.

"Rest in peace… O heroic martyr. We promise to continue until [we attain either] victory or martyrdom. Victory is near, Allah wiling.

"To our steadfast Palestinian masses, we say that on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, there will be a general strike in the town of Ya'abad, in all sectors. We call on all our people, especially in Jenin province, to mobilize as one and come out against the aggression of the occupation army and of the settler mafias, for the arena of conflict with the occupier is open, and we must be prepared. We wish glory and eternal life to our righteous martyrs, rapid salvation to our free prisoners, a speedy recovery to our brave wounded, victory to our heroic Palestinian people and an end to the occupation.

"Revolution until victory."[6]

Statement by Fatah's Jenin branch

Fatah Secretary-General In Jenin: The Operation Is A Natural Response To Israeli Crimes

Fatah's secretary-general in Jenin, 'Atta Abu Rumeileh, said that "the attack in Tel Aviv is a natural response to the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people," and that "the Palestinian people is entitled to defend itself against the Israeli crimes and to avenge the blood of the martyrs who were executed in the field, as is happening all over the homeland."[7]

Fatah Revolutionary Council Member: The Intifada Continues

Jamal Huwail, a member of Fatah's Revolutionary Council, told Al-Mayadeen that "the Palestinian operations are a response to over 70 years of Israeli terror that is met with global silence," and added: "After 30 years of negotiations, there is no way to resolve [the problem of] the occupation except through confrontation. Our Palestinian people must reunite and define its options of resistance. The intifada continues. We will continue to defend ourselves against the Zionist terror… Every day of quiet only prolongs the era of settlement [construction] and occupation."[8] 

Poster Commemorating The Attacker On Facebook Page Of Fatah-Jenin

Fatah's local branch in the village of Al-Rameh near Jenin posted on its Facebook page a poster celebrating the Bnei Brak attack and commemorating the shooter, Diaa Hamarsha. The poster, issued by the Al-Aqsa Brigades, features a photo of Hamarsha, alongside an image portraying him as an armed fighter in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. It is captioned: "The Sword of the [Al-Aqsa Martyrs] Brigades, the self-sacrificing hero Diaa Hamarsha. If you spoke, you acted; if you promised, you delivered; if you struck, your blow was painful."[9]   

The poster on the Fatah-Jenin Facebook page

Al-Aqsa Brigades Official: The Operations Will Continue; The Palestinian Security Apparatuses Should Turn Their Weapons Towards The Israeli Enemy

Abu Muhammad, the military spokesman of the Al-Amoudi faction of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, also welcomed the Bnei Brak attack. Speaking on the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen channel, he described the attack as "a natural response to the crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian people." He stated that "the self-sacrifice operations will not stop or abate… The martyrdom attacks will continue as long as the Palestinian lands remain occupied… All options are available to the Palestinian resistance." He added that the Bnei Brak attack is also "a message to the Palestinian security apparatuses, that they must turn their weapons towards the Israeli enemy.[10]"

Fatah–Jenin Religious Guide Welcomes The Hadera And Bnei Brak Attacks

Sheikh Wael Salah, who describes himself as a "religious guide" to the Fatah branch in Jenin,[11]  shared the branch's statement welcoming the attack, and added a post of his own, saying: "Jenin was and is the safety valve of Palestine and will continue to be the nightmare of the occupation and the occupiers. We in the religious counseling and guidance council and in the religious committee of Fatah's branch in Jenin welcome the two operations, in Hadera and Bnei Brak, and are proud of the fortunate heroes [who carried them out]. Allah Akbar, the cowards will not get a moment's sleep." Salah also re-posted a previous message of his, saying: "Jenin is the bomb, the detonator, the fuse and the valve. Do not go there, you will never return."[12]

Wael Salah's post


[1] The Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud 'Abbas "condemned the murder of Israeli citizens and stressed that the murder of Palestinian and Israeli civilians only causes the situation to deteriorate when everyone is seeking to achieve stability, especially ahead of Ramadan and the Jewish and Christian holidays." He added that "the circle of violence proves that a just, comprehensive and viable peace is the quickest and safest way to provide security and stability to both peoples, the Palestinians and the Israelis, and to the peoples of the region" (, March 29, 2022).

[2] This is the case according to the Al-Quds daily, which reported that Hamarsha had been imprisoned in the past for belonging to Fatah (, March 29, 2022).

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