July 18, 2013 No.

Palestinian Authority TV Airs Antisemitic Cartoon Series Portraying Banishment Of Jews From Al-Madina By Muslims

An animated film series about the early days of Islam, broadcast in daily installments during the month of Ramadhan by the official Palestinian Authority TV channel, depicts the Jews of Al-Madina as evil, warmongering, and power-hungry followers of the devil. The series, titled "Raids of the Prophet," was co-produced by the Egyptian Nahdat Misr for Information Technology company and by the privately-owned Saudi Jamjoom Production and Distribution company.

Click here to view excerpts from three installments, which aired on July 15-17, 2013.

Following is a transcript of these excerpts.

The Devil's Followers Harbor "Animosity, Hatred, And Envy Towards Muhammad"

Several members of the Qaynuqa’ tribe confer among themselves

Nawfal, a member of the Qaynuqa’ tribe: "The Muslims have grown stronger and have become mighty."

Member of the Qaynuqa’ tribe: "You are right, Nawfal – especially after their victory at Badr."

Another member of the Qaynuqa’ tribe: "We, the Jews of the Qaynuqa’ tribe, are now on a par with the Muslims, after we used to have the power and the final say in Al-Madina."

Older member of the Qaynuqa’ tribe: "But we will not let them sit back and enjoy that. We will show them what the Jews of Bani Qaynuqa’ are made of."

Devil (jumping up): "How can they enjoy it while I’m around? I am responsible for them."

Devil's helper: "You are responsible for your followers only, but you have no authority over those who are God-fearing.”

Devil: "I know that, you idiot, but I have followers, whose hearts are filled with animosity, hatred, and envy towards Muhammad and his companions. This, in itself, can accomplish a lot."

Qaynuqa' Jew: "My Heart Rages With Fire When I See Muslims Who Love One Another"

A member of the Qaynuqa’ tribe: "The Aws and Khazraj tribes are having laughs together, after their enmity used to fill the land from east to west."

Another member of the Qaynuqa’ tribe: "Muhammad brought harmony to their hearts, and what you see is the outcome. My heart rages with fire whenever I see Muslims who love one another. Utility means power and success in everything. We will not allow this."


The Siege of the Fortress of the Qaynuqa' Tribe

The Muslims besiege the fortress of the Jews of the Qaynuqa’ tribe, having foiled their plot to pit the Aws and Khazraj tribes against one another.

Muslim fighter: "This is the fortress of the Qaynuqa’ tribe."

Another Muslim fighter: "The gates are locked. How are we to get in?"


Muslim fighter: "Masoud, we will lay siege to them."

Masoud, another Muslim fighter: "Only besiege them? No fighting?"

First Muslim fighter: "These are the orders of the Prophet Muhammad."


Giant spiders jump around in the devil’s den

Devil: "You idiot, where were you, when everybody abandoned the Qaynuqa’ tribe?"

Devil's helper: "I did what you told me to do."

Devil: "Shut up. You are worthless. All you can do is play and have fun. However, we still have a chance."

Devil's helper: "What chance?"

Devil: "Ibn Saloul" [a hypocrite who outwardly practices Islam while inwardly concealing his disbelief]


The Jews Violate Agreements, Harass Muslim Women, Affront The Prophet Muhammad

Ibn Saloul tries to act on behalf of the Jews

Muslim: "How can you possibly ask us to defy the order of Allah’s prophet?"

Ibn Saloul: "I’m just reminding you of your old pact with the Qaynuqa’ tribe, before Muhammad came to Al-Madina, before Muhammad came to Al-Madina."

Other Muslim: "We kept that pact until they breached it themselves."

Ibn Saloul: "Um… Um… They didn’t mean to."

Muslim: "Inciting the Aws and the Khazraj tribes against one another, violating agreements, harassing our women, making fun of the Muslims, affronting the Prophet of Allah – they did all this by accident?"


Within the fortress:

Member of the Qaynuqa’ tribe: "Everybody has abandoned us. We are here alone."

Another Qaynuqa’ member: "We have been here for 15 days, and nobody has saved us."

Older Qaynuqa’ member: "We are imprisoned here. If things don’t change, we will die of hunger. Our supply of food and drink is almost finished."

First Qaynuqa’ member: "I don’t want to die. No, I don’t want to die."

Older Qaynuqa’ member: "Neither do we. We don’t want to die either."

Anoher Qaynuqa’ member: "Do something then."

Another Qaynuqa’ member: "There is only one thing to do."


The Jews "Persisted In Their Evil Until It Turned Against Them"

Narrator: "So they left Al-Madina, and the Prophet made sure no harm would be done to them on their way out. He sent a group of the Ansar to protect them."

Muslim: "The Jews of the Qaynuqa’ tribe did not honor their pact with us. They persisted in their evil until it turned against them."