July 7, 2014 Special Dispatch No. 5789

Palestinian Authority Reactions To Murder Of Jerusalem Palestinian Teen Abu Khdeir: Israel Is Perpetrating Holocaust Against Palestinians

July 7, 2014
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 5789

Many Palestinian responses to the murder of Jerusalem Palestinian teen Muhammad Abu Khdeir, whose body was found July 2, 2014 following the funerals of the three Jewish Israeli teens murdered by terrorists, claimed that Israel is perpetrating a holocaust against the Palestinians and that the murder is a result of a deliberate policy of racism. Statements such as those made in one article – that Hitler is applauding the racist policy of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – came primarily from Fatah officials and Palestinian Authority (PA) daily newspapers.

The following are excerpts from some of the reactions in the PA to the murder:

Ahmed Qurei: The Occupation Is Perpetrating A Holocaust Against Our People

PLO Executive Committee member Ahmed Qurei said during a condolence call to the Abu Khdeir family home: "The holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis is the same holocaust that the occupation is perpetrating against our people. Furthermore: they kidnap children, fight civilians in their homes and houses of prayer, torch fields, and violate human rights in the most despicable manner."[1]

On right: "The Holocaust"; on left: "Jerusalem" (Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, PA, July 6, 2014)

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida: An Attempt To Ignite A New Anti-Palestinian Holocaust

The PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida also compared Abu Khdeir's murder to the Holocaust, writing in its editorial: "The Holocaust lies heavily on the conscience of humanity to this very day. Almost every country in the world has condemned it and tries to remember it so that it never recurs, and so that human history is not marred by another stain that will turn it into a history of wild beasts rather than human beings.

"However, Israel is trying to emulate [the Holocaust]; with its arrogance and unconstrained brutality, its language of tanks and its racist ideology that includes despicable 'selections,' it constantly incites to kill Palestinians and to hunt them like beasts in order to destroy them everywhere and by every means, both at the hands of [Israel's] military forces and at the hands of the settlers, who have been unleashed [to act] with brutality unrivaled even by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria [ISIS].

"They burned the boy Abu Khdeir alive, retracing the depraved and nauseating path of the Holocaust and revealing their sick nature that leads them to lose all constraint and emulate those who burned their fathers and forefathers [back] when humanity was afflicted by the plague of Nazism.

"What is the world supposed to do now? The free world that spends every moment making righteous claims and condemning the Nazi Holocaust – what is it to do when, in Israel, there are those who want to ignite a new Holocaust against the Palestinians in order to achieve the very same goals that the Nazis aimed to achieve with their racist delusions and fantasies?

"From now on, nobody will be able to say 'my hands are clean of the blood of this Palestinian.' The picture is crystal clear: The murderers burn with hatred, and the victim is a defenseless boy. They kidnapped him and watched as the fire devoured his tender body. They likely screamed with the madness of racism and perhaps enjoyed the smell of roasting human flesh.

"What is the world to do, when the intent of the Israeli right, in its murderous extremism, is perfectly clear? What is it to do, when the priests of racism demand human sacrifices [to slake] their lust for settlement and control?

"Now is the time not just for political and humane words of truth, but for a position that will deter the criminals and put out their fires that are striving to perpetrate another Holocaust, whose destructiveness nobody will escape." [2]

"Blood vengeance?!!" (, July 3, 2014)

Fatah member Bakr Abu Bakr wrote in the PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida that this murder meant that the Nazis had proven to be victorious, and added that Hitler would have applauded the actions and ideology that Abu Bakr attributes to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "The Zionist propaganda machine cannot falsify the facts and continue to quote the nonsense that the extremist Netanyahu spews again and again, and which is repeated by the new Zionist chorus inside and outside the White House.

"Take for example the empty claim that [Netanyahu] made a few days ago, that they [the Israelis] love life whereas we love death.

"[Netanyahu's] deeds, and previously those of his mentors, prove the opposite, for those who love life cherish the life of every person, and do not distinguish between their own lives, which are considered precious, and the lives of others, which are considered worthless...

"Netanyahu's shocking racism is necessarily combined with inherited anti-humane values that are part of an ideology and culture that excludes the other and advocates the false idea of 'racial purity' and 'the chosen people.' All this confers upon the Nazism of Hitler, which he directed against all his enemies including the Jews of Europe, a resounding victory today. This is in view of Netanyahu's actions, which Hitler is gleefully applauding because [they prove that] his death was not in vain...

"Love of life is an inherent human trait that cannot be taken away from people unless an enemy causes them to despair and crave sacrifice, so that they sacrifice their lives... and gain paradise... for the sake of their homeland, people and ideals. The Palestinians' cries of joy when martyr after martyr is killed do not stem from a love of killing or death, but from a desire to deprive the enemy of a chance to gloat... True, the Palestinians do not fear death – but they do love life. The ones who love death – the death and perdition of others – are those who day after day point their guns at stones, trees and people, those who are occupying our lands – the lands of the goyim"[3]


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